August 30, 2004

Sit at the feet of Jesus

Let's get back to a very basic foundation of Christian life. I believe as a christian...our desire is to draw closer to God and getting to know Him more. If possible we just want to be in His presence for all the days of our lives. But as we grow up, we have more responsibility as a christian...this word probably seem so familiar to all of us.. "BUSY" Ya...we all get into busyness of this world until we forget to stop everything and sit back at the feet of Jesus. It's really easy when we get into gear like racing car, we probably cannot stop easily... but what Jesus wants from us is just to be with Him...Every morning He waiting for us to spend a quality time together. He prepare some word of encouragement for us that can make us endure the day. Remember the story of Mary and Martha? Which one that Jesus said she has got the best thing? Mary chose to sit at the feet of Jesus and listen to what He gonna say....That's the best thing Jesus want from us. Lord today I want to come back to you....forgive me for what I have done wrong. So many times that I'm too busy with my works....and I forgot about you. Also so many times when I'm free, I just try to find some rubbish to fill the day..keep me busy with nonsense things. And again I forgot about you. thank you Lord for you forgiving me. I will choose the best thing like Mary chose. To sit at the feet of Jesus and hearing from you..what you're going to say to me today...I'm pretty excited now.

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donnaemmons99 said...

I love your heart brother! Keep walking with the LORD. HE is the ONLY thing worthy of our devotion. Blessings, Donna 10/12/2008