May 29, 2005

Mr.Holland's Opus

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Some of you who know me well will know that I love movie. I'm a very Visual person, I learn best by seeing thing visually. Many times that I watch movie and then God speak to me. I don't know how many times that I cry when I felt God spoke to me about life purpose and the principle that He wants me to live on.... :P so I think it's good that I start to share some of the great show that I learn a lot out of it..

Mr.Holland's Opus is the latest show I got to watch' not familiar name isn't it? Cuz' it's old show...very old show....It was released about 1995-6 around that. I just get to watch it and deeply move with the life principle in it...Really well written... Praise God... It's the story of a musician who turn to be a school music teacher. He end up teaching in school for the 2nd half of his life. Without knowing until the end when he about to leave the school. He has composed the great and awesome opus ever in his life...that opus is the different life of the students that has touched by him. He put so much effort to pass it on the love for music and the great values of life to this students..It's really inspiring..

The best part of the show that I felt touched so much are three scenes.

1. When Mr.Holland encouraging the red hair girl to play Clarinet without looking at scores. That day He had unvealed the true ability in that girl. it's such a revelation to her that she can do it and you know what, later on that girl become a governor of the state. Wow...!!cool.!!

2. Mr.Holland got a son who was born "deaf" Can u imagine? how difficult it is for Mr.Holland to embrace this son who won't be able to hear his music and may not love music as he wants him to be...I love the part when he realise that though Cole is deaf but he doesn't stupid to know about music...He could enjoy music through the vibration and some alternative ways. So he conducting a performance for the deaf school. He also sing a song to his son...That scene move me.....This is the heart of God who love me no matter what I am...He will do everything to impress me and show how much He loves me.

3. The last scene of the show is the best, when all the alumni come secretly to held a farewell for Mr.Holland....and the red hair girl (that now become a governor) give a speech to affirm Mr.Holland that every single person in this hall are lives that were touched by him...they're his music...they're his master piece...I totally cry...I wish I hope if it happen to be would I response..?? My pray to God today is that, I want to live my life to touch lives. Either intentional or unintentional, I want to be the one who inspire, who bring a great impact into different lives. To challenge and help others to discover their life's purpose and journey with that at the end of the day....God will tell me that I am a good and faithful servant...Use me Lord.....I'm willing...

May 27, 2005

Quote of the day :)

"One man can change the world....more men can change even much more"....Tee Suwit L.

May 19, 2005

My brain test result

Brain Lateralization Test Results
Right Brain (52%) The right hemisphere is the visual, figurative, artistic, and intuitive side of the brain.
Left Brain (58%) The left hemisphere is the logical, articulate, assertive, and practical side of the brain
Are You Right or Left Brained?
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May 17, 2005

Stand Up Speak Up!

Racism in Football still remain....I have no doubt about that...and I totally against it...What nonsense this people are thinking...??? Being a great football player is nothing to do with a skin's color...

I suppose Racism for today is not just for Black or White skin only...but even go deeper into your original race like Jew, Turk, etc....

I stay in Singapore, the city taht so proud of themselves as a MULTI-RACIAL CITY....cuz' their population is consist of 3 different races like Chinese, Malay and Indian. But you know what? Even that I still noticing a glimpse of Racism in town today... An old Chinese lady who clean up the bus seat before taking a seat which an indian man was sitting there...The Indian Singaporean Immigration officer who show partiality by better service to a Caucasians than an Indians sad....don't you realize, tough u are Singaporean but still your face look so Indian lor!... :P

That's not all of it...Yeah..Racism isn't just on the football pitch of Europe but it's all over the world...Even in USA still...My 1st visit to USA recently has opened up my eyes to see that, Racism still pretty much alive here...Even in Church! Either All black Church (Not the church of NZ All Blacks Rugby team alright!) or All White Church.

For myself....I thank God to be a Thai Chinese...neither black nor white haha...but most of all, God created us differently for such a purpose. I always believe that TRUE UNITY is in DIVERSITY. Where there is Diversity and still contain Unity....That's the real UNITY...How beaytiful it is to see people diferent races, different culture come before the Throne of God and worship Him in Spirit and in Truth.

Two years ago when I start joined YWAM in 2003. I was at the International YWAM Conference called "Synergy" that was held in Singapore. Can u imagine what I saw? I saw people from all over the world like 1200 people....The Americans, The Europeans, The Africans, The Nepalis of the rooftop of the world, The Mauris from Middle Earth NZ, The Greeks even the Jews...and of course different races from Asia!! We all come together to Praise Jesus and lift His name up high!!! Wow.....I tell you, that was what's going to happen when we go up to Heaven to be with Jesus...We will worship Him all day fact Forever with all this Fellow believers....You better practice to say Hi in different languages alright haha :)....

Let's pray without ceasing for an issue of Racism...that the world will have no room for Racism anymore. Cuz' we are one in Spirit, Amen.....

May 15, 2005

My thoughts on 1 John 2

1 John 2 (NKJV)


John’s purpose of writing to disciples is to keep them from sinning, but he is realistic enough that he writes an assurance to them that all their sins already cleansed. Even though they may fall into an act of sin once again, John tells them that Jesus is their advocate to plead for their case as well as being the propitiation for their sins. In fact, for the whole world!

Sometime we know in our heads that our sins already forgiven. But yet we still keep sinning, we need to look back to the cross. Realizing how much Jesus loves us that He gave His all for us. As the children of God, we need to walk in the light as well. (This whole theme runs across since chapter 1) But if we really fall into sin…there is no condemnation as you ask for God’s forgiveness. It has been forgiven because of Jesus.


Talks about “Knowing God” knowing includes following with obedience. If we say we know Him but yet not keep His command, we are a big time liar. The commandment John talks about is that Jesus given to His disciples, to love the Lord and to love your neighbor. So if there is hatred in us…we can’t say that we are in the light. When we love God, we will love our neighbor as God loves.

We need to live out what we believe. If we just say that we love God but not live out the life that loves God and following His word. We are just a liar.


John encourages the disciples in different stages of their faith. The little children (New believers), the young men (Young Christians) and the fathers (Mature Christians). God has given us everything that we need for our spiritual journey with Him. We need to take time to process and develop our relationship with God, so that we could grow spiritually as well as physically.


Do not love the things in the world. This is talking about
-The lust of the flesh
-The lust of the eyes
-The pride of life
These are things of the world that we need to avoid as a Christian. It will destroy our love relationship with God. We need to have an eternal perspective. Things of the world will passed away, but things of God will last forever.


Beware of those which not belong to us at the beginning. This is indeed the last hour, which those who believe in Jesus Christ will be put to test. Those who not really believe in Christ will be made manifest. Whoever denies that Jesus Christ is the son of God, he’s the antichrist.

We need to beware of those wolves in our midst. There is such people who come into church to try to cause disunity and even twisting, compromising the truth of the word of God. These are not belonging to us at the beginning. May the Lord have mercy on those people.


Abide in the truth of God. You have an anointing that given from God. Learn from the Holy Spirit. Abide in Him, so that no one can deceive you.

Love relationship with God is the key. As we abide in Him. He will show us what is not of Him. The church need to be discerns to what is not of God. So that the truth of God will truly transform our lives.

May 09, 2005

In His Arms of Love

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I would love to change the phrase from the bible sometime...instead of "All we like sheeps" to "All we like puppies" hehe :P May be my love for dog is too often that I compare myself as a doggy and God as my owner....

In the owner's eyes....their dog is always cute and lovely...the owner will always want to play with the dog and of course the dog do love to play with their owner too. :) That's a kind of relationship between a human and a dog...Dog characteristic is faithful to their owner....they love and be loyal to ther owner even til death. u know.. That's the kind of attitude I want to have towards God....I want to be a faithful bondeservant of God...who love Him as even til death I could give my life for him. But the truth is He actually gave his life for me no life it wasn't belongs to me at the beginning.

This picture really express lots of word...The little puppy rest in the arms of the owner. You see the small drop of tear run down from the puppy's eyes? I guess it has been a tough time for him. He might have lost his way home or becuz' he was naughty, so he run away from home. But now when he's back in the owner's arms....there is peace....and He totally feel

Arms Of Love
G D Em
I sing a simple song of love,
C Em D
To my Savior, to my Jesus.
G D Em
I'm grateful for the things You've done,
C Em D
My loving Savior, oh precious Jesus.

Am Em D G
My heart is glad that You've called my Your own.
Am Em D
And there's no place I'd rather be

G Bm7 C
Than in Your arms of love.
G Bm7 C
In Your arms of love,
Am Em Bm7 C
Holding me still, holding me near,
In Your arms of love.

Copyrights 1991, Mercy / Vineyard Publishing
Words and Music by Craig Musseau

May 07, 2005

Church is not a Club House!

This thing was burdened in my heart quite some times...It's quite iritating when I went to Church service, try to worship the Lord as usual, Listening to what the Lord is going to say through the preacher...but then...the noises of people surrounded me chit-chatting to one another like there was nobody stand up there at the pulpit. Some just sit down there and play with the games on cellphone. Umm.....Young people it usual??? The preacher is that boring?? I thought.. I have try to observed quite a while. Even different preachers coming in to speak...The same response still always there with certain group of people. Same old people who never try to imporve their behavior at all..sigh...Lord, how I gonna deal with this kind of undiscipline kids?? Church is not social gathering place alright? It's not a place for you to come for the sake of meeting friends, chitchat, have some snacks and go! ....If that what church meant for you...It make no different with Club House. People go to Club House, find drinks..find gals or guys to talk or meeting with friend...when they got drunk enough then go!....Is that how you treated the Church of Jesus Christ?? Heiz....Lord have mercy...

Church was meant to be a gathering of the body that come in unity to glorify God. To give and to recieve, To love and encourage, both physically/emotionally and spiritually. I believe when 2-3 gather in His name, the spirit of the Lord is with them. How dare you grief the Holy Spirit? We suppose to come to church with great expectation of what God is going to do in your life, as you come before Him at the Throne and lift His name on high together with fellow disciples.

Let me ask you breathens. Repent!!! I beg you to change your sick attitude and repent! Come back to God and say...Lord, I'm hungry...I want more of You. Speak to me, show me how real you are....ASK AND YOU SHALL RECIEVE!! You wanna reach the whole world? Start allow God to reached yourself 1st! Seriously...How can you make God known if you don't know God first??
May be you guys need to do DTS (sigh)

(I hope this is considered speaking Truth in Love)
AMEN...end of the sermon for today... :)

note: this church service doesn't refer to the church that I am attending regularly alone. It just my experience with different Youth Service that I went to. it just too much,can't contain it anymore. I have to burst it out somewhere....(poor blogger) So i throw it up here...

May 05, 2005

My thoughts on 1 John 1

1 John 1 (NKJV)

John describe whom Jesus is as human that the believers in the early church had experienced as well as the living word of God…the Word of life.Imagine if I happen to be one of the disciple that seen Jesus live among us and witness his power and the reality of whom Jesus is as a son of God, a Messiah who came and saved the world….of course….my joy will be totally full like what John said…But it’s a reminder that John wrote here. Which means that the disciples may have a tendency to forget what they were experience…so it’s apply to us…I don’t see Jesus in human…but by Faith I know him as a person. So there is a warning that we need to pressing on in love relationship with Jesus. If not, we may forget….

God is light…whoever live in Him will have to be a light as well…You can’t being a shadow in the light.. there is no darkness in the light…Good news (7) The blood of Jesus Christ has cleanses us from all sin.Back to the basic of our faith…we need to recognize how sinful we are in the past….If not, The redemption story means nothing…Fake? You are accusing God as a Big time liar?? So we must must understand this….and give thanks to God that He sent Jesus to died for our sin….V.9 says If we confess….he is Faithful and just to forgive our sins and cleanse us from ALL unrighteousness….what a good news….but it start when WE CONFESS Application for me should be living in the life that always remember the grace of God that he saved me from all unrighteousness of the world to be call a righteous one…the child of God…and really live the life that shine for him indeed….I suppose to be the light….so Shine on!!

May 04, 2005

Creative Commons

I think i should share my thoughts on this.....Copyright..

It has been long long time since big Giant like Microsofts take over the world by get hold of all Computer OS market share. Even today they have more competitive like those openSources, Mac, etc....I stil got a big question mark in my face....How it's gonna go next? I do respect Copyright...let me make it clear on's your idea, your invention...I totally impress and honor you. But if the purpose of invent all these are meant for people to use..Why not make it cheaper? So more people could effort it. This truth apply to all sought of media today..Computer OS and software license are really expensive...Download MP3 still not too bad..Heiz...I hope you guys not just think of earning money as much as you can ya? i hope... If you would be more kind....I'm really sure that piracy issue will no longer exist.

I totally love the idea of Creative Commons License
I believe this is what it meant to be at the beginning...especially most of the artists out there who produce some good stuffs...they all want to publish it to let the world know that this is my artpiece...I'm good...and Internet is the best medium for them to carry their work out there to the consumers. So i totally love the CC concept...If you have no idea wht it's all chk the URL up there... you'll love it... :)

Let's talks about Christian circle...Let me share this with you.

I'm working on VDO project right now, so i plan to find some good and inspired song to put together in my visual. So I chose "Send my healing to the Nations" by Bob Fitts ..I wrote an email to him asking whether do i need to have any specific guidance of how to use it under copyrights law. He immediately wrote back to me..very impressed :)

Dear Brother,

God's blessings on you and your efforts to honor Jesus around the world. I am grateful that you want to use the song......go for it! No need for permission unless you are using it for personal financial gain. May God's favor be on you and your ministry.

In His Mercy,

Bob Fitts

How nice?? This is what I mean...For us as a christian...Whatever we do, create, etc... We do it to glorify Jesus...If I'm about to produce the worship album I will give the score and chords away, so people can learn how to sing and play it in their own congregation... I would love to hear my song sing aloud in all over the face of this world to lift Jesus name mann... You may ask how u gonna earn money out of that...u probably bankrupt if you do like that....well, I believe people out there know how to appreciate thanks by love gifts or whatever else..and of course cutting a CD always has a cost...You want to get the CD, you buy it...(Reasonable price)

I do love Paul Baloche, i could find lots of song sheet from his website...that's what i mean...

This is my heart to see Jesus be glorify...Don't let the world system blinded us from what the media meant to be at the beginning...Redeem it in Jesus Name!!