July 31, 2004

There is another day...

24 hours a day...for somebody it seem like so short....dont have enough time to sleep, to work, to eat, to watch TV....etc..... whatever....that kind is people which their lives are fill with so many items in their time schedule. well for the other side...24 hours a day might be so long long day. I guess some of you might happen to watch this American TV series called "24" it's really showed me how much things can really happen in a day. hahaha so cool.. Well.so many reason for this group of people. Some might so lazy don't know what to do in a day. That's why they feel like the day is so long. Somebody might say it so long becuz' I waiting for someone to come back! that's ong for sure....the moment of waiting and long for someone or something... :( well.....all of this thought can come through our mind anytime.....but one true fact that never change is one day still got 24 hours. How we gonna spend it....up 2 U! Time run fast actually see...end of the month again....Let's spend your time fruitfully so that u will never look back and regret...why I never do this..why I never do that...but if u did a mistake today....ya it's too late to correct it...but there is another day that u can live on.....make tomorrow be a better day. Don't give up as long as your breath still not run dry... ;)

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