August 24, 2004

Zhong Gua....Ren

I just cam back from 2 weeks trip to China. Well..I have fun and really enjoy this trip. Though I'm quite tired with so many things but it's great to see the needs being met. Well...what struck me most in this trip must be the time that I spent with the orphan kids in LiJiang. They are so many of them. they are young, adorable and lovely. but one thing they are different from another kids is that...they have no whom love them...they have no one...I'm really felt sorry for their unfortunate. But it's great in the sense that they can be in this orphanage. The place that have someone who cares them and raise them up, sending to school, etc....Simply give them a new hope. When I visit them this trip, though I only can communicate to them with my broken Chinese and body language, but they totally embrace me! These kids are long for someone who will love and care them. And so many of this kind of orphan out there not only in China...what we gonna do with it? Our Father loves them...they are His children. They are your brothers and sisters. What we gonna do with it?

.....I will never forget those faces that I met in the orphanage....

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