October 27, 2010

I know it's a long time since last post.

I have been taking time off from blogging I supposed haha. (Good excuse) but nonetheless, it does not mean I have stop thinking. My brain is still pretty much functioning real well....(perhaps too good sometimes) but yeah...I have been in and out between Singapore and Thailand past few months. It's kinda weird...having to switch between speak English and Thai month to month. Preparing for our up-coming wedding in March. That's a big one. oh by the way, if I have yet mentioned about our wedding blog. It's teeandjoy.wordpress.com Go check it out. We just had a wonderful and fun time of pre-wedding shoot.

Continue to pray for us. It has not been easy. (well no one promised it will be anyway) but by the strength of His joy and the prayer of the righteous, indeed...it has been real help in times of need for us. So thanks.

I'm in Chiang Mai until Loy Kratong. (Lantern Festival) Anybody wanna catch up, do drop me a line!! You probably would find me easily on Twitter or Facebook =)

Btw...anybody going down to help with the flood in Central Thailand? I'm interested to go and help. If there is some group I could attached to. Let me know!