May 28, 2007

back for a purpose....

Finally back to Singapore. Immediately I went straight to catch the show "Amazing Grace" I have been waited for so long with great hope that it would premiere here in Singapore. Thanks to Lido, hee.....anyway, it's a motion picture based on the true story of William Wilberforce, the man whom God used to transforms nation. Stop the slave trade and set the captives free. As I watch the show, I see just one ordinary man who love an extraordinary God, he sees what God sees, the value of a person that God has created all of us as equal, neither slave nor master. As a politician, he speaks of his slave-free campaign throughout his life as a politician and make the world a better place. It's amazing grace truly, "I was blind but now I see" Powerful story....greatly impacted my life.

Well.....back to Singapore. By the grace of God, I finally got my visa. after long await. God is truly sovereign. He is always on time. So great is His faithfulness. After I came back from Bali, I know for sure that something will never be the same in my life, my ministry. So I'm really excited of what will come up next....Do pray for me as the Lord leads you.

His purpose is always reaching out to the lost.

May 21, 2007


If you know me well, you will know that cook. I only know how to eat.....
But the last 6 weeks has transformed my life I supposed....Here is the moment you don't want to miss....Cuz' I'm cooking!!! seriously....the best part, it is edible =p

May 19, 2007

Interesting morning by the beach....

Yesterday morning @ Jimbaran Beach was exciting. About 9.30am, unexpected high wave hit the coastline of Java and Bali island. Yeah....including us!!! It was so high until all the fishermen in the fishing village have to evacuate! We went down to help and next think I know.....I was totally wet and full of sand.... We were wondering if there is any earthquake that cause such Tsunami. was just unusual strong wind that blow up across the Indian ocean passed few days. So we just have to stand by and watch out for the next few days....until the tide level go back to the normal level. Do pray for us as our base is just right next to the beach after the fishing village. So if the tide go up a bit more, it will surely pass through the village to us!! =)

May 09, 2007

Safe Air for sale

Last night I went to supermarket in Bali....and I came across a very interesting product on sale....check it out.....

Can you guess? what it actually selling here??

Tada......the answer is.......

In Bahasa Indonesian, Air (pronounced Ai-Rue with a strong emphasize on R) means Water!!!!
So it's water branded "SAFE"

little laugh for today....

May 07, 2007

on the crossroad again...

3 weeks in LTS passed...So many funny feeling going on... I felt the sense of transition coming to visit me once again. I have no idea if I gonna go back to S'pore. I really don't know. God has challenged me in different issue of my life. I'm convinced in some sense that my security must be in Him. All I need to do is just simply obey what He says....even though it may seem no logic or even make sense at all.....his way is higher than mine. So...I shall choose His way.

Pray for me..... =)