November 19, 2004

Fly....Fly.....Fly......Fly like and Eagle!!

Yeah!! finally today i will fly home....I totally can't wait to go home....My dear home..I miss you sooooo muchhhh......Se you very soon!! :)

November 17, 2004

Angkor Wat Posted by Hello


People find hope in something that visible....Many people looking out for something that they can rely on. Some turn to Idol worship, cuz' they think this idol have a spirit that they can trust and rely on in time of need. But some people just find things anyhow to put their hope into.....I have seen the worse of the worse.....I can't imagine how this people need the Lord...Cuz' all of their life they try to look out for hope in their life. King David said..."My HOPE is in The Lord!" Yes..the hope of all mankinds only can find in Our God Almighty alone. Recently I went to Angkor Wat....One of the 7 wonders of the World. The Cambodians called it as "The Hope of Cambodia" I went there to find out why people call it Their Hope!.... As I walk up and down in Angkor...what I saw is only ruins of stone temples.....nothing very interesting despise of how majestic of the arts and architectures in the Angkor. I climbed up to the top of the Mon Tian (Highest peak) and I found nothing....only idols there. As I walk there The Lord gave me an impression of Hopelessness. I totally can't find any hope in this place indeed. So felt so disappointed. One reason is becuz' this place actually one of the place I want to visit since young...I heard so much about how beautiful and awesome it is....That's my 1st disappointment. The 2nd one is that The Cambodians called this place The Hope of The Nation but I found none....!!!!! That's really sad....I feel so sad for the Cambodians that their eyes are blind. My prayer as i walk in Angkor is that the lord will open their eyes to see the one true hope that is in Christ alone....Amen!

November 02, 2004

home sickkk...

You will never imagine how bad home sick can be until you get to experience for yourself...I really agree with that right now :(

When I was in Thailand....everything is the same....the house that I walk in and out everyday...The people that you see them around all the, friends, neighbor, colleagues, etc....the restaurant that I always go there and eat exctly the same dish everytime. The Mother language that I always speak and everyone could understand....the cultures, the traditions that I'm so familiar with...sometime until feeling bored...but now all this feeling totally opposite...

I have been living in a foreign land for almost 2 years....totally change my perspective of home...What is Home really means?? It's totally make me home sick. It's still true that no where else like home....The place that we find comfort...the place we find security...the place we have a sense of belonging... I totally felt so bad that when I was at home, why I never think this way... I'm so sorry my dear home....I totally miss you now....I know how precious you are to me...

In the same way..The Lord teach me something about our real home in Heaven....Can you imagine how much more precious it is to go back to our original home.....Where we find comfort, security and the sense of belonging together with our heavenly Father. It's really Cool!! I can't wait really to be with the Father in Heaven....Ya..I know the time will come....until our task here on Earth come to an end...Until everyone have heard about Christ. Oh Lord!! May Your Name be declare to the ends of the earth!..Amen!!