July 01, 2009

There is something about children...

There is something about children that made me wonder, you always see them smile, as if there is no sorrow in life. They just seem to laugh about everything. Oh man, look at those smile from cheek to cheek. They're just so adorable. It felt as if sometimes, being a children might be a good thing. You are very care-free. You don't have too many thing to worry about much. Not like us older folks. Recently I just been to developing nations like Uganda and Cambodia. Even though they don't have much. But they still have that kinda joy. A great smile on their faces. It just amazed me. Isn't that what Jesus meant?, for us to have a child-like faith? To simply trusting God the Father, and do not have to be anxious about anything....but in everything give thanks and live life full of joy! I think these kids are really full of joy.

Now I do want to be like a little children once again. hee..... =)