October 08, 2004

The Heavenly Man

The Heavenly Man....the book that all Christians MUST read!!!! It's really disturbing me so much as I read through the book. God totally challenge me through the radical obedience lifestyle of this Chinese believer by the name of Brother Yun. He's amazing! Most of his life spent in prison. Various prisons!! He went through different kind of treatments, persecutions, tortured....He indeed suffered so much for the name of the Lord. But he press on lift up Jesus name. He rather suffer the persecution than he will not able to safe more souls!! Indeed through the great time of persecuted Christian in China had awaken the spirit of God to bring forth the revival in China....Now more souls in China has been saved! More than that they spread up the name of the Lord through out the nation and beyond....Back to Jerusalem!!!! What disturbed me most as I read about his life is the way he submitted to jesus and how he hunger for the word of God...He can resize the entire bible probably....He fed himself with the living word everyday even in prison! I really wish to falling in love with the word like him. I long to experience God like he experienced. of course serving God is never easy.....Yun's life suffered so much for Jesus....I almost cry as I read about how he was tortured by the Chinese Authorities. My point..is how blessed we are to live in the country that have freedom to declare the name of the Lord......we are to comfort until lose the sense of ergency... people need the Lord! I believe if we read this book, the Lord will convict in our heart to rise up and do what we suppose to do...Preach the Gospel to the losts! May the spirit of the Lord be with you all faithful servants ofour Lord Jesus!!!! Glory is your name!!! Thanks Bro.Yun for your testimony!!!!

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