October 22, 2007

Quote of the day =)

"Passion is attractive and contagious to the world." - Jeff Pratt

October 19, 2007


When life get tough, remember that God is good. he understand how difficult it is to walk through in such a time as this. For He went through it Himself.......at the cross....His sacrifice for us......all we need to do is just be like Abraham, trusting God and obey His word. May this video bless you as it has blessed me today...

October 10, 2007

Reverence & Intimacy

1st week of DTS....yes Nature and Character of God is the topic.. I've learned something interesting today as I was listening to Matt Rawlins shares with us....

God's nature is something we will never be....(all knowing, omnipresence, etc...) but His character is something He asked us to live by...(goodness,kindness,faithfulness, etc.....)

I discovered that in Asian family, we have teach our children to respect and be submissive to their parents. That's the essence of reverence to God but that's not the complete picture of who God is.....yet in Western family, there strongly emphasize the intimacy or highly relational type of family. That is the other half of who God is...the intimacy, God is a personal God who loves and cares for us.

To fully understand who God is, is to really understand what it means to walk in the understanding of God's reverence (His nature) and God's intimacy (His character). It's like for us to walk properly, we need to use both legs. We can't use only right leg or left leg, we will surely lopsided. In the same way....we need to walk in His reverence and His intimacy. You just can't separate this two aspect of God.....He is so big (reverence) but yet He is good and personal (intimacy)

Some thoughts to chew on.... =)

October 01, 2007

Quote of the day =)

“Communication comes from the Latin word communis which means to share, to make common, or even to have possession of a common faith. When we communicate, we create, maintain, and even change shared ways of life…Every time we communicate we creatively exercise God’s gifts by contributing good or bad practices of culture…Ultimately all communication is a form of worship, a love ballad.”
Schultze, Quentin, J. (2000). Communicating for life: Christian stewardship in community and media. Grand Rapids: Baker