December 14, 2007

Jesus is the Gift

Jesus is the Gift

Jesus is the gift that perfectly fits every heart

and it is with His love that all celebration starts.

We rejoice in Him as we remember His birth

and thank God for sending His only Son to earth.

His life led from a manger to a cross on a hill

where He faithfully followed His Father’s perfect will.

He freely laid down everything so that we could live,

and there is no greater treasure anyone could give.

Like a scarlet ribbon His love wrapped around the cross

and He offered it to us all at the greatest cost.

So each time that we give we remember what He’s done

and honor the perfect Gift—God’s one and only Son.

— Holley Gerth

December 08, 2007

A.W. Tozer - A short glimpse of his life

A.W. Tozer
A short glimpse of his life

Aiden Wilson Tozer was born April 21, 1897, on a small farm among the spiny ridges of Western Pennsylvania. Within a few short years, Tozer, as he preferred to be called, would earn the reputation and title of a “20th-century prophet.”

In 1919, without formal education, Tozer was called to pastor a small storefront church in Nutter Fort, West Virginia. That humble beginning thrust him and his new wife Ada Cecelia Pfautz, into a 44-year ministry with The Christian and Missionary Alliance.

In 1950 Tozer was elected editor of the Alliance Weekly now called Alliance Life. The circulation doubled almost immediately. In the first editorial dated June 3, 1950, he set the tone: “It will cost something to walk slow in the parade of the ages while excited men of time rush about confusing motion with progress. But it will pay in the long run and the true Christian is not much interested in anything short of that.”

Tozer’s love for words also pervaded his family life. He quizzed his children on what they read and made up bedtime stories for them. “The thing I remember most about my father,” reflects his daughter Rebecca, “was those marvelous stories he would tell.”

Tozer’s final years of ministry were spent at Avenue Road Church in Toronto, Canada. On May 12, 1963, his earthly pursuit of God ended when he died of a heart attack at age 66. In a small cemetery in Akron, Ohio, his tombstone bears this simple epitaph: “A Man of God.”

His humor, written and spoken, has been compared to that of Will Rogers—honest and homespun. Congregations could one moment be swept by gales of laughter and the next sit in a holy hush.

For almost 50 years, Tozer walked with God. Even though he is gone, he continues to speak, ministering to those who are eager to experience God. As someone put it, “This man makes you want to know and feel God.”

November 27, 2007

Asian Youth Culture

I came across this video put up by Threebillion Project whom took a research on Asian youth culture from MTV Asia to put into short video presentation. i found it is pretty interesting for us Asian youth to know....check it out...

November 23, 2007

Quote of the day =)

"We missed some of our greatest blessings by not enduring through hardship in our own family or in the church, God has things to teach us through hardship that we will not learned if we flee from it every time it comes" - John Piper

October 22, 2007

Quote of the day =)

"Passion is attractive and contagious to the world." - Jeff Pratt

October 19, 2007


When life get tough, remember that God is good. he understand how difficult it is to walk through in such a time as this. For He went through it the cross....His sacrifice for us......all we need to do is just be like Abraham, trusting God and obey His word. May this video bless you as it has blessed me today...

October 10, 2007

Reverence & Intimacy

1st week of DTS....yes Nature and Character of God is the topic.. I've learned something interesting today as I was listening to Matt Rawlins shares with us....

God's nature is something we will never be....(all knowing, omnipresence, etc...) but His character is something He asked us to live by...(goodness,kindness,faithfulness, etc.....)

I discovered that in Asian family, we have teach our children to respect and be submissive to their parents. That's the essence of reverence to God but that's not the complete picture of who God is.....yet in Western family, there strongly emphasize the intimacy or highly relational type of family. That is the other half of who God is...the intimacy, God is a personal God who loves and cares for us.

To fully understand who God is, is to really understand what it means to walk in the understanding of God's reverence (His nature) and God's intimacy (His character). It's like for us to walk properly, we need to use both legs. We can't use only right leg or left leg, we will surely lopsided. In the same way....we need to walk in His reverence and His intimacy. You just can't separate this two aspect of God.....He is so big (reverence) but yet He is good and personal (intimacy)

Some thoughts to chew on.... =)

October 01, 2007

Quote of the day =)

“Communication comes from the Latin word communis which means to share, to make common, or even to have possession of a common faith. When we communicate, we create, maintain, and even change shared ways of life…Every time we communicate we creatively exercise God’s gifts by contributing good or bad practices of culture…Ultimately all communication is a form of worship, a love ballad.”
Schultze, Quentin, J. (2000). Communicating for life: Christian stewardship in community and media. Grand Rapids: Baker

September 28, 2007

Where The Sun Rises

I went to watch the show "Where The Sun Rises" tonight. It is a documentary film produced by the team of Singaporeans and Australians. One of them is someone I knew, that's one reason I go and watch his work.

It's the story of East Timor or Timor Leste. It's personally narrated by the President of the state, Xanana Gusmao, it's the story of the journey to independence of this youngest nation.

What touched me most of this show is not so much about how this man struggled to fight against an Indonesian occupation for 24 years, but rather how he promoting forgiveness to those who had harm this country after becoming independent nation in 2002. It is hard to forgive he said....but that's the only way to move on. Hmm....Sounds like someone I know....Yes....Jesus himself taught us that principle of forgiveness..

As i walked out of the theatre, I thought to myself, if I was him, would I be able to reconcile with the fact that this people killed my people, am I still able to love them? Am I still able to look into their eyes and say "I love you"? To shake hand with those bloody hand??

It's gonna be hard....but by grace He will help me to do so.
"Forgive us our sins, as we forgive those who sin against us." - The Lord's Prayer

If you have nothing to do this weekend, this film will be something I strongly encouraged all of you to go and watch. =)

September 27, 2007

Quote of the day :)

"Start to believe in who He says He is, then you will start to believe in who He says you are." - Paul Hawkins

September 22, 2007

what a 3 weeks....

again....long period of no blog entry. Yeah, I went back to Chiang Mai for 9 days consecutively....conference. It was YWAM Asia Pacific staff conference and UofN workshop. It was a very good time for me personally connecting with different people, make new friend and catch up with old friend....It just so great to be part of this international family....called "YWAM" this is my tribe... I love it!!

It was busy 2 weeks in Chiang Mai....but I really enjoy myself....then I flew back last wednesday then heading out to Malaysia for our YWAM S'pore staff retreat next day.....(yeah i know!!) again...God really doing something great among just so amazing what He did.....He affirmed us of the vision and the call of s'pore base to be a gateway to Asia. His promise land that He is going to give to us... So exciting....

We come back last Sunday....and I started to fall sick.....yea....finally Mr.Flu catching up with me....

And yes, our DTS staff training already started.....that is why I've been so busy and got no time to blog my thoughts down at all.....

So keep reading you guys.... =) will write more soon...

btw...Underdog is so funny. I luv it!! Go and watch....if you a big time Doggy fan like me =)

"There's no need to fear, Underdog is here!!"

August 26, 2007

Is God Enough?

I would like to start off my thought with this song....

Enough - Chris Tomlin

You are my supply
My breath of life
Still more awesome than I know
You are my reward
Worth living for
Still more awesome than I know

All of You is more than enough for
All of me, for every thirst and every need
You satisfy me with Your love
And all I have in You is more than enough

You're my sacrifice
Of greatest price
Still more awesome than I know
You're my coming King
You are everything
Still more awesome than I know

More than all I want
More than all I need
You are more than enough for me
More than all I know
More than all I can see
You are more than enough

It's very interesting this week that God brought me to study Psalm 73 to gain understanding deeper about what this Psalmist is trying to teach us very important truth here.

Asaph is the guy who wrote this particular Psalm, it's very interesting as you start off reading from verse 1

1Truly God is good to Israel,
to those who are pure in heart.

Wow....what a great statement....I really expecting something good from this passage....
As I continue reading......

2But as for me, my feet had almost stumbled,
my steps had nearly on....

from verse 2 all the way to verse 15, all I read is about how depressed Asaph was when he see all the wicked people who do not know God have a prosperous life. He couldn't understand why is it so hard to keep walking in the path of righteousness of God. As if all that he has done is totally in vain.

But very interesting as you carry on reading.....

16But when I thought how to understand this,
it seemed to me a wearisome task,
17until I went into the sanctuary of God;
then I discerned their end.

Asaph try to make sense out of it, and yet he admitted, it is so hard to gain such understanding until he entered into the sanctuary of God.....THEN.....he come to understand......

and from verse 18 onward, his whole attitude just changed dramatically....until one of the great statement that many of us could memorize it....

25Whom have I in heaven but you?
And there is nothing on earth that I desire besides you.
26My flesh and my heart may fail,
but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.

Wow....what a great statement. Asaph simply come to realize the truth that though this world may seem to be so harsh to those who walk in the way of the Lord, everything seems to be so unfair to righteous one. But GOD IS ENOUGH FOR ME. NOTHING on earth could satisfied me.

Yea, this great statement didn't arrive easily. Asaph went through such a tough time try to understand all this thing. And only when he decided to enter into God's presence. Suddenly everything else just fade away. Before Asaph's eyes there is only Almighty God that stand tall before him and all he knows is this....He is more than enough for me...

Sometimes....(many times actually) I admit that I think the same way as Asaph too. Why so much suffering and hardship as I serve the Lord. But when I learn the truth about who God is and seek to come into the presence of the Lord, I found comfort and greater revelation of who God is and that He alone is enough for me. If I would not have anything else on earth...but is enough for me.

Yes, to say this is very easy but to live it out is real hard too. But nevertheless I'm on this journey with God to pursuit after His righteousness and live my life to declare His name and His renown. For Your name and renown is the desire of my soul! (Isa.26:8) As I have learn from this Psalm, it's so important to always enter into the presence of God, worship Him and receive fresh manna from Him each day.

When I sing this song again....I really mean it. My prayer is that all of us would mean it too.


ps. Scriptures quoted are from ESV Bible

August 22, 2007

I've never seen this before....

I heard about this in Thailand before but I've never seen it myself. It so cool, to see the ring of rainbow goes round the sun like that....So beautiful God's creation. Anyway, any idea what you call this in English???? hee =)

August 17, 2007


Great skit with great song....I hope many who have seen this would be touch by the love of Christ. Amen!

August 15, 2007

Simpsonize me?

If me and my girlfriend will be simpsonize....we are going to be like this!!! cute right....
Try yours!!

August 12, 2007

His Presence

There is no better place to be than being in the presence of the Almighty God. Our TNG service last night was exactly just that. As a worship leader, i could only humbly say... He is the God who loves us so much that He just wait for us patiently to open up our heart to Him, and as we do that, The Lord of heaven and Earth dashes across the heaven just to embrace us with His everlasting love..The Father's love....That we would never find elsewhere...I can only be amazed Your love, Your grace and Your mercy that you've poured down on us. Thank you for using this donkey far more than I could ever imagine....Thank you Daddy!

August 06, 2007

Which Superhero are you?

Your results:
You are Hulk

The Flash
Green Lantern
Wonder Woman
Iron Man
You are a wanderer with
amazing strength.

Click here to take the Superhero Personality Quiz

August 01, 2007

This could be good hey You!

I remember watching this video at the beginning of Live Earth concert that was meant to create an awareness of global warming crisis. (Though I heard it was considered total failure) But as I watch this video, I'm just so move by the sense that God is saying....It's His heart that we all together would save the world....physically and spiritually. This could be good....Hey you!!

July 26, 2007

Too many things to write about....

It has been a long time to update my blog... So many things has happened. I would say...Life after Bali has been tremendously challenged. Things that I learnt, now it's the time to obey... It's not easy as lots of thing I would have to come out of my nutshell of comfort. The Lord has been encouraged me not to be fear what is ahead but trust Him day after day. As I seek Him, I will find His plan and get an understanding from Him. I have offload some of the responsibility which I felt, I need to let it go, lay it down before the Lord in order to be more effective in all that have left for me to do. 

The common problem that we all have sometimes is to try to do too much....Even God Himself know how to rest. he created the heaven and the earth within 6 days and the 7th day...He chose to rest. Who am I? I'm just merely human. Can I outdone what God has done? Don't even think about it. He has speaking much about the distinction between human being VS human doing. God has created us to be human being...not human doing. It's not we do that defines who we are...or the value in us. He simply loves us has who we are....for He has created us in this way and He said "It's really good!!" So I don't have tot ry so hard to do so many things to please God. So I began learning how to rest in His presence. It's not easy I would say, especially living in such a fast pace, restless city like Singapore. Busyness is norm here. I just try to walk in the opposite spirit...Grace....grace...that's all I need.

One main thing that God has convicted to my heart strongly is the whole thing of Evangelism in Singapore. Most of the time, I have not been intentional in doing such. So I repented. Now the door open wide for me to be involve in prison ministry. I'm really excited about it... I'm sure will have a lot more exciting story to tell you all...keep on reading....

This weekend, i'm so glad to have friends from Chiang Mai coming over. It help me not to get homesick haha....anyway next month I wil be back home for 2 weeks. Looking forward to that. Though I'm going to be quite busy with conferences back there....but it's alright. At least I could be there in the place I call "HOME"

July 11, 2007

iPhone...will it blend?

Don't try to do this when you got one okie...what a waste of $$$.

July 10, 2007

Keep up Buddy!!

I thought this video clip by Nike is so would like to share with you all. =p Have a good laugh....

July 07, 2007

Celebrate Amazing God with New Song

Thanks to Garageband 3 on my new Macbook that enable me to produce some sort of demo of the song that I have been written all these years. Yes, finally.... this is my 1st release....This song in particular actually very new. I wrote this song some time back in February or March this year (2007). During those time of tension and stress, I do not know exactly what is going to happen in my life, my future. But I know for sure that God is good, He is amazing God who will always amazed me everyday of my life. This song is simply my response to declare that He is an Amazing God in my life no matter what....nothing else I could do but "Amazed"....

Listen to the song

music & lyrics by Tee Suwit L.

Verse 1:
Here I stand in Your presence
Captivated by your love
Here I am in awesome Glory
Captivated by your mercy

What can I say Lord
What can I do for you
And only thing I do

I can only be amazed
How great you are....
I can only be amazed
Your love for me
I can only be amazed
Your grace and mercy
That rain down on me
I can only be amazed

Verse 2:
Here we are in Your presence
Humbled by your love for us
At the cross with awesome Glory
We declare you are holy

Amazed by you love
Amazed by your grace
Amazed by what you've done for us
Amazed by the cross
Amazed by your mercy
Amazed by what you've done for us

Copyright © 2007. Tee Suwit L.

July 06, 2007

Parallel Desktop for Mac

For we embrace UNITY...let's run it together =)
It's all in MAC+PC with Parallel Desktop.

July 05, 2007

My Johari Window


(known to self and others)

adaptable, caring, introverted, knowledgeable, mature, quiet

Blind Spot

(known only to others)

able, accepting, bold, brave, calm, cheerful, complex, confident, dependable, energetic, extroverted, friendly, giving, happy, helpful, idealistic, independent, ingenious, intelligent, kind, logical, loving, modest, nervous, observant, organised, patient, powerful, proud, reflective, relaxed, religious, responsive, self-assertive, self-conscious, sensible, sentimental, shy, silly, sympathetic, trustworthy, warm, wise, witty


(known only to self)


(known to nobody)

clever, dignified, searching, spontaneous, tense

All Percentages

able (5%) accepting (14%) adaptable (17%) bold (2%) brave (8%) calm (11%) caring (5%) cheerful (14%) clever (0%) complex (5%) confident (20%) dependable (8%) dignified (0%) energetic (11%) extroverted (2%) friendly (34%) giving (11%) happy (8%) helpful (17%) idealistic (5%) independent (22%) ingenious (5%) intelligent (20%) introverted (17%) kind (8%) knowledgeable (11%) logical (2%) loving (11%) mature (14%) modest (8%) nervous (2%) observant (8%) organised (2%) patient (20%) powerful (5%) proud (5%) quiet (20%) reflective (8%) relaxed (2%) religious (28%) responsive (14%) searching (0%) self-assertive (5%) self-conscious (5%) sensible (2%) sentimental (8%) shy (5%) silly (2%) spontaneous (0%) sympathetic (11%) tense (0%) trustworthy (40%) warm (5%) wise (2%) witty (5%)

Created by the Interactive Johari Window on 11.7.2007, using data from 35 respondents.
You can make your own Johari Window, or view brothertee's full data.

May 28, 2007

back for a purpose....

Finally back to Singapore. Immediately I went straight to catch the show "Amazing Grace" I have been waited for so long with great hope that it would premiere here in Singapore. Thanks to Lido, hee.....anyway, it's a motion picture based on the true story of William Wilberforce, the man whom God used to transforms nation. Stop the slave trade and set the captives free. As I watch the show, I see just one ordinary man who love an extraordinary God, he sees what God sees, the value of a person that God has created all of us as equal, neither slave nor master. As a politician, he speaks of his slave-free campaign throughout his life as a politician and make the world a better place. It's amazing grace truly, "I was blind but now I see" Powerful story....greatly impacted my life.

Well.....back to Singapore. By the grace of God, I finally got my visa. after long await. God is truly sovereign. He is always on time. So great is His faithfulness. After I came back from Bali, I know for sure that something will never be the same in my life, my ministry. So I'm really excited of what will come up next....Do pray for me as the Lord leads you.

His purpose is always reaching out to the lost.

May 21, 2007


If you know me well, you will know that cook. I only know how to eat.....
But the last 6 weeks has transformed my life I supposed....Here is the moment you don't want to miss....Cuz' I'm cooking!!! seriously....the best part, it is edible =p

May 19, 2007

Interesting morning by the beach....

Yesterday morning @ Jimbaran Beach was exciting. About 9.30am, unexpected high wave hit the coastline of Java and Bali island. Yeah....including us!!! It was so high until all the fishermen in the fishing village have to evacuate! We went down to help and next think I know.....I was totally wet and full of sand.... We were wondering if there is any earthquake that cause such Tsunami. was just unusual strong wind that blow up across the Indian ocean passed few days. So we just have to stand by and watch out for the next few days....until the tide level go back to the normal level. Do pray for us as our base is just right next to the beach after the fishing village. So if the tide go up a bit more, it will surely pass through the village to us!! =)

May 09, 2007

Safe Air for sale

Last night I went to supermarket in Bali....and I came across a very interesting product on sale....check it out.....

Can you guess? what it actually selling here??

Tada......the answer is.......

In Bahasa Indonesian, Air (pronounced Ai-Rue with a strong emphasize on R) means Water!!!!
So it's water branded "SAFE"

little laugh for today....

May 07, 2007

on the crossroad again...

3 weeks in LTS passed...So many funny feeling going on... I felt the sense of transition coming to visit me once again. I have no idea if I gonna go back to S'pore. I really don't know. God has challenged me in different issue of my life. I'm convinced in some sense that my security must be in Him. All I need to do is just simply obey what He says....even though it may seem no logic or even make sense at all.....his way is higher than mine. So...I shall choose His way.

Pray for me..... =)

April 14, 2007

Bali....sun, sand and so many things to be excited about...

Apa Kabah....(how are you in Bahasa Indonesia)

First 2 days in Bali, Indonesia was quite interesting for me already....Can't imagine what could be more to come in the next 6 weeks... Too bad I've been forgotten to carry my camera I only managed to took some pictures from my SE phone...this is a beautiful sunset right opposite from our eh? More to come man... LTS start on Monday...exciting.... So pray forme as well ya? I kinda lost in translation somehow as all my roommates are Indonesians.... so I just try to learn and understand them as much as possible...It's really gonna be awesome experience for me....

Yup...I gotta go...and will try to post some more pictures and giveyou some updates from our class.....

April 10, 2007

7-1 How about that?

What a great delight for me...Manchester United 7 - 1 AS Roma

April 03, 2007


Must watch...and you will be impressed with my God...He is Indescribable! watch for yourself.

April 02, 2007

True Blu-Tooth.....for real...

I come across this new Bluetooth device and I thought.."for real" yeah it is for real... check it out...Bluetooth literally. it's a bluetooth device that you plug it in your tooth. So cool...what an idea. it cost £49.99 haha....expensive tooth hey....

March 31, 2007

My Update - March 2007

Hi! Everyone…it’s time for update once again….

First of all, I would like to appreciate all of you for the overwhelming responses from all of you in prayer and great encouragement from the last email that I sent out regards to my visa situation. THANK YOU! No other word could express my gratitude to God for all of you who have been faithfully honour God and bless me so much.

Up till today, my visa still being process, it takes longer than what I expected. So all I could do is wait and pray for what action that needs to be done. I actually had to leave Singapore 3 weeks ago. So I decided to have a silent retreat back in Thailand. Sorry for many of you that I never informed you guys of my homecoming. But hope you all understand that I really need this time of being alone with God and seek Him as well as resting. From the last trip home over the New Year, I actually was a bit exhausted. So this time I do have great time of just seeking God and just be with my family. On top of that, I managed to catch up with some of my friends while I’m transiting in Bangkok too. You guys totally blessed me, thanks!

Yupz….so I still hope and trust that my visa will come through, but now my concern is more on longer term. As I need to look into what mean that I could use to stay here in Singapore for a few more years as I could foresee that I would need some more time here to prepare myself and Joy as we hope to getting married. We would need times to process on certain things. Pray for us would be the best thing you can do!

Upcoming event that I’m really looking forward, but yet with fear and trembling… I’ll be leaving again on the 12th April to Bali, Indonesia for 6 weeks. Ya….get back to classroom again. I’ll be taking a Leadership Training School with UofN Bali with a hope it would help me understand the roles and characters of servant leader and would improve myself in the area of leadership. Thank God that I have been accepted to the school, my airfare to Bali has been paid off. (Fly on SQ for the very 1st time yeah!). Now, I only have a few things to settle like my medical report to be signed and getting enough finance for my school fees and all the expenses during my 6 weeks there. My school fees is about 5 million Rupiah….(wow!) which is about S$900. So please pray that once again, I would see His faithfulness through His provision once again. If you would like to find out more about UofN Bali please take a look at their brand new website:

Some of the lesson I have been learned from God during this period does the whole thing of waiting upon the Lord…trust in Him. It’s never been easy for me to wait as I would get impatience very easily. But God has been testing me so to speak…how much more I could wait and trust Him. It isn’t easy, I admit. But it worth it…I totally see things in different point of view….not in my own view which so limited but God’s view which is higher and clearer every single step…wow…how awesome is the Lord most high….

I drew back to Psalm 23, “The Famous Psalm” Somehow as I read this passage again, it’s sound different to me. It speaks of who God is as a good shepherd and also the heart of David the psalmist who truly understand what it takes to be a good shepherd and he knows for sure that God is GOOD shepherd, he could fully trust in Him. “…Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I shall fear no evil…for Your rod and Your staff, they comfort me…” About the same time one the Matt Redman’s new song was quoted from this passage that truly touched my heart that God will indeed NEVER let me go…..He will be with me no matter how hard the situation I’m in. The Lord is MY (good) SHEPHERD, I shall not WANT! Yes and Amen!

As for Joy, now she’s interning with the church as a Christian Ministry Worker in PLMGS. (Sec. School) Lots of challenge and fun (I guess) so do pray for her as well…that she would discover her gifts and passion, the highest call of God in her life would be clearer to her.

So would you take sometimes to pray for us….
- For my visa and platform to stay in Singapore after I come back from Bali.
- For my trip to Bali, my school fees and wisdom to receive new understanding from the Lord.
- For my relationship with Joy, pray for us that it would give utmost glory to God
- For our families, both of our families are yet a believer in Jesus. Pray for their salvation!
- For health and protection from the Lord over us.
- For first love of God that we would continue to cherish. To know Him and making Him known! Yeah!

Thank you for reading and praying for us, be blessed.

Brother Tee.
26 years and counting….

March 20, 2007


Sometimes life seems to carry on it's fast pace and never seems to can go on and on and so on....never ending. We could caught up with all these things so easily. I will never realize how far I have come unless I step back and take a look at how thing goes... I guess that what retreat is all about.. step backward in order to step furthermore...

Get out of S'pore for awhile it was quite interesting....spend time at home simply back to the slow -pace kinda lifestyle.... there is nothing to worry about....quite slack really. My intention is too really take time to spend on my own reflects about things that I really need to look into and pray about. First day I really cant believe myself, how hard was it to just be alone with God reading Bible and pray at home without calling friends and say "Hi!" It was so hard really....well the fact that I didn't really informed much people that I'm home was already quite mouth was so itchy to tell that hey....I'm home!! it's time to catch up....but wait.... I need time be alone with God. So I did...It was good....even more, I managed to get to know my doggy at home much better we're kinda good friend u know... anyway....i'm going back soon...I better spend this time wisely and hopefully something good will come out of this time of waiting...resting and trusting for something greater to come.....


March 05, 2007

Wait upon the Lord....

So many things in my head now.. I know it has been quite some times since last post. All I do now is waiting upon the Lord to show me His faithfulness and grace to me once again....It's never been easy trusting God...but always at the back of my head, I know for sure that He can be trusted. So I will choose to trust you Lord. Whom shall I fear, for you are with me. I'm waiting Lord....waiting for you to tell me what to do next in such a time as this....all I could do now is praying, praying and keep on praying.....Lord grace grace....favour favour...

Thank you are always great and mighty....That is my God...
Yes and Amen!!!

February 13, 2007

V is in the air...

yes....February 14th and the world is celebrating all kinds of love. But we know for sure what a greatest love to celebrate on such an occasion.

"Greater love has no one than this, that someone lays down his life for his friends." John 15:13 (ESV)

The love of Christ that he laid down his own life for his friend. Then, who is Jesus' Friend? you mean me?? I am his friend? yeah, absolutely. Those who believe and walk in his way, is His friend. I know sometime even for myself, it is so hard to understand the fact that I am Jesus' friend. Who am I to be an Almighty God's friend. I'm such a sinful man....(I really think so) but yet He called me friend. That's the ultimate reason why John Newton named his song..."Amazing Grace" It's absolutely AMAZING GRACE!! of God that He called us His friend. Even more, He laid down his own life for His friend. What a great love.

This song by Michael Gungor speak it I truly feel...

Friend of God

Who am I that you are mindful of me
That you hear me when I call
Is it true that You are thinking of me
How You love me
It's amazing

I am a friend of God
I am a friend of God
I am a friend of God
He calls me friend

God almighty, Lord of Glory, You have called me friend

I think as a Christian. Understanding the love of Christ that is so amazing helps me so much to love others. When I face certain challenges with certain people that are very challenging to love and accept them as who they are. I will be always reminded that...I was also just like that when Christ reached out His hand to embrace me in His arms. The arms of Love. No matter who I am. You see, love is the choice....Jesus made it clear....that He chose to love us no matter what. He chose the nails and the cross so that we could for Him.

It's amazing grace that you came...
It's the power of the Father's love
That He sent His son to died for me....

This is my desire...
To knowing more of you.
To see you face to face
Like I ever been before.....

(part of my song "My Desire")

Yeah, this V day, me and my galfriend decided to cook our own meal...(it's gonna be fun, u know) having dinner together under candle light...hopefully and yeah...will spend some time together meditate on Christ love for us....also it's our 1st year anniversary since we were together. Hooray!!!! Praise God!!!!

Have a wonderful, meaningful V day.

Christ's valentine.

January 28, 2007

Yangon...2nd episode...

sounds like tv show haha...ep.2 continue...

yea...I went there basically to visit my friends and also take a look of what Myanmar is really look like. Beyond my expectation, this place is really interesting. beside what I've mentioned in the last post....people here are having such a deep sense of hunger for the truth. Though it's still very hard to convert someone to Christian faith without facing the objection from their family member. But God's presence is really here. I heard many stories of CPM here. It's so cool...of coz' it's not easy doing CP here but God's grace is indeed sufficient for the workers here. I wish I could be part of such an experience. Well...will see..

Got to go to Shwedagon Pagoda, the main pagoda in's really big and covered with real pure GOLD!!! I was told on top of the pagoda actually contain lots of diamonds. Really beautiful...but what for??? I asked.... u know what I mean...

We did some painting at our English centre there....having fun haha. Catch the train ride around the city was also quite an experience....(have some interesting story in there) and of course, shopping!!! at Bogyoke market. Lots of jewelry and it's dirt cheap!! genuine stones okie..cuz' it's everywhere here in Myanmar, though the cutting is not very good craftsmanship as in Thailand but for the cheap price, it's worth buying still.

Over all this trip was an eye-opening for me to see the needs of this land....and simply His heart for this nation. I wish I could stay longer but got to come back here to S'pore for now =( is myself wearing Longi waiting for the train haha....See ya next time Myanmar!!!

January 25, 2007

Finally...Yangon Here I come...

Quite an interesting place as I was on the taxi on the street of Yangon. Though Myanmar has been under British for some years, but they drive on the right lane like the American. They are not allow to ride motorbike here, so mainly Taxi driver is probably one of the best job to take here. haha. Everywhere people either men or women, they all wear skirt!! Nah...It's actually call Longi, Like Sarong kinda thing but for all the Burmese gentlemen. Quite cool actually, at least more comfy... only just need to be sure, u wear something underneath. =p

First time for me to be in Yangon really worth it. I totally in love with this place, the people. Though manything I could see here totally break my heart and I'm certainly sure, it's also break God's heart either. But He has such a greater and higher purpose for this poeple. His love has shown to them in many ways. I will be back in Singapore soon, so I should tell you more later on...

to be continue....

January 14, 2007

TNG Band

Here you go....TNG Band,Our first public show @ Suntec Convention Centre. Fusion 2007

January 11, 2007

Fusion....We're playing!!

ya...i know it's a bit late notice...but I would like you to be there.... =) love...

Interesting Facts.

In 1981:

• Prince Charles got married

Liverpool crowned Soccer Champions of Europe

Australia lost the Ashes Tournament

• Pope died

In 2005:

• Prince Charles got married

Liverpool crowned Soccer Champions of Europe

Australia lost the Ashes Tournament

• Pope died


The next time Charles gets married, someone should definitely warn the Pope.

January 09, 2007

Quote of the day :)

"It's always exciting to walk into the place of the UNKNOWN. God will let you know His plan only when it's the right you don't need to be worry about what's next, let it be His business to tell you when it's time." - Someone I heard from recently. =)

January 08, 2007

Back to Singapore...welcome 2007

Wow....long long time....ya...I've not been updating blog at all since I left home cuz' of the internet connection at home wasn't very convenience to do so...well now I'm back in Singapore!! I'll slowly post some of the fun stuffs we did at home. After all, it was great! real blessing to be back there with my girlfriend. It's good for us... Though it was very tiring trip but thank God, we survived.

So say hi!!! to 2007....the year that is going to be even more exciting with God. Are you ready???
I'll post more pictures on my multiply site but here are the sample of what happened back home =) enjoy....

Mission trip with PLMC Youth.

Visit Royal Flora Festival

Visit Chiang Rai and reach the sky at Phu Shi Fa.