March 21, 2013

It starts with the "WHY" question

This is something for all of us to think about. I really benefit a lot from this talk. (As always for TED talk). Many of us are so focusing on the "what" question but the very thing that people are attracted to is not necessary what we do but why we do it?

The dream, the vision, the purpose and the motivation of why we do what we do is real contagious. Have we ever pause from our busy schedule and think really about why we do what we do? This talk got me thinking (again) about why I do what I do. (I'm a missionary with Youth With A Mission on a no-salary basis for the last 10 years).

My answer? Well, I believe that the fullness of life God has for me is beyond just having a job and a security in a comfort zone or to play it safe. It would be very self-centered, selfish and dead boring life! Rather, I believe God has called me to the life of totally surrendered to Him, depending on Him and live to love and serve others. You see, my life is not my own anymore when I met Christ at the age of 17. My life is His. So it's up to Him how He wants to use me, spend me for His glory, His Kingdom. That's been spell out in the last 10 years of my life serving with Youth With A Mission.

When I look back now I realized that I wouldn't be doing all these if I was still hold on to my life, my security, my self-centeredness. I wouldn't be traveling to 26 countries in 10 years, serving,ministering and be a blessings to people from various cultures,languages,skin colors and beliefs.

I'm blown away by God just to look back and think about it.

This is why I do what I do. Because I love God, I want to follow Him.

To love God and love His people the way He loves.

Why are you doing what you are doing today, my friend?...........

March 20, 2013

Looking for YWAM teaching resources?

Since I've moved to the United States. I've been heavily involved in developing the online store for Crown Ministries International. ( Crown Min. is a ministry of YWAM here in Colorado Springs which operate out of our Y360's office. We produce and distribute YWAM foundational teaching resources both in DVD as well as audio CD. Some of the series even come with workbook for classroom or small group discussion. I think this is great resources for YWAM schools. So do check the online store out. We ship worldwide.

Here's a short promo that me and my production team produced. Enjoy!

Crown Ministries promo video from Y360 on Vimeo.