April 01, 2005

Internet Evangelism and the 3rd world + Guerrilla Marketing your Website

2nd Session

Internet Evangelism and the 3rd world

Some question that we need to ask before we getting the site up

Who are we going to reach?
How we gonna bring them to our site?
What kind of motivation that people will come to our site?

Thinking Missiology on the internet

Offline communication is still always very key to reaching out to people.
Building the relationship offline and bring them to Online so that they may explore more about Jesus through our website.

Internet is the place for people to find out about restricted contents.
The “Can do it” attitude is very important to get the Internet Evangelism ministry run…

You need to think as a missionary try to reaching out to people in Cyberspace especially in certain context of people groups.

The more specific you are the more hit you get.

3rd Session

Guerrilla Marketing your Website – Chris Forbes

“An ordinary marketer sells to markets. A Guerrilla Marketer sells to individuals” – Jay Conrad Levinson


What is marketing?
- Everything you do to promote your business
Name of your website
Products or Services
How you treat customers

Guerrilla marketing uses time, energy and imagination instead of big bucks!

“Guerrilla” refers to how Guerrilla marketers use unconventional means to achieve conventional market.

How do you get people’s attention for the gospel message? “It’s a jungle out there!”

Doing the things money can’t buy!
You can use time, energy and imagination!
You can use new strategies in your marketing

8 Golden rules for websites

Planning – What you wish to accomplish with your website.
Great Content – What is attract visitors to your site.
Design – Design influences their decision whether they want to hang on your site or click away.
Involvement – Involving visitors rather than just requiring them reading.
Follow-up – Stay in touch with those people who visited your website.
Promotion – Both online and offline.
Maintenance – Be patient and keep it working

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