August 26, 2007

Is God Enough?

I would like to start off my thought with this song....

Enough - Chris Tomlin

You are my supply
My breath of life
Still more awesome than I know
You are my reward
Worth living for
Still more awesome than I know

All of You is more than enough for
All of me, for every thirst and every need
You satisfy me with Your love
And all I have in You is more than enough

You're my sacrifice
Of greatest price
Still more awesome than I know
You're my coming King
You are everything
Still more awesome than I know

More than all I want
More than all I need
You are more than enough for me
More than all I know
More than all I can see
You are more than enough

It's very interesting this week that God brought me to study Psalm 73 to gain understanding deeper about what this Psalmist is trying to teach us very important truth here.

Asaph is the guy who wrote this particular Psalm, it's very interesting as you start off reading from verse 1

1Truly God is good to Israel,
to those who are pure in heart.

Wow....what a great statement....I really expecting something good from this passage....
As I continue reading......

2But as for me, my feet had almost stumbled,
my steps had nearly on....

from verse 2 all the way to verse 15, all I read is about how depressed Asaph was when he see all the wicked people who do not know God have a prosperous life. He couldn't understand why is it so hard to keep walking in the path of righteousness of God. As if all that he has done is totally in vain.

But very interesting as you carry on reading.....

16But when I thought how to understand this,
it seemed to me a wearisome task,
17until I went into the sanctuary of God;
then I discerned their end.

Asaph try to make sense out of it, and yet he admitted, it is so hard to gain such understanding until he entered into the sanctuary of God.....THEN.....he come to understand......

and from verse 18 onward, his whole attitude just changed dramatically....until one of the great statement that many of us could memorize it....

25Whom have I in heaven but you?
And there is nothing on earth that I desire besides you.
26My flesh and my heart may fail,
but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.

Wow....what a great statement. Asaph simply come to realize the truth that though this world may seem to be so harsh to those who walk in the way of the Lord, everything seems to be so unfair to righteous one. But GOD IS ENOUGH FOR ME. NOTHING on earth could satisfied me.

Yea, this great statement didn't arrive easily. Asaph went through such a tough time try to understand all this thing. And only when he decided to enter into God's presence. Suddenly everything else just fade away. Before Asaph's eyes there is only Almighty God that stand tall before him and all he knows is this....He is more than enough for me...

Sometimes....(many times actually) I admit that I think the same way as Asaph too. Why so much suffering and hardship as I serve the Lord. But when I learn the truth about who God is and seek to come into the presence of the Lord, I found comfort and greater revelation of who God is and that He alone is enough for me. If I would not have anything else on earth...but is enough for me.

Yes, to say this is very easy but to live it out is real hard too. But nevertheless I'm on this journey with God to pursuit after His righteousness and live my life to declare His name and His renown. For Your name and renown is the desire of my soul! (Isa.26:8) As I have learn from this Psalm, it's so important to always enter into the presence of God, worship Him and receive fresh manna from Him each day.

When I sing this song again....I really mean it. My prayer is that all of us would mean it too.


ps. Scriptures quoted are from ESV Bible

August 22, 2007

I've never seen this before....

I heard about this in Thailand before but I've never seen it myself. It so cool, to see the ring of rainbow goes round the sun like that....So beautiful God's creation. Anyway, any idea what you call this in English???? hee =)

August 17, 2007


Great skit with great song....I hope many who have seen this would be touch by the love of Christ. Amen!

August 15, 2007

Simpsonize me?

If me and my girlfriend will be simpsonize....we are going to be like this!!! cute right....
Try yours!!

August 12, 2007

His Presence

There is no better place to be than being in the presence of the Almighty God. Our TNG service last night was exactly just that. As a worship leader, i could only humbly say... He is the God who loves us so much that He just wait for us patiently to open up our heart to Him, and as we do that, The Lord of heaven and Earth dashes across the heaven just to embrace us with His everlasting love..The Father's love....That we would never find elsewhere...I can only be amazed Your love, Your grace and Your mercy that you've poured down on us. Thank you for using this donkey far more than I could ever imagine....Thank you Daddy!

August 06, 2007

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August 01, 2007

This could be good hey You!

I remember watching this video at the beginning of Live Earth concert that was meant to create an awareness of global warming crisis. (Though I heard it was considered total failure) But as I watch this video, I'm just so move by the sense that God is saying....It's His heart that we all together would save the world....physically and spiritually. This could be good....Hey you!!