October 27, 2009

Paul Baloche on Glorious

Paul Baloche share his story of how he started into Worship leading as well as sharing about his upcoming project. I thought it's something pretty inspiring for all worship leaders & songwriters. Thanks Paul!


11 years of Google squished into 2 minutes


October 13, 2009

Block 8

I'm just trying to blog from my iPhone, so pardon me if this blog entry make no sense at all haha. :) anyway this is block 8, where I stay now. ;)

- Posted from iPhone

October 08, 2009


I thought this message by Josh Harris is pretty good reminder or rather warning for all of us. (esp.myself) of how we spend time on the internet, etc.... Are we wasting our time? Or are we doing something productive and benefit to our very own soul??


October 04, 2009

You can SHINE!! great advertisement.

Stumble upon this advertisement for Pantene. Made in Thailand. Great story and powerful message. So I would like to share this with you all. =)


October 02, 2009