December 31, 2005

good bye 2005...say hello to 2006...

Yeah finally 2005 come to it's end.....well....I actually quite excited for the year 2006 though....going to be more busy @ work and see more of God's hands moving among us...I really expecting more of His grace and His presence to be with me. How about you? What's your expectation for year 2006....for me...I want to know God more...deeper and deeper in love with Him. I really want to...

So may you all have a blessed new year.....2006 the year of Go Fest Asia!!!

Happy New Year!!
Brother Tee... :p

December 26, 2005

Finally home after Christmas....!

Yo.....Merry Christmas ya all....yeah i know i know :P today is already 26th but anyway...everyday is Christmas rite?? Finally got home this morning after a week and a half in Bangkok going around to perform with my church team in church and shopping centre in Rangsit area for Christmas. It was great....most probably this trip was a very challenged one to do such thing like acting and speaking in public....and to the fellow Thai...God indeed given me a breakthrough in ministry here in Thailand and it was a very good start....Praise God!

I wanna talk about my home....It was really hard for me....since my house got take over by this new 4 legs and black in colour creature call "Dog!" family new dog...His name is "Nil" means "Black" (as he is black) about 5-6 months old half Golden Retriever and German Shepherd (end up become Black Retriever haha :P) very naughty and I really hate him at the 1st day.....he kept me busy with his jumping and attacking me until my clothes totally in dirt....(since today was raining) Heiz.....stress... I normally love dog....but this dude is real thread to me...I need to win him and make him calm down (under my feet) well that what I'm going to do for this new yr then haha.... (don't take me too serious since I quite gone mad..) Here's his pix!

okie....Officially say "Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!"

"Christmas without Christ means nothing!"

December 15, 2005


Yeah...i know it has been very longgggg time ago since last post. Very sorry for my faithful readers. Anyway, I have been collecting so many experience working in Cambodia for the last 6 weeks. It's awesome! So many reflection that God showed me throughout this trip.

I'll try to post some pictures up here...but now I want to share with you about Cambodia. Esp. for those of you who wanted to visit this land and even be a long-termer here.

Cambodia....the war-torn nation, since the communist revolution during the 70's, went under invasion from Thailand, France, Vietnam and in some sense U.S. This country has been trying to seek for the true hope which will come and restore their kingdom back to the glorious days of Angkor (12th Century). In 1973-75 according to the book "Living Field, Killing Field" by Don Cormack He witnessed the great revival among the christian churches...but right after that 1975 as the world knows as the year of Khmer Rouge "reign of terror" led by Pol Pot. "Brother Number One" It most probably the lowest point of Cambodian history that they killing their own people in the name of revolution. Millions of people were hard laboured and tortured...some are died of mulnutrition and most are murdered. Saved by the Vietnamese Liberation Soldiers in 1979 Cambodia coming back under the communist government throughout the 80's with the great persecution among the churches which survived Khmer Rouge. Only til 1993 that Democracy has been established and 1st election occurred. Then the freedom of religion were presented and that's the beginning of new era of sowing seeds and discipling the young believers to become mature Christian who would take up a new challenge of discipling the future generation of Cambodia.

I was told that more than 50% of Cambodia populations are below 25 year old. Which means Young people and little children are very key and hope of this nation. Lots of Christian NGOs had went into the country to do a great job over there...the Cambodian church are growing....but they do need more people who would go in to discipling them with the solid foundation of God's words. The needs for children and youth ministries, Primary health care, Community Development are just great!!! Don't wait anymore...come and bless the Khmers (Cambodians).

I definitely going back to Cambodia again next year if it's the Lord's will.

October 31, 2005

Time fly....people fly too!

yeah....I actually at the airport now...abt to leave for Cambodia for an outreach....then i kinda realize..oops!!! I gonna be away for 6 weeks...i better update my blog before i here u go....the post before boarding the jet plane haha!!!

It has been terribly busy month for you could see from my blog entry.....(got no time to blog :P) yep..time do fly as well as people too....haha....i actually got quite exciting story to almost take my life away though but thx God I'm still alive!!!

Last Thursday....i was hit by a taxi...ya...rainy day....late night....typical situation of most car accident :P I crossed the road and happen to meet up with a reckless taxi driver which had no mercy to stop for the people to cross the he did hit me right away....

Thx God even though, it quite a hard hit...but somehow God really protect me...I roll-over to the front console of the car then landed down on the road. But no serious injury at all....God is my protector, my shelter and my stronghold indeed!!

Well, I'm doing well worry friends...I still can blog haha....

Have pray for me though...I'll be in Cambodia for 6 weeks..I'll try to drop by an iCafe to blog abt the trip though so keep in touch!!!


October 12, 2005


GOAL! is one of the inspiring movie I ever first I went to watch just because it's about Football. But when i really watch it...the whole story is so rich of great moral that I could learn from...I will share soem thoughts abt this show with you :)

1. Always believe in what you can do....not what you cannot do. Santiago Munez, the young Mexican who grew up in LA, he's very talented player...but under the way of thinking of his dad, whom do not believe he can make it as a professional player in UK. At the end....he took a risk of flying from LA to Newcastle to be on trial with the Toons. As he took that step of the end, he did a very good job in the club as a professional footballer in EPL.

2. The ball can travel faster than you!...that's pretty interesting, when Newcastle manager teach Munez a great lessoon of not being one man show on the pitch...but learn to play as a team....passing ball. Teamwork is very important in all kind of sports..and also our lives....we can't live alone! we have to learn to be a good team player.

3. Never give up! If you dream big....also need to pursue it hard. Of course, there will be obstacles....but what matter is how you are enduring and overcoming it.

4. The most difficult thing in our lives is to start doing something we totally unknown! It took quite some times for Munez to make up his mind to chase his dream in UK. But finally, he did step out and things just happen!!

5. The heart that long to please the Father... Munez's dad appeared to be against his idea of being a professional footballer. But one day, he did watch the game that his son play for the Newcastle in EPL. He's so proud of his son. When Munez dad passaway, Munez know later on that his dad was watching the game he played...he is so glad that his dad seen him play in EPL. I'm sure there is nothing would please his heart at that moment of knowing and feel acceptance by his dad, though his dad may passaway...but he know that his dad is watching him running on the pitch and score some goal cool!

Just like a christian, we need to know who we really are and pursue the goal that God the Father has already given to won't be easy...but endure! catching the dream....and pleasing the Father! Never give up...!!! :)

What's your GOAL!

October 01, 2005

He knows My name

I just happen to help my friend find out wht's the meaning of her Chinese name...So I think I should keep mine also....I tended to forget all the time...this is my name....the name that God gave me through my dad....long time's very interesting to se what it mean become so real in my the name it read "Fang Cheng Fa"

September 23, 2005

Quote of the day :)

"Dance like no one is watching. Sing like no one is listening. Love like you've never been hurt and live like it's heaven on Earth." - Mark Twain

September 20, 2005

Be the "Moon"

Be the reflecting the glory of the Son (Sun).
I heard this quote from some of the preacher...and I found it so rich in the truth...
God indeed created everthing for a purpose, He use the moon to portray what Christian should look like...

As a christian, we got no light in ourselves. But We know the source of light...and our role is to reflecting the light that original from the source which is the Sun...(Jesus) so that we could shine forth for Him in this world.....Aren't that cool??

So...people of the MOON! to reflecting the Glory of the Son. :) Amen..

August 24, 2005

The lost art of Sabbath

When God created all the wonderful and marvelous creation in the universe inculding us, He did it for 6 days and on the seventh day...He took rest. If you think carefully, As human as us...try to work so hard, busy and busy and busy...many people busy at work until forget the art of resting anymore.. We try to over do more than God in the sense...Hmmm..Are u try to beat God by working more than Him? well...all those fellow busy people (like myself) listen to this....Don't get into the trap of busy-ness but rather find peace in the art of sabbath (rest). I say this to myself as well... I have been very busy working 7 days a week (sounds crazy right?) but yeah it is...5 days in the office, weekend in really tough to really have time to rest and spend with the Lord by just spend time alone to be with Him like I once have before. I need to really remind myself that I'm not God. I can't do this...I need to gain a strength and wisdom from God to do all this things. I try to set aside some times in each day to be alone with God. That's how I take rest in the midst of all busy-ness. Well...when i talking about seventh day, for me it's not necessary means Sunday. Well I mean a portion of time that you set it aside to rest from work and stuff to be at the feet of Jesus and have fellowship with Him.

Jesus Himself told the disciple the key of being fruitful in the ministry in John 15. "Abide in me....and you will bear much fruit.....apart from me, you can do nothing..." Rather saying "Go and work hard, so that your fruit will bear more" he said "Abide in me!" Just spend time with me, be with me...and you will bear fruit that last....Jesus Himself is the one who make the fruit mutiply...not our own effort. We must understand this principle and live it out....

Don't lose the art of Sabbath...Abide in the Lord... Don't be B.U.S.Y (Be Under Satan's Yoke)

August 15, 2005

Quote of the day :)

"If you ever get a second chance, in life for something, go all the way" - Lance Armstrong (7 years consecutive Tour De France Champion)

August 12, 2005

The baby porcupine..

hehe...I just never seen this little porcupine cute!!! :)

How great is our God??

I have been listening, singing, playing and pondering over the song by Chris Tomlin called "How Great Is Our God" It's really amazing song, cuz' it's very simple song...just a few chords, few paragraphs of lyrics and keep repeating again and again..."How Great is our God" but when I really listen to it and sing it, It speak so much of the Truth of How great God really stir my thought of who God is and what it mean by He is a great and almighty God. I love to travel (a lot!!!) especially hiking to the mountain is one of my favourite outdoor thinggy. Whenever I climbed up to the top of the mountain, I always overwhelmed by the great and majestic scenery of the land and the beautiful sky surrounded the mountain. It's so awesome! I wonder whoever created all this thing (absolutely God did) He must be such a great and powerful creator who did all this. When I watch those Discovery Channel or National Geographic talks about animals plants or even the galaxy....It always blow my mind away. Wow!!! Who made all this must be crazy...What kind of knowledge and wisdom He has to think of such thing...Hmm....It must be God!! (well, I didn't mean God is crazy alright, don't get me wrong :P) so it's so great to really meditate on the greatness of God. It really help me when I worship Him. What a great and wonderful God that I! How about you? have u ever experience this great God for yourself yet? I invite you to come and know this great friend of mine...His name is Jesus :)

August 06, 2005

Quote of the day :)

"Worship changes the worshiper into the image of the One worshiped." - Richard Foster

Quote of the day :)

"It is in the process of being worshipped that God communicates His presence to men." - C.S. Lewis

Head to Christ

Recently I came across another news...Good news!! about a guitarist of the well known metal band "Korn" Brian "Head" Welch had left the band and pursuing Jesus Christ! cool... Well here is his new website that just launch not so long ago...

This is the power of Christ....the power that changes life. Hallelujah!

July 30, 2005

Life is not fair!

Sometimes i realize, i have said such word so many times....And yeah it is really true that life is not fair at all. I'm sure most of you would agree with that....and here are the questions...where is God in such an unfair circumstances that happen in people's lives?? Is God unfair?? So many question about God suddenly pop up. Even myself did questioning God as well. Currently I went through a lot of difficult situation that I couldn't understand why it happen to me?..Also people around me have such an experience as well. Disappointment with God...I'm sure many of you do identify with that.

Back to the question Is God unfair??? Hmm...I guess as I read the Bible throughout, one of His character that show throughout the entire Bible is that God is Just...He will bring justice to the world that's for sure. but when we talk about the fairness of God...I would say we couldn't really understand everything about God...what He think in such circumstances...He do allow something happen for His own reason which human brain could not retain that kind of understanding. Let's look at Job's life in the OT. He's obviously no idea why all this trials occured to him and his household...Did he do something wrong in God's eyes? Absolutely not..God has purpose for that....and if really study the book of will realize that the whole focus of the book is not about What's wrong with Job at all, but it's about the battle between God and Satan in the spiritual realm....Job just happen to be the subject of this battle...

God allow suffering for His reason...I certainly not know what is that reason but one thing I know for sure is that He meant it for good (Gen.50:20) we can trust Him...That's what I'm very sure about.

When I consider Jesus' life. I saw the greatest unfair event ever...that the son of God whom done no wrong have to recieve the punishment of our sins at the cross. The Christ Himself know what it mean that life is not fair...

Next time when we feel that life is so unfair...always look up to the cross of Jesus Christ. It will help us to remember the promises of God and His love that He understand what we went through and He will bring it back for good...

The great book on this topic that I would love to recommend : Disappointment With God by my favorite author Philip Yancey.

July 22, 2005

Quote of the day :)

"Without somehow destroying me in the process, how could God reveal himself in a way that would leave no room for doubt? If there were no room for doubt, there would be no room for me." - Frederick Buechner

My Blog appeared on!!

I don't know how....but some how my blog happen to be on the front page of the Podcasting directory by Adam Curry founder of Podcasting.... :)

July 21, 2005

iPod Flea???

Hehe....another wacky idea of the smallest MP3 player...ever....iPod Flea....check the video clip out ...really cool....

Quicktime Clip

"Cry on my shoulder!" - God

Cry On My Shoulder-Overflow

You say you're falling apart // Reached the end of the line // Just looking for your place in an ordinary life // No one calls you friend // No one even knows your name // You just want to feel loved instead of all the pain You no longer have to say // No one's listening anyway Come here and cry on my shoulder // I'll hold you 'til its over // I'll rescue you tonight // Let my arms be your shelter // Your hiding place forever // I'll love you more than life You're wearing a frown // Giving up on hope // My heart is reaching out more than you will ever know // Is your burden too much // Is it more than you can bear // I'll help carry the load if you're willing to share You have had some hard times // Had thorns placed in your side // I know about what you've been going through // Tears of pain are falling down // It hurts so bad you're crying out // Your problems won't last forever // Let me put you back together

Quote of the day :)

"As worship begins in holy expectancy, it ends in holy obedience." - Richard Foster

July 20, 2005

The future in His hand

Have you ever felt like this...You heard about your childhood friends about what they are doing right now...Some of your friend might doing great in business, become a successful businessman/woman. Some might just got bankrupted. Some might just happily married and at the same time some might just broke up from their relationship or even divorced from marriage..Hmm.....I think about it and felt quite be honest.

Why is it so scary?? Becuz' when you think about this people...then the question come back to you right in your face..."How about you?" Yeah, so what about me? You mean what am i doing right now? Is is successful? Is that what you mean? Hmm....well let me answer you from own point of view..

Since I know the Lord. and ever since I serve Him in Full-time ministry. I already gave up my life to Him. My future is in His hand. It may sound silly for those of you who have yet to know My Lord...but I tell you, my Lord is Trustworthy. He's absolutely know what's best for me. Yeah...many times people asking me, what am I doing now? I hardly explain to them right away and then they got it.. They have no idea what I am doing? You mean you become a christian monk?? you cannnot get marry do you? yeah...all this misunderstanding of being a missionary...suddenly just flooded me...

Yeah of course the answer to those critics is NO!!! My God is good..Yeah I'm a missionary doing God's work to sharing the Gospel to the people whom considered lost in His sight. Saving people's souls and bring them up to the better life in Christ alone...what's wrong with that? Yeah I can get marry for sure...(where in the Bible say I can't??) Yeah I may not have salary to secure each month. But I have my God who promised me to provide all my needs for the rest of my life...What else I could have ask for more? I guess this is the most privilege CAREER ever....Serving an Almighty GOD.. Be an eye-witness of lives changed... cool.. Yeah that's my poing of view...i hope u understand me more...

I know I couldn't go back to take care of my home business (Goldsmith)'s too boring for me. I heard recently from my sister about one of my good childhood friend...He will done with Master degree from oversea and come home soon...and u know what?? His dad already planned new Gold Shop for him!! (Wow...Master Degree ya...what a waste...) Yeah...I can't stand that kind of situation really....I'm too dare to take up an excitement...something more adventurous...and I know my God has plenty for me! Yeah He is...Praise God.!!

Yep...I do my best for today...and My God will do the rest for tomorrow..Do u want this God to be yours??? Come and know my God...He's a great and loving God which you can't find from anywhere else... :)

"But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you."
Matthew 6:33 (NKJV)

July 18, 2005

3108...Does it look like "Blog"??

Yeah....that's what the bloggers all over the world has put together in an agreement...31st August will be set as Blog Day... If you are a blogger...go and spread this germ around... :P

July 17, 2005

Quote of the day :)

"You can't blame the dark for being dark, you got to blame the light for not shining on the dark..."

Quote from the speech by Mike Foster, Co-founder of a ministry to reaching to the Porn industry.

I've got the whole world in my hand!!

Google did it again!!! (They really gonna be the king of search engines haha!!)

Now you can have the whole world in your hand....Right on your desktop with Google Earth! New web-based software that enable you to visit any part of the world without paying any money..(not count an internet cost hehe:)) well go and check it out for's cool...I luv it!! :)

July 16, 2005

Original Character

Have you ever watch the Japanese manga called "Dragonball Z"?? It was very popular when I was young..Yeah...this guy is one of the character in the comic....Now I know where it modeled after hehe :) Look exactly the same isn't it? :P

July 14, 2005

The Room

I have come across the cool dude by the name of Josh Harris. He's an author of many famous books on dating and relationships topic. A great guy...I currently reading his book...Such a great revelation from the Lord. So as I browse his website to find out more about his that i come across this article that he wrote and someone put it into video clip.. highly recommended to watch this's awesome...u could see how much God loves you... "The Room" by Josh Harris! read an original article click here

Have you ever seen this?? Mammatus Cloud

Posted by Picasa

This photo has taken by Jorn Olsen from Nebraska...check out more photos in his website :

When i see this think my God is very creative....such a cute shape of the cloud...I never seen this cool... :)

Quote of the day :)

"Only he who believes is obedient; only he who is obedient believes." - Dietrich Bonhoeffer

July 08, 2005

July 06, 2005

Thai Christian Internet Conference 2005

Yes....just a quick you could notice...I went away to bangkok for last 2 weeks...and yeah..never update my Blog...(what a shame) never mind...have lots of good thing to share...well...It's amazing how we organized the 1st ever Internet Evangelism conference in Thailand...provided by WiFi access during was a great time sharing our heart together....different people from different part of the world really come together...To check out the photos and what's going on during conference, you can check it out at live feed at Thaichristian Forum right here : Conference Forum

June 23, 2005

My Theological Worldview

I just try out this quiz...and very interesting that my Theological Worldview is more into Wesleyan / Methodist hehe...It got nothing to do with I attending Methodist church currently at all funny :)

You scored as Evangelical Holiness/Wesleyan. You are an evangelical in the Wesleyan tradition. You believe that God's grace enables you to choose to believe in him, even though you yourself are totally depraved. The gift of the Holy Spirit gives you assurance of your salvation, and he also enables you to live the life of obedience to which God has called us. You are influenced heavly by John Wesley and the Methodists.

Evangelical Holiness/Wesleyan


Neo orthodox


Reformed Evangelical








Roman Catholic


Classical Liberal


Modern Liberal


What's your theological worldview?
created with

June 22, 2005

2 inches photo :P

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Some Thai joke for laugh :p

"I don't understand why I apply for a job anywhere but no one accepted me. They told me to send in 2 inches photo so I did exactly, why I still got no job ha?"

ps. inch in Thai is "new'" which literally mean "finger" :)

June 19, 2005

Batman Begins

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If you ask me which one is my favorite hero I would have said Batman! may surprise of the answer but yeah....the dark crusader under tha bat costume hehe....He's my hero...!!!

Well, Batman Begins really portray the real Batman that was originate in the comic. I would say that this movie version of Batman is the best ever...(compare to those Batman movies in the past :p) And yeah....the moral of the story still great to learn..!

What makes batman different from other superheroes is quite obvious...Batman has no special extraordinary power!! All he has is the passion to fight against injustice! As you watch Batman Begins, you will know where Bruce Wayne came from....the idea of finding a mean to fight injustice and turn fear against evil. Then here he become Batman....the hero who fight against crimes and evil in Gotham city!

There is a strong emphasis on fear in this show...Bruce Wayne learned to overcome his fear and turn it to fight against evil. He actually learn how to manipulate fear and use it as weapon against those criminals. How cool..

Yeah...i hope u guys enjoy the show... :)

June 09, 2005

"I love you" says the Lord....

I never experience such a heart of the Father who long for His children to come back to His arms like this week before...

Since Monday til today, I was running a mission camp for Methodist churches in Singapore together with my YWAM team. God totally awesome in our camp that He showed up to this kids and speak to them so clearly... I come to realize that I don't really know how to handle the presence of God though... It's so heavy...His heart that cried out to His children..."Come back!" The Father said..."I love You!" He continue on...I don't know about the rest of the camp...but for myself, I never experience such a heart of the Father like My Heavenly Father...He loves this kids dearly.. Even some of them really run away and not try to pursuing God at all...but God Himself pursuing them instead....what a God we have here...such a loving God...

God's word for you tonight before I go to sleep...(so tired) God loves You no matter what you are...If you choose to run away from Him, He will chasing after you, He will find you...and show you how much He loves and cares for you...

I once run away from God for almost a year..but God caught me in His arms finally....I still remember when I heard the voice of God a very 1st time... "Welcome Home!"

If you want to experience the Father Heart of God check this out : The Father's Love Letter

May 29, 2005

Mr.Holland's Opus

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Some of you who know me well will know that I love movie. I'm a very Visual person, I learn best by seeing thing visually. Many times that I watch movie and then God speak to me. I don't know how many times that I cry when I felt God spoke to me about life purpose and the principle that He wants me to live on.... :P so I think it's good that I start to share some of the great show that I learn a lot out of it..

Mr.Holland's Opus is the latest show I got to watch' not familiar name isn't it? Cuz' it's old show...very old show....It was released about 1995-6 around that. I just get to watch it and deeply move with the life principle in it...Really well written... Praise God... It's the story of a musician who turn to be a school music teacher. He end up teaching in school for the 2nd half of his life. Without knowing until the end when he about to leave the school. He has composed the great and awesome opus ever in his life...that opus is the different life of the students that has touched by him. He put so much effort to pass it on the love for music and the great values of life to this students..It's really inspiring..

The best part of the show that I felt touched so much are three scenes.

1. When Mr.Holland encouraging the red hair girl to play Clarinet without looking at scores. That day He had unvealed the true ability in that girl. it's such a revelation to her that she can do it and you know what, later on that girl become a governor of the state. Wow...!!cool.!!

2. Mr.Holland got a son who was born "deaf" Can u imagine? how difficult it is for Mr.Holland to embrace this son who won't be able to hear his music and may not love music as he wants him to be...I love the part when he realise that though Cole is deaf but he doesn't stupid to know about music...He could enjoy music through the vibration and some alternative ways. So he conducting a performance for the deaf school. He also sing a song to his son...That scene move me.....This is the heart of God who love me no matter what I am...He will do everything to impress me and show how much He loves me.

3. The last scene of the show is the best, when all the alumni come secretly to held a farewell for Mr.Holland....and the red hair girl (that now become a governor) give a speech to affirm Mr.Holland that every single person in this hall are lives that were touched by him...they're his music...they're his master piece...I totally cry...I wish I hope if it happen to be would I response..?? My pray to God today is that, I want to live my life to touch lives. Either intentional or unintentional, I want to be the one who inspire, who bring a great impact into different lives. To challenge and help others to discover their life's purpose and journey with that at the end of the day....God will tell me that I am a good and faithful servant...Use me Lord.....I'm willing...

May 27, 2005

Quote of the day :)

"One man can change the world....more men can change even much more"....Tee Suwit L.

May 19, 2005

My brain test result

Brain Lateralization Test Results
Right Brain (52%) The right hemisphere is the visual, figurative, artistic, and intuitive side of the brain.
Left Brain (58%) The left hemisphere is the logical, articulate, assertive, and practical side of the brain
Are You Right or Left Brained?
personality tests by

May 17, 2005

Stand Up Speak Up!

Racism in Football still remain....I have no doubt about that...and I totally against it...What nonsense this people are thinking...??? Being a great football player is nothing to do with a skin's color...

I suppose Racism for today is not just for Black or White skin only...but even go deeper into your original race like Jew, Turk, etc....

I stay in Singapore, the city taht so proud of themselves as a MULTI-RACIAL CITY....cuz' their population is consist of 3 different races like Chinese, Malay and Indian. But you know what? Even that I still noticing a glimpse of Racism in town today... An old Chinese lady who clean up the bus seat before taking a seat which an indian man was sitting there...The Indian Singaporean Immigration officer who show partiality by better service to a Caucasians than an Indians sad....don't you realize, tough u are Singaporean but still your face look so Indian lor!... :P

That's not all of it...Yeah..Racism isn't just on the football pitch of Europe but it's all over the world...Even in USA still...My 1st visit to USA recently has opened up my eyes to see that, Racism still pretty much alive here...Even in Church! Either All black Church (Not the church of NZ All Blacks Rugby team alright!) or All White Church.

For myself....I thank God to be a Thai Chinese...neither black nor white haha...but most of all, God created us differently for such a purpose. I always believe that TRUE UNITY is in DIVERSITY. Where there is Diversity and still contain Unity....That's the real UNITY...How beaytiful it is to see people diferent races, different culture come before the Throne of God and worship Him in Spirit and in Truth.

Two years ago when I start joined YWAM in 2003. I was at the International YWAM Conference called "Synergy" that was held in Singapore. Can u imagine what I saw? I saw people from all over the world like 1200 people....The Americans, The Europeans, The Africans, The Nepalis of the rooftop of the world, The Mauris from Middle Earth NZ, The Greeks even the Jews...and of course different races from Asia!! We all come together to Praise Jesus and lift His name up high!!! Wow.....I tell you, that was what's going to happen when we go up to Heaven to be with Jesus...We will worship Him all day fact Forever with all this Fellow believers....You better practice to say Hi in different languages alright haha :)....

Let's pray without ceasing for an issue of Racism...that the world will have no room for Racism anymore. Cuz' we are one in Spirit, Amen.....

May 15, 2005

My thoughts on 1 John 2

1 John 2 (NKJV)


John’s purpose of writing to disciples is to keep them from sinning, but he is realistic enough that he writes an assurance to them that all their sins already cleansed. Even though they may fall into an act of sin once again, John tells them that Jesus is their advocate to plead for their case as well as being the propitiation for their sins. In fact, for the whole world!

Sometime we know in our heads that our sins already forgiven. But yet we still keep sinning, we need to look back to the cross. Realizing how much Jesus loves us that He gave His all for us. As the children of God, we need to walk in the light as well. (This whole theme runs across since chapter 1) But if we really fall into sin…there is no condemnation as you ask for God’s forgiveness. It has been forgiven because of Jesus.


Talks about “Knowing God” knowing includes following with obedience. If we say we know Him but yet not keep His command, we are a big time liar. The commandment John talks about is that Jesus given to His disciples, to love the Lord and to love your neighbor. So if there is hatred in us…we can’t say that we are in the light. When we love God, we will love our neighbor as God loves.

We need to live out what we believe. If we just say that we love God but not live out the life that loves God and following His word. We are just a liar.


John encourages the disciples in different stages of their faith. The little children (New believers), the young men (Young Christians) and the fathers (Mature Christians). God has given us everything that we need for our spiritual journey with Him. We need to take time to process and develop our relationship with God, so that we could grow spiritually as well as physically.


Do not love the things in the world. This is talking about
-The lust of the flesh
-The lust of the eyes
-The pride of life
These are things of the world that we need to avoid as a Christian. It will destroy our love relationship with God. We need to have an eternal perspective. Things of the world will passed away, but things of God will last forever.


Beware of those which not belong to us at the beginning. This is indeed the last hour, which those who believe in Jesus Christ will be put to test. Those who not really believe in Christ will be made manifest. Whoever denies that Jesus Christ is the son of God, he’s the antichrist.

We need to beware of those wolves in our midst. There is such people who come into church to try to cause disunity and even twisting, compromising the truth of the word of God. These are not belonging to us at the beginning. May the Lord have mercy on those people.


Abide in the truth of God. You have an anointing that given from God. Learn from the Holy Spirit. Abide in Him, so that no one can deceive you.

Love relationship with God is the key. As we abide in Him. He will show us what is not of Him. The church need to be discerns to what is not of God. So that the truth of God will truly transform our lives.

May 09, 2005

In His Arms of Love

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I would love to change the phrase from the bible sometime...instead of "All we like sheeps" to "All we like puppies" hehe :P May be my love for dog is too often that I compare myself as a doggy and God as my owner....

In the owner's eyes....their dog is always cute and lovely...the owner will always want to play with the dog and of course the dog do love to play with their owner too. :) That's a kind of relationship between a human and a dog...Dog characteristic is faithful to their owner....they love and be loyal to ther owner even til death. u know.. That's the kind of attitude I want to have towards God....I want to be a faithful bondeservant of God...who love Him as even til death I could give my life for him. But the truth is He actually gave his life for me no life it wasn't belongs to me at the beginning.

This picture really express lots of word...The little puppy rest in the arms of the owner. You see the small drop of tear run down from the puppy's eyes? I guess it has been a tough time for him. He might have lost his way home or becuz' he was naughty, so he run away from home. But now when he's back in the owner's arms....there is peace....and He totally feel

Arms Of Love
G D Em
I sing a simple song of love,
C Em D
To my Savior, to my Jesus.
G D Em
I'm grateful for the things You've done,
C Em D
My loving Savior, oh precious Jesus.

Am Em D G
My heart is glad that You've called my Your own.
Am Em D
And there's no place I'd rather be

G Bm7 C
Than in Your arms of love.
G Bm7 C
In Your arms of love,
Am Em Bm7 C
Holding me still, holding me near,
In Your arms of love.

Copyrights 1991, Mercy / Vineyard Publishing
Words and Music by Craig Musseau

May 07, 2005

Church is not a Club House!

This thing was burdened in my heart quite some times...It's quite iritating when I went to Church service, try to worship the Lord as usual, Listening to what the Lord is going to say through the preacher...but then...the noises of people surrounded me chit-chatting to one another like there was nobody stand up there at the pulpit. Some just sit down there and play with the games on cellphone. Umm.....Young people it usual??? The preacher is that boring?? I thought.. I have try to observed quite a while. Even different preachers coming in to speak...The same response still always there with certain group of people. Same old people who never try to imporve their behavior at all..sigh...Lord, how I gonna deal with this kind of undiscipline kids?? Church is not social gathering place alright? It's not a place for you to come for the sake of meeting friends, chitchat, have some snacks and go! ....If that what church meant for you...It make no different with Club House. People go to Club House, find drinks..find gals or guys to talk or meeting with friend...when they got drunk enough then go!....Is that how you treated the Church of Jesus Christ?? Heiz....Lord have mercy...

Church was meant to be a gathering of the body that come in unity to glorify God. To give and to recieve, To love and encourage, both physically/emotionally and spiritually. I believe when 2-3 gather in His name, the spirit of the Lord is with them. How dare you grief the Holy Spirit? We suppose to come to church with great expectation of what God is going to do in your life, as you come before Him at the Throne and lift His name on high together with fellow disciples.

Let me ask you breathens. Repent!!! I beg you to change your sick attitude and repent! Come back to God and say...Lord, I'm hungry...I want more of You. Speak to me, show me how real you are....ASK AND YOU SHALL RECIEVE!! You wanna reach the whole world? Start allow God to reached yourself 1st! Seriously...How can you make God known if you don't know God first??
May be you guys need to do DTS (sigh)

(I hope this is considered speaking Truth in Love)
AMEN...end of the sermon for today... :)

note: this church service doesn't refer to the church that I am attending regularly alone. It just my experience with different Youth Service that I went to. it just too much,can't contain it anymore. I have to burst it out somewhere....(poor blogger) So i throw it up here...

May 05, 2005

My thoughts on 1 John 1

1 John 1 (NKJV)

John describe whom Jesus is as human that the believers in the early church had experienced as well as the living word of God…the Word of life.Imagine if I happen to be one of the disciple that seen Jesus live among us and witness his power and the reality of whom Jesus is as a son of God, a Messiah who came and saved the world….of course….my joy will be totally full like what John said…But it’s a reminder that John wrote here. Which means that the disciples may have a tendency to forget what they were experience…so it’s apply to us…I don’t see Jesus in human…but by Faith I know him as a person. So there is a warning that we need to pressing on in love relationship with Jesus. If not, we may forget….

God is light…whoever live in Him will have to be a light as well…You can’t being a shadow in the light.. there is no darkness in the light…Good news (7) The blood of Jesus Christ has cleanses us from all sin.Back to the basic of our faith…we need to recognize how sinful we are in the past….If not, The redemption story means nothing…Fake? You are accusing God as a Big time liar?? So we must must understand this….and give thanks to God that He sent Jesus to died for our sin….V.9 says If we confess….he is Faithful and just to forgive our sins and cleanse us from ALL unrighteousness….what a good news….but it start when WE CONFESS Application for me should be living in the life that always remember the grace of God that he saved me from all unrighteousness of the world to be call a righteous one…the child of God…and really live the life that shine for him indeed….I suppose to be the light….so Shine on!!

May 04, 2005

Creative Commons

I think i should share my thoughts on this.....Copyright..

It has been long long time since big Giant like Microsofts take over the world by get hold of all Computer OS market share. Even today they have more competitive like those openSources, Mac, etc....I stil got a big question mark in my face....How it's gonna go next? I do respect Copyright...let me make it clear on's your idea, your invention...I totally impress and honor you. But if the purpose of invent all these are meant for people to use..Why not make it cheaper? So more people could effort it. This truth apply to all sought of media today..Computer OS and software license are really expensive...Download MP3 still not too bad..Heiz...I hope you guys not just think of earning money as much as you can ya? i hope... If you would be more kind....I'm really sure that piracy issue will no longer exist.

I totally love the idea of Creative Commons License
I believe this is what it meant to be at the beginning...especially most of the artists out there who produce some good stuffs...they all want to publish it to let the world know that this is my artpiece...I'm good...and Internet is the best medium for them to carry their work out there to the consumers. So i totally love the CC concept...If you have no idea wht it's all chk the URL up there... you'll love it... :)

Let's talks about Christian circle...Let me share this with you.

I'm working on VDO project right now, so i plan to find some good and inspired song to put together in my visual. So I chose "Send my healing to the Nations" by Bob Fitts ..I wrote an email to him asking whether do i need to have any specific guidance of how to use it under copyrights law. He immediately wrote back to me..very impressed :)

Dear Brother,

God's blessings on you and your efforts to honor Jesus around the world. I am grateful that you want to use the song......go for it! No need for permission unless you are using it for personal financial gain. May God's favor be on you and your ministry.

In His Mercy,

Bob Fitts

How nice?? This is what I mean...For us as a christian...Whatever we do, create, etc... We do it to glorify Jesus...If I'm about to produce the worship album I will give the score and chords away, so people can learn how to sing and play it in their own congregation... I would love to hear my song sing aloud in all over the face of this world to lift Jesus name mann... You may ask how u gonna earn money out of that...u probably bankrupt if you do like that....well, I believe people out there know how to appreciate thanks by love gifts or whatever else..and of course cutting a CD always has a cost...You want to get the CD, you buy it...(Reasonable price)

I do love Paul Baloche, i could find lots of song sheet from his website...that's what i mean...

This is my heart to see Jesus be glorify...Don't let the world system blinded us from what the media meant to be at the beginning...Redeem it in Jesus Name!!

April 29, 2005

The cry of their hearts

There is a place that people keep secret. But u know, secret never be a secret, cuz' God knows. Every human's secret always want to express itself...just that don't let anyone could identify it to the owner of the secret...I found one blog that very reflecting the cry of people's heart...the place they could express their secret anonymously.. I browse through once and my heart is broken...This is the cry of their heart.....The heart that seek the love of the Heavenly Father...Do you feel it? What are you waiting for....?? Go and share the love of my ALL of them.

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April 25, 2005

As long as you love me!! (dj mix edition :P)

Chk this out new MTV of "As long as You love me"

lol!!! :)

One click can change the world!

The aquaplastics website has successfully reached 1.5 million clicks before its deadline of 22 June 2005! This means that a total of 150,000 euro will be donated to WaterAid by the European plastics industry to help deliver clean, safe water and sanitation to people in Ethiopia. Since the target has been reached 60 days early, the European plastics industry has agreed to donate an additional 50,000 euro if another half a million clicks are reached by 22 June 2005. Please help us to reach our new target by clicking here once a day - it only takes seconds and it doesn't cost you anything! Thank you.

Just one click can change the lives of people in Ethiopia..Would u?

Click this link to help Water Aid project in Ethiopia

April 23, 2005

Impossible Is Nothing

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Hehe...I'm not really an Adidas big fan....(but Nike i do) but the latest Ad campaign of the 3 stripes very interesting... Impossible Is another way of saying....All Things Are Possible with God!!

Tonight I went to church service....then we talking about prayer. So I end up praying fervently for those surrounded me who has yet to know Christ. Especially my family back in Thailand. It has been quite sometime that I didn't pray for their Salvations...The Lord stired in my heart once again tonight to pray and intercede for my family members with wholeheartedly and with fully confidence that it is possible with God. He can do it...!!! Amen!! Then after church I walked to the bus stop. I saw my bus No. 100 already left from the terminal. it will take me to run across the MRT underground station to the other side of the road, where the next bus stop is locate. Whild I still praying as i walk to catch the I see the my bus pass by, my 1st thaught was oh gosh....!! I gonna wait for another bus quite a big while.....suddenly another voice came in....Impossible Is Nothing!! So I immediately start running down to MRT station across to the other side of the road to the next bus stop before the bus is leaving....YES!!!! I did it....I got the bus home on time....Phew...!! Impossible is Nothing, I thought as I panting on the bus...yes....If I continue to pray for Salvation of my will be done!! AMEN!!! :)

April 22, 2005

No longer just a shoes

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New innovation from the 3 stripes brand. Put a brain in the sure :P)

The lesson from an orange

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Last night, in my CG we were discussed about an orange. We looked, we smell, we touched, we slowly peeled it and finally ate it. It's really interesting that out of this simple practice, I learn something about our lives.

Every single orange is very shape, in texture, in color and in those dark spot on the skin. I have to take quite a while to get to know my orange so that when I close my eyes, I would be able to recognize my orange. I actually did recognize it. Then by only looking at it, I won't know how it taste...either it sweet or sour...I can't tell until I peel the skin out and taste it. Of course when I peel an orange it will dirty my fingers, make me uncomfortable with my hand. I'm sure an orange will be very happy that I eat it. Because that's the way it created to be it can say that it had accomplished it's purpose.

Every single human is created by God in a very shape, in texture, in color and in those personality that they have. I have to take quite a while to getting to know one person so that I will be able to recognize his voice and even his face. I won't know how he actually is deep inside unitl I getting to open my heart and spend time with him with openness...It may be a time that's hurt but that's to help me getting to know the person better. I'm sure the person will be very happy to be open and have a intimate friendship with me...cuz' that's the way God made us to have a fellowship with one another. And the highest purpose for all human is to have an intimate relationship with God...until we all have that kind of intimate relationship with Him..We can say that....We have accomplished our purpose. :)

Who's JESUS?

Some interesting interactive website about Who Jesus is...

Chk it out when u need it...folks...

:) Love ya all...

April 19, 2005

The Battle of Mind

This morning I have to get up early for prayer meeting, the meeting was at 8.15AM guess what? I awake since 7AM but by the time I got up form my bed was actualy 8AM!! Let me explain what happen during that period of 1 hour. In my mind got a tiny battle going on between whether should I got up or was like so many pictures kind of vision/dream that passing my mind convince me not to get up....and then the still small voice better get's the time!....Can u imagine if that happen to you every morning..?? Yes...that's what happen to me. (sigh) Well....I'm by nature a very night person. But yet I need lots of time to sleep. (Weird right?) Well...haha just want to share this with you. If u r those who struggle this kind of thing...may be we should talk hehe...try to find the way out to resolve this stupid struggle... :P

Free VideoBlog Workshop Online

oopsss.....I totally forgot to post this....the conference i went to, in the States they actually recorded every single Workshops and make it available online for livestreaming VDO....but it cost 20USD for the entire conference VDO access.....well....let's talk abt free stuff at the Conference website

Actually offer u a sneak-peak of one of the workshop for free..which is quite's VideoBlogging!! (Vlog as wht we call) Those of u who are interesting in visual...chk it's totally cool..and it keep u in trend for sure...(at least for now) :P this's another way of Evangelism in 21st Century....Relevent enough people?

Emerging Church

When I was in States, that actually the very 1st time that I heard such a term called "Emerging Church" I kinda "WHAT?" at first...then i got an idea a little bit of what is all about..then I got hooked into it. I did serch in Google and realize that it's tons of information about Emerging church out there....oh Gosh....well...u may curious as i am what is this all about...My recommended link for u to learn more about this church shift movement would be

Emerging Church.Org

it's really interesting...they already got start in the States....basically it's a new way of being church that relevent to this generation. message is still the same but the method to deliver is different. So do chk it out's really important for us as a Gen Xers to know wht's going on in our generation and i believe God gonna do somethin' mightily in our generation...and indeed this Emerging Church movement exciting me.

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Which Country have I visited?

Well....good question....this is like a declaration of God's goodness...He indeed brought me into different lands to be a blessing to nations! Well, this is my answer...The map that indicated where have I been to...Praise God..and i hope to continue to be a blessing to more people in the nations to come...

create your own visited country map
For the States to make it more detail...

create your own personalized map of the USA

Thanks for for a map application.

April 17, 2005

iPod Billy Graham Edition!!

Great news...for Apple iPod fans....They just came out with special edition of iPod Billy Graham Edition!! own it today (for real) :P

iPod Billy Graham Special Edition

ps. this is originally fake by my friend and it just for fun without intention to violate any copyright laws.... hehe...
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April 14, 2005

Walk with GOD

Past 4 nights has been a great time of recovering my spiritual walk with the Lord. As Tamara Winslow, one of my best speaker ever came to speak in S'pore once again. God use her to minister to me again. Most of the thing that capture my heart is what it mean to Walk with God. Not many people in the Bible that was told that they walk with God. Abraham, Enoch, Noah, Moses. These guys are awesome as you all know. I just thinking, am I able to say that I have walk with God. When I leave this world, do other people will say about me that " Tee has walked with God and now he's with Him in Heaven" I wondering if my relationship with God in past year has fell short. But's a Journey...Walking with God is an on-going process. it requires...

- Dedicated Discipline
- Rest in Him
- Stuck with Jesus like glue! (I like this one)
- Walk in humility

Hmmm..... I realize I got a lot of things to work on to really resurrecting my reationship with God...Oh O....don't be's not about what you do but it's about God's mercy indeed. Even though I felt that I have fell short from my relationship with Him in some sense..but the truth is that He never fall short to have a relationship with me and have mercy on me. Thanks Jesus that He indeed Faitrhful no matter what I am....Let this song be my prayer today oh God...

You Are Faithful

You are Faithful
I believe Your word is true
You have never left Your children begging
You are Faithful
And my heart ascends to You
As we lift our voice to praise Your name

And I love You
No matter what I see
No matter what I hear
No matter what may seem to be
Lord I love You
No matter what I know
No matter how the winds of life may blow
This one thing I know
This one thing I know
That You are Faithful


April 11, 2005

Success or Significant?

Today one guy from Australia (He's actually English but married American and now reside in Australia!) He share with us in our Staff mtg. Which is very interesting. He asked us what we want to see in our ministry? Do you want to see the success in your ministry? or do you want to see the significant of your ministry? I think and think and think again...Why I never realize that these two are different..You may have a successful ministry but doesn't make any significant at all. Instead I considered Jesus, His ministry on Earth 3 years for many people it could be consider FAILED MISSION! He worked so hard, travel around to proclaimed the Kingdom of God. But the result that came out, he only have 12 disciples. (In fact one of them betrayed Him then later on when He was arrested, none of them actually stand up and protected Him) anf finally, He died on the cross which considered the worse way to died in that period. It seem like His ministry was totally failure. Not successful at all...BUT BUT!!! He left the significant in His evidence still remain til today...Who is the most famous person in the world today if it's not Jesus Christ. What book is the best seller at all time if it's not the Bible. His death on the cross significant enough that people use it as the mark of history (BC. & AD.) Now....if I ask myself, what I want to se in my own ministry...I would say...I want to see my ministry play a significant role to establish the Kingdom of God here on Earth...I believe in can be done....Thank you Jesus for such revelation! :)