March 31, 2007

My Update - March 2007

Hi! Everyone…it’s time for update once again….

First of all, I would like to appreciate all of you for the overwhelming responses from all of you in prayer and great encouragement from the last email that I sent out regards to my visa situation. THANK YOU! No other word could express my gratitude to God for all of you who have been faithfully honour God and bless me so much.

Up till today, my visa still being process, it takes longer than what I expected. So all I could do is wait and pray for what action that needs to be done. I actually had to leave Singapore 3 weeks ago. So I decided to have a silent retreat back in Thailand. Sorry for many of you that I never informed you guys of my homecoming. But hope you all understand that I really need this time of being alone with God and seek Him as well as resting. From the last trip home over the New Year, I actually was a bit exhausted. So this time I do have great time of just seeking God and just be with my family. On top of that, I managed to catch up with some of my friends while I’m transiting in Bangkok too. You guys totally blessed me, thanks!

Yupz….so I still hope and trust that my visa will come through, but now my concern is more on longer term. As I need to look into what mean that I could use to stay here in Singapore for a few more years as I could foresee that I would need some more time here to prepare myself and Joy as we hope to getting married. We would need times to process on certain things. Pray for us would be the best thing you can do!

Upcoming event that I’m really looking forward, but yet with fear and trembling… I’ll be leaving again on the 12th April to Bali, Indonesia for 6 weeks. Ya….get back to classroom again. I’ll be taking a Leadership Training School with UofN Bali with a hope it would help me understand the roles and characters of servant leader and would improve myself in the area of leadership. Thank God that I have been accepted to the school, my airfare to Bali has been paid off. (Fly on SQ for the very 1st time yeah!). Now, I only have a few things to settle like my medical report to be signed and getting enough finance for my school fees and all the expenses during my 6 weeks there. My school fees is about 5 million Rupiah….(wow!) which is about S$900. So please pray that once again, I would see His faithfulness through His provision once again. If you would like to find out more about UofN Bali please take a look at their brand new website:

Some of the lesson I have been learned from God during this period does the whole thing of waiting upon the Lord…trust in Him. It’s never been easy for me to wait as I would get impatience very easily. But God has been testing me so to speak…how much more I could wait and trust Him. It isn’t easy, I admit. But it worth it…I totally see things in different point of view….not in my own view which so limited but God’s view which is higher and clearer every single step…wow…how awesome is the Lord most high….

I drew back to Psalm 23, “The Famous Psalm” Somehow as I read this passage again, it’s sound different to me. It speaks of who God is as a good shepherd and also the heart of David the psalmist who truly understand what it takes to be a good shepherd and he knows for sure that God is GOOD shepherd, he could fully trust in Him. “…Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I shall fear no evil…for Your rod and Your staff, they comfort me…” About the same time one the Matt Redman’s new song was quoted from this passage that truly touched my heart that God will indeed NEVER let me go…..He will be with me no matter how hard the situation I’m in. The Lord is MY (good) SHEPHERD, I shall not WANT! Yes and Amen!

As for Joy, now she’s interning with the church as a Christian Ministry Worker in PLMGS. (Sec. School) Lots of challenge and fun (I guess) so do pray for her as well…that she would discover her gifts and passion, the highest call of God in her life would be clearer to her.

So would you take sometimes to pray for us….
- For my visa and platform to stay in Singapore after I come back from Bali.
- For my trip to Bali, my school fees and wisdom to receive new understanding from the Lord.
- For my relationship with Joy, pray for us that it would give utmost glory to God
- For our families, both of our families are yet a believer in Jesus. Pray for their salvation!
- For health and protection from the Lord over us.
- For first love of God that we would continue to cherish. To know Him and making Him known! Yeah!

Thank you for reading and praying for us, be blessed.

Brother Tee.
26 years and counting….

March 20, 2007


Sometimes life seems to carry on it's fast pace and never seems to can go on and on and so on....never ending. We could caught up with all these things so easily. I will never realize how far I have come unless I step back and take a look at how thing goes... I guess that what retreat is all about.. step backward in order to step furthermore...

Get out of S'pore for awhile it was quite interesting....spend time at home simply back to the slow -pace kinda lifestyle.... there is nothing to worry about....quite slack really. My intention is too really take time to spend on my own reflects about things that I really need to look into and pray about. First day I really cant believe myself, how hard was it to just be alone with God reading Bible and pray at home without calling friends and say "Hi!" It was so hard really....well the fact that I didn't really informed much people that I'm home was already quite mouth was so itchy to tell that hey....I'm home!! it's time to catch up....but wait.... I need time be alone with God. So I did...It was good....even more, I managed to get to know my doggy at home much better we're kinda good friend u know... anyway....i'm going back soon...I better spend this time wisely and hopefully something good will come out of this time of waiting...resting and trusting for something greater to come.....


March 05, 2007

Wait upon the Lord....

So many things in my head now.. I know it has been quite some times since last post. All I do now is waiting upon the Lord to show me His faithfulness and grace to me once again....It's never been easy trusting God...but always at the back of my head, I know for sure that He can be trusted. So I will choose to trust you Lord. Whom shall I fear, for you are with me. I'm waiting Lord....waiting for you to tell me what to do next in such a time as this....all I could do now is praying, praying and keep on praying.....Lord grace grace....favour favour...

Thank you are always great and mighty....That is my God...
Yes and Amen!!!