April 22, 2005

The lesson from an orange

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Last night, in my CG we were discussed about an orange. We looked, we smell, we touched, we slowly peeled it and finally ate it. It's really interesting that out of this simple practice, I learn something about our lives.

Every single orange is very unique...in shape, in texture, in color and in those dark spot on the skin. I have to take quite a while to get to know my orange so that when I close my eyes, I would be able to recognize my orange. I actually did recognize it. Then by only looking at it, I won't know how it taste...either it sweet or sour...I can't tell until I peel the skin out and taste it. Of course when I peel an orange it will dirty my fingers, make me uncomfortable with my hand. I'm sure an orange will be very happy that I eat it. Because that's the way it created to be eaten...so it can say that it had accomplished it's purpose.

Every single human is created by God in a very unique.....in shape, in texture, in color and in those personality that they have. I have to take quite a while to getting to know one person so that I will be able to recognize his voice and even his face. I won't know how he actually is deep inside unitl I getting to open my heart and spend time with him with openness...It may be a time that's hurt but that's to help me getting to know the person better. I'm sure the person will be very happy to be open and have a intimate friendship with me...cuz' that's the way God made us to be....to have a fellowship with one another. And the highest purpose for all human is to have an intimate relationship with God...until we all have that kind of intimate relationship with Him..We can say that....We have accomplished our purpose. :)

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