January 28, 2007

Yangon...2nd episode...

sounds like tv show haha...ep.2 continue...

yea...I went there basically to visit my friends and also take a look of what Myanmar is really look like. Beyond my expectation, this place is really interesting. beside what I've mentioned in the last post....people here are having such a deep sense of hunger for the truth. Though it's still very hard to convert someone to Christian faith without facing the objection from their family member. But God's presence is really here. I heard many stories of CPM here. It's so cool...of coz' it's not easy doing CP here but God's grace is indeed sufficient for the workers here. I wish I could be part of such an experience. Well...will see..

Got to go to Shwedagon Pagoda, the main pagoda in town...it's really big and covered with real pure GOLD!!! I was told on top of the pagoda actually contain lots of diamonds. Really beautiful...but what for??? I asked.... u know what I mean...

We did some painting at our English centre there....having fun haha. Catch the train ride around the city was also quite an experience....(have some interesting story in there) and of course, shopping!!! at Bogyoke market. Lots of jewelry and it's dirt cheap!! genuine stones okie..cuz' it's everywhere here in Myanmar, though the cutting is not very good craftsmanship as in Thailand but for the cheap price, it's worth buying still.

Over all this trip was an eye-opening for me to see the needs of this land....and simply His heart for this nation. I wish I could stay longer but got to come back here to S'pore for now =(

well...here is myself wearing Longi waiting for the train haha....See ya next time Myanmar!!!

January 25, 2007

Finally...Yangon Here I come...

Quite an interesting place as I was on the taxi on the street of Yangon. Though Myanmar has been under British for some years, but they drive on the right lane like the American. They are not allow to ride motorbike here, so mainly Taxi driver is probably one of the best job to take here. haha. Everywhere people either men or women, they all wear skirt!! Nah...It's actually call Longi, Like Sarong kinda thing but for all the Burmese gentlemen. Quite cool actually, at least more comfy... only just need to be sure, u wear something underneath. =p

First time for me to be in Yangon really worth it. I totally in love with this place, the people. Though manything I could see here totally break my heart and I'm certainly sure, it's also break God's heart either. But He has such a greater and higher purpose for this poeple. His love has shown to them in many ways. I will be back in Singapore soon, so I should tell you more later on...

to be continue....

January 14, 2007

TNG Band

Here you go....TNG Band,Our first public show @ Suntec Convention Centre. Fusion 2007

January 11, 2007

Fusion....We're playing!!

ya...i know it's a bit late notice...but I would like you to be there.... =) love...

Interesting Facts.

In 1981:

• Prince Charles got married

Liverpool crowned Soccer Champions of Europe

Australia lost the Ashes Tournament

• Pope died

In 2005:

• Prince Charles got married

Liverpool crowned Soccer Champions of Europe

Australia lost the Ashes Tournament

• Pope died


The next time Charles gets married, someone should definitely warn the Pope.

January 09, 2007

Quote of the day :)

"It's always exciting to walk into the place of the UNKNOWN. God will let you know His plan only when it's the right time...so you don't need to be worry about what's next, let it be His business to tell you when it's time." - Someone I heard from recently. =)

January 08, 2007

Back to Singapore...welcome 2007

Wow....long long time....ya...I've not been updating blog at all since I left home cuz' of the internet connection at home wasn't very convenience to do so...well now I'm back in Singapore!! I'll slowly post some of the fun stuffs we did at home. After all, it was great! real blessing to be back there with my girlfriend. It's good for us... Though it was very tiring trip but thank God, we survived.

So say hi!!! to 2007....the year that is going to be even more exciting with God. Are you ready???
I'll post more pictures on my multiply site but here are the sample of what happened back home =) enjoy....

Mission trip with PLMC Youth.

Visit Royal Flora Festival

Visit Chiang Rai and reach the sky at Phu Shi Fa.