December 22, 2004

Christmas is the Time....

Well....time run fast indeed....I remember i just got back from S'pore....stay home for a while.....suddenly, different people different teams just took my time away until now....Christmas is just at the!!! I'm glad that you can use me.....when I look back I indeed see the hands of God holds me and help me when I desperately needs Him..For last 30 days, I was traveling like crazy....but God's protection always there Thank you Daddy!....I saw many souls were saved by His Grace.....that's even confirm me that now is the time of harvest for this Land....finally Christmas.....I juts got a break from all the ministries.....You wanna ask me how I gonna spend Christmas??? Yeah......most probably I will spend time with my love ones (of course no GF) also to evaluate my life for the entire year with the Lord as well....It always excited to evaluate myself with God.....He always surprise me with different things.....Can't wait for this year end too......

Well....beside all this.....just want to wish u all a mery Christmas.....Let's celebrate the REASON We live!

November 19, 2004

Fly....Fly.....Fly......Fly like and Eagle!!

Yeah!! finally today i will fly home....I totally can't wait to go home....My dear home..I miss you sooooo muchhhh......Se you very soon!! :)

November 17, 2004

Angkor Wat Posted by Hello


People find hope in something that visible....Many people looking out for something that they can rely on. Some turn to Idol worship, cuz' they think this idol have a spirit that they can trust and rely on in time of need. But some people just find things anyhow to put their hope into.....I have seen the worse of the worse.....I can't imagine how this people need the Lord...Cuz' all of their life they try to look out for hope in their life. King David said..."My HOPE is in The Lord!" Yes..the hope of all mankinds only can find in Our God Almighty alone. Recently I went to Angkor Wat....One of the 7 wonders of the World. The Cambodians called it as "The Hope of Cambodia" I went there to find out why people call it Their Hope!.... As I walk up and down in Angkor...what I saw is only ruins of stone temples.....nothing very interesting despise of how majestic of the arts and architectures in the Angkor. I climbed up to the top of the Mon Tian (Highest peak) and I found nothing....only idols there. As I walk there The Lord gave me an impression of Hopelessness. I totally can't find any hope in this place indeed. So felt so disappointed. One reason is becuz' this place actually one of the place I want to visit since young...I heard so much about how beautiful and awesome it is....That's my 1st disappointment. The 2nd one is that The Cambodians called this place The Hope of The Nation but I found none....!!!!! That's really sad....I feel so sad for the Cambodians that their eyes are blind. My prayer as i walk in Angkor is that the lord will open their eyes to see the one true hope that is in Christ alone....Amen!

November 02, 2004

home sickkk...

You will never imagine how bad home sick can be until you get to experience for yourself...I really agree with that right now :(

When I was in Thailand....everything is the same....the house that I walk in and out everyday...The people that you see them around all the, friends, neighbor, colleagues, etc....the restaurant that I always go there and eat exctly the same dish everytime. The Mother language that I always speak and everyone could understand....the cultures, the traditions that I'm so familiar with...sometime until feeling bored...but now all this feeling totally opposite...

I have been living in a foreign land for almost 2 years....totally change my perspective of home...What is Home really means?? It's totally make me home sick. It's still true that no where else like home....The place that we find comfort...the place we find security...the place we have a sense of belonging... I totally felt so bad that when I was at home, why I never think this way... I'm so sorry my dear home....I totally miss you now....I know how precious you are to me...

In the same way..The Lord teach me something about our real home in Heaven....Can you imagine how much more precious it is to go back to our original home.....Where we find comfort, security and the sense of belonging together with our heavenly Father. It's really Cool!! I can't wait really to be with the Father in Heaven....Ya..I know the time will come....until our task here on Earth come to an end...Until everyone have heard about Christ. Oh Lord!! May Your Name be declare to the ends of the earth!..Amen!!

October 08, 2004

The Heavenly Man book by Brother Yun Posted by Hello

The Heavenly Man

The Heavenly Man....the book that all Christians MUST read!!!! It's really disturbing me so much as I read through the book. God totally challenge me through the radical obedience lifestyle of this Chinese believer by the name of Brother Yun. He's amazing! Most of his life spent in prison. Various prisons!! He went through different kind of treatments, persecutions, tortured....He indeed suffered so much for the name of the Lord. But he press on lift up Jesus name. He rather suffer the persecution than he will not able to safe more souls!! Indeed through the great time of persecuted Christian in China had awaken the spirit of God to bring forth the revival in China....Now more souls in China has been saved! More than that they spread up the name of the Lord through out the nation and beyond....Back to Jerusalem!!!! What disturbed me most as I read about his life is the way he submitted to jesus and how he hunger for the word of God...He can resize the entire bible probably....He fed himself with the living word everyday even in prison! I really wish to falling in love with the word like him. I long to experience God like he experienced. of course serving God is never easy.....Yun's life suffered so much for Jesus....I almost cry as I read about how he was tortured by the Chinese Authorities. My how blessed we are to live in the country that have freedom to declare the name of the Lord......we are to comfort until lose the sense of ergency... people need the Lord! I believe if we read this book, the Lord will convict in our heart to rise up and do what we suppose to do...Preach the Gospel to the losts! May the spirit of the Lord be with you all faithful servants ofour Lord Jesus!!!! Glory is your name!!! Thanks Bro.Yun for your testimony!!!!

September 01, 2004

1st anniversary!!

Hey today is actually my 1st year anniversary of serving full time with run fast...It just feel like yesterday. Well 1 year already...When I look back I indeed see that the hands of God always with me....His Faithfulness never fail. My God is good!! He so good to me!!!! I will Glorify Your Name!!!

August 30, 2004

Sit at the feet of Jesus daily... Posted by Hello

Sit at the feet of Jesus

Let's get back to a very basic foundation of Christian life. I believe as a christian...our desire is to draw closer to God and getting to know Him more. If possible we just want to be in His presence for all the days of our lives. But as we grow up, we have more responsibility as a christian...this word probably seem so familiar to all of us.. "BUSY" Ya...we all get into busyness of this world until we forget to stop everything and sit back at the feet of Jesus. It's really easy when we get into gear like racing car, we probably cannot stop easily... but what Jesus wants from us is just to be with Him...Every morning He waiting for us to spend a quality time together. He prepare some word of encouragement for us that can make us endure the day. Remember the story of Mary and Martha? Which one that Jesus said she has got the best thing? Mary chose to sit at the feet of Jesus and listen to what He gonna say....That's the best thing Jesus want from us. Lord today I want to come back to you....forgive me for what I have done wrong. So many times that I'm too busy with my works....and I forgot about you. Also so many times when I'm free, I just try to find some rubbish to fill the day..keep me busy with nonsense things. And again I forgot about you. thank you Lord for you forgiving me. I will choose the best thing like Mary chose. To sit at the feet of Jesus and hearing from you..what you're going to say to me today...I'm pretty excited now.

August 24, 2004

Zhong Gua....Ren

I just cam back from 2 weeks trip to China. Well..I have fun and really enjoy this trip. Though I'm quite tired with so many things but it's great to see the needs being met. Well...what struck me most in this trip must be the time that I spent with the orphan kids in LiJiang. They are so many of them. they are young, adorable and lovely. but one thing they are different from another kids is that...they have no whom love them...they have no one...I'm really felt sorry for their unfortunate. But it's great in the sense that they can be in this orphanage. The place that have someone who cares them and raise them up, sending to school, etc....Simply give them a new hope. When I visit them this trip, though I only can communicate to them with my broken Chinese and body language, but they totally embrace me! These kids are long for someone who will love and care them. And so many of this kind of orphan out there not only in China...what we gonna do with it? Our Father loves them...they are His children. They are your brothers and sisters. What we gonna do with it?

.....I will never forget those faces that I met in the orphanage....

August 06, 2004


this morning I woke up very early to just go out with my dear roommate. Guess what we do in the morning??? Play tennis!!! WoW.....nuts!!!!right? Ya...but it's really great thin i never do here before since i came to Singapore. I once loved tennis....even til now I still love tennis. It's something that come into my life when i was abt 11 years old. So when this morning I went to play, it's really recall the memory when i play tennis seriously as a junior tennis player @ under 12 level.... My best honor in my tennis career (haha) was runner-up of new face junior player under 12 yrs old of Northern region of Thailand. isn't that awesome?? Ya it is...its was one of my good old day that I still remember it. At that time Jimmy Corner was my favourite player. My dad graciously support me to learn tennis and bought a racket. (very expensive at that time for 11 yrs old boy) My coach whom he was an ex-Thailand national representative, he trained me, sent me for competitions. I have no idea whether my future will become pro player or not..?? but ya finally u all know I couldn't make it...U ask me why? I dun know really...I was quit when I enter Sec. busy at school, get caught with new challege Basketball. (I played until become a school representative too) I love sports!!!...I play basketball for school team since sec. school until i moved to another vocational school, i still play for new school...the turning point is here..when I converted....I was a captain of the school team....I suppose to made a decision whether I will continue to play for school or quit becuz' no time to practice..I have to go church!!! I need more time serving in church...also it's last year of my school. I have to think ahead where am i heading neXt?? So it's really hard to laid down everything and say "I'm quit" all my teammate asked "Are u crazy??Why u quit?" Only answer came out from my mouth..."God told me to quit" They all laughed at me.....I really meant that...God told me not to play for school anymore....he has a better things lies ahead for me...I made that decision......I learned to obey God since that....til I obey in what He tell me to do....I never ALL...So this morning it's just a time that i can flash back to my good old days....and say that "God! all past years that has been through, i have seen U directed my path indeed....Your plan is always the best for me.....Thank You Lord!"

"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD , "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Then you will call upon me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you. You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart." -Jeremiah 29:11-13 NIV

My God given IBM Thinkpad R51 Posted by Hello

August 05, 2004

Rain Down on Me!!

Blessing of the Lord sometimes so funny....or may be should call it exciting Ya...that's the right word. I am suppose to leave for China in few days.....and I need some money to top up my budget for the trip....As myself and others pray.....God release the money...The overflowing of God's blessing.....of course blessed to bless! The funny thing is....God always make me excited when I'm waiting for Him to save me in each time that I really need Him. being a full timer rely on God's provisions daily doesn't easy. But one thing I know....I'm still survive! til this day....That's must be a miracle! This is how He being Jehovah-Jireh, God is the provider. He really is...mannn... if i'm about to tell u abt my story after story how God provide for me. It's going to be 3 days 3 nights never finish yet...I tell you. So what is my point?? ok! The conclusion is this...that as we trust in the Lord, He will rain down the drop of blessing upon you! (like heavy rain) Now in Singapore raining is very usual thing hopefully one day when u walk in the rain (esp..heavy rain and can't find shelter) you will remember God's blessings on me are just like rain. PlanetShakers Band sing "Rain down on me Rain down on Me....." I Amen for that!! how about u..??

August 04, 2004

Dead o/r Alive

Recently I just recieved very very bad news about one of my friend. He just passed away. I have no idea how all this thing happen. He's a very great guy. Though our freindship is really short time but it's something more than just a time frame that we spent together that bonded us. He's Indian national. First time I met him, he was an ex-drug addict, hopeless soul who try to find the Father's first love. Somehow he came over to Singapore to do DTS again and it happened to be in the school that I'm staffing. Through period of 5 months...isn't that long??? I saw God really do something new in his life. until the graduation day i just realize.....he's totally different from the first moment I picked him up @ the airport. His face is so bright shining with the Father's glory. He look so great and richly in physical, emotional and spiritual. Since I sent him off back to his home....I only heard from him once that he enjoy his new life back home and going for full time ministry.....but somehow......things just change.... i have no word...when i recieved the news about his departure. no tears come out from my eyes...i don't know why? One thing i feel is that....somehow I will meet him again..That's hope I have for now. Sleep in peace bro...til we see each other once again....


It's my Life!!!!! Posted by Hello

hehehe...I just try to post some photo on my blog...!! and it's work!! cool!!!!

July 31, 2004

There is another day...

24 hours a day...for somebody it seem like so short....dont have enough time to sleep, to work, to eat, to watch TV....etc..... whatever....that kind is people which their lives are fill with so many items in their time schedule. well for the other side...24 hours a day might be so long long day. I guess some of you might happen to watch this American TV series called "24" it's really showed me how much things can really happen in a day. hahaha so cool.. many reason for this group of people. Some might so lazy don't know what to do in a day. That's why they feel like the day is so long. Somebody might say it so long becuz' I waiting for someone to come back! that's ong for sure....the moment of waiting and long for someone or something... :( well.....all of this thought can come through our mind anytime.....but one true fact that never change is one day still got 24 hours. How we gonna spend it....up 2 U! Time run fast actually see...end of the month again....Let's spend your time fruitfully so that u will never look back and regret...why I never do this..why I never do that...but if u did a mistake today....ya it's too late to correct it...but there is another day that u can live on.....make tomorrow be a better day. Don't give up as long as your breath still not run dry... ;)

July 17, 2004


tODAY...i went to attend one of my friend's wedding.. It's actually quite weird...that this month itself I had 2 weddings to attend. Luv is in the air hahaha....When is my turn?? Still no answer for that...oh no no no.that's not the point. My point is this...every timewhen I attending the wedding ceremony (So far they are all Christian wedding) I can see how God brought 2 different person come to the point of unite 2 become 1. It's such amazing, isn't it? Indeed God is so cool!! Well...I'm glad for my friend that he really blessed by good and passionate wife. Bless ya brother...!!! :) It's reminding me that as we walking in the Lord. Serving Him and walk this journey with Him..sometimes it's gonna be tough, diffcult, etc... but He Himself will be with us...for SURE! And even more than that He will bring someone come along side and walk together with us...It's might be friends, family or even wife/husband!! Well it's really show me that indeed God make marriage to be triangular relationship. God is in between man and woman. I luv the wedding ring That my friend actually designed it himself.It's triangular shape. That's represent himself, his wife and God. They will never seperate from each other...Amen!!! I couldn't wait for my turn honestly... Hhhhhh... :(

July 16, 2004

Yo...Welcome to it's My Life....!!!

Well....Finally I have to write down some of my thought somewhere in cyber space....if not I can't contain God's blessing in my life.....We are blessed to bless, isn't it? Well here it is....It's My Life!! Hopefully that whatever I posted here will encourage all of you guys to walk faithfully in the Lord and be radical for Him..!!!! Alrite.. :p enjoy reading and let's make your own story ok??