April 19, 2005

Emerging Church

When I was in States, that actually the very 1st time that I heard such a term called "Emerging Church" I kinda "WHAT?" at first...then i got an idea a little bit of what is all about..then I got hooked into it. I did serch in Google and realize that it's tons of information about Emerging church out there....oh Gosh....well...u may curious as i am what is this all about...My recommended link for u to learn more about this church shift movement would be

Emerging Church.Org

it's really interesting...they already got start in the States....basically it's a new way of being church that relevent to this generation. message is still the same but the method to deliver is different. So do chk it out guys....it's really important for us as a Gen Xers to know wht's going on in our generation and i believe God gonna do somethin' mightily in our generation...and indeed this Emerging Church movement exciting me.

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