May 09, 2005

In His Arms of Love

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I would love to change the phrase from the bible sometime...instead of "All we like sheeps" to "All we like puppies" hehe :P May be my love for dog is too often that I compare myself as a doggy and God as my owner....

In the owner's eyes....their dog is always cute and lovely...the owner will always want to play with the dog and of course the dog do love to play with their owner too. :) That's a kind of relationship between a human and a dog...Dog characteristic is faithful to their owner....they love and be loyal to ther owner even til death. u know.. That's the kind of attitude I want to have towards God....I want to be a faithful bondeservant of God...who love Him as even til death I could give my life for him. But the truth is He actually gave his life for me no life it wasn't belongs to me at the beginning.

This picture really express lots of word...The little puppy rest in the arms of the owner. You see the small drop of tear run down from the puppy's eyes? I guess it has been a tough time for him. He might have lost his way home or becuz' he was naughty, so he run away from home. But now when he's back in the owner's arms....there is peace....and He totally feel

Arms Of Love
G D Em
I sing a simple song of love,
C Em D
To my Savior, to my Jesus.
G D Em
I'm grateful for the things You've done,
C Em D
My loving Savior, oh precious Jesus.

Am Em D G
My heart is glad that You've called my Your own.
Am Em D
And there's no place I'd rather be

G Bm7 C
Than in Your arms of love.
G Bm7 C
In Your arms of love,
Am Em Bm7 C
Holding me still, holding me near,
In Your arms of love.

Copyrights 1991, Mercy / Vineyard Publishing
Words and Music by Craig Musseau

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