May 15, 2005

My thoughts on 1 John 2

1 John 2 (NKJV)


John’s purpose of writing to disciples is to keep them from sinning, but he is realistic enough that he writes an assurance to them that all their sins already cleansed. Even though they may fall into an act of sin once again, John tells them that Jesus is their advocate to plead for their case as well as being the propitiation for their sins. In fact, for the whole world!

Sometime we know in our heads that our sins already forgiven. But yet we still keep sinning, we need to look back to the cross. Realizing how much Jesus loves us that He gave His all for us. As the children of God, we need to walk in the light as well. (This whole theme runs across since chapter 1) But if we really fall into sin…there is no condemnation as you ask for God’s forgiveness. It has been forgiven because of Jesus.


Talks about “Knowing God” knowing includes following with obedience. If we say we know Him but yet not keep His command, we are a big time liar. The commandment John talks about is that Jesus given to His disciples, to love the Lord and to love your neighbor. So if there is hatred in us…we can’t say that we are in the light. When we love God, we will love our neighbor as God loves.

We need to live out what we believe. If we just say that we love God but not live out the life that loves God and following His word. We are just a liar.


John encourages the disciples in different stages of their faith. The little children (New believers), the young men (Young Christians) and the fathers (Mature Christians). God has given us everything that we need for our spiritual journey with Him. We need to take time to process and develop our relationship with God, so that we could grow spiritually as well as physically.


Do not love the things in the world. This is talking about
-The lust of the flesh
-The lust of the eyes
-The pride of life
These are things of the world that we need to avoid as a Christian. It will destroy our love relationship with God. We need to have an eternal perspective. Things of the world will passed away, but things of God will last forever.


Beware of those which not belong to us at the beginning. This is indeed the last hour, which those who believe in Jesus Christ will be put to test. Those who not really believe in Christ will be made manifest. Whoever denies that Jesus Christ is the son of God, he’s the antichrist.

We need to beware of those wolves in our midst. There is such people who come into church to try to cause disunity and even twisting, compromising the truth of the word of God. These are not belonging to us at the beginning. May the Lord have mercy on those people.


Abide in the truth of God. You have an anointing that given from God. Learn from the Holy Spirit. Abide in Him, so that no one can deceive you.

Love relationship with God is the key. As we abide in Him. He will show us what is not of Him. The church need to be discerns to what is not of God. So that the truth of God will truly transform our lives.

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