June 29, 2006

Wht's this....

Wht's this....
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I was thinking....if this thing was actually cute or scary hehe......

June 27, 2006

Last night in BSB

Yo....I'm in Pizza Hut of BSB, Brunei now....just hang out with all my new Bruneian friends.... It has been a great time for me here. so Thx Papa God... Really looking forward to go back to S'pore tmr though.. =( but anyway my memory here won't be lost. Definitely, I would
love to come back here once again, if the Lord will.

Bless you guys YDMers...You are OOOsome!!!!!!

June 15, 2006

Life after Go Fest

Though Go Fest Asia conference has passed but yet it just a new beginning of Asia to enter into this journey with the Lord to see Her people come and worship the Lord most high. It was awesome experience for all of us especially the organizing team. It just so awesome to working with a group of international team whom we weren't really know each other much but only one thing we have in common is to serve the Lord and the people of Asia and that's what motivate us and unite us together as a team. Even til today many lives have been impacted by the move of God throughout this conference and many teams still out there in different countries of Asia basically just to be the hands and feet of Christ to the Asians.

From the bottom of my heart, I would like to give thanks for those who have served together with us in any way for Go Fest, who prayed for us and who support us in whatever ways you could. THANK YOU! The Lord surely will bless you as you walk in humbly obedient with Jesus.

For me personally, it's just a beginning of the new chapter. The amazing story of what God is going to do in Asia through Singapore and beyond. I'm praying about what God is leading me to right now as a next step to equipping myself for my journey ahead. If you happen to read this, do pray for me as well.

I knew I have been so busy until don't really have time to write an update, may be I should do blogging update instead......Keep reading on..... Oh...by the way, I'll hit the road again to Brunei from 21st-28th June. So remember me in your prayer as well. I'm quite excited to go there really...

Your Brother Tee

June 05, 2006

The Time Has Come....

Finally..The Time Has Come!! Go Fest Asia 2006....

I hope to have time to keep posting some photos or short video clip to share with you what's going on during conference.... So watch out!!! in this space during this week....

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