August 24, 2005

The lost art of Sabbath

When God created all the wonderful and marvelous creation in the universe inculding us, He did it for 6 days and on the seventh day...He took rest. If you think carefully, As human as us...try to work so hard, busy and busy and busy...many people busy at work until forget the art of resting anymore.. We try to over do more than God in the sense...Hmmm..Are u try to beat God by working more than Him? well...all those fellow busy people (like myself) listen to this....Don't get into the trap of busy-ness but rather find peace in the art of sabbath (rest). I say this to myself as well... I have been very busy working 7 days a week (sounds crazy right?) but yeah it is...5 days in the office, weekend in really tough to really have time to rest and spend with the Lord by just spend time alone to be with Him like I once have before. I need to really remind myself that I'm not God. I can't do this...I need to gain a strength and wisdom from God to do all this things. I try to set aside some times in each day to be alone with God. That's how I take rest in the midst of all busy-ness. Well...when i talking about seventh day, for me it's not necessary means Sunday. Well I mean a portion of time that you set it aside to rest from work and stuff to be at the feet of Jesus and have fellowship with Him.

Jesus Himself told the disciple the key of being fruitful in the ministry in John 15. "Abide in me....and you will bear much fruit.....apart from me, you can do nothing..." Rather saying "Go and work hard, so that your fruit will bear more" he said "Abide in me!" Just spend time with me, be with me...and you will bear fruit that last....Jesus Himself is the one who make the fruit mutiply...not our own effort. We must understand this principle and live it out....

Don't lose the art of Sabbath...Abide in the Lord... Don't be B.U.S.Y (Be Under Satan's Yoke)

August 15, 2005

Quote of the day :)

"If you ever get a second chance, in life for something, go all the way" - Lance Armstrong (7 years consecutive Tour De France Champion)

August 12, 2005

The baby porcupine..

hehe...I just never seen this little porcupine cute!!! :)

How great is our God??

I have been listening, singing, playing and pondering over the song by Chris Tomlin called "How Great Is Our God" It's really amazing song, cuz' it's very simple song...just a few chords, few paragraphs of lyrics and keep repeating again and again..."How Great is our God" but when I really listen to it and sing it, It speak so much of the Truth of How great God really stir my thought of who God is and what it mean by He is a great and almighty God. I love to travel (a lot!!!) especially hiking to the mountain is one of my favourite outdoor thinggy. Whenever I climbed up to the top of the mountain, I always overwhelmed by the great and majestic scenery of the land and the beautiful sky surrounded the mountain. It's so awesome! I wonder whoever created all this thing (absolutely God did) He must be such a great and powerful creator who did all this. When I watch those Discovery Channel or National Geographic talks about animals plants or even the galaxy....It always blow my mind away. Wow!!! Who made all this must be crazy...What kind of knowledge and wisdom He has to think of such thing...Hmm....It must be God!! (well, I didn't mean God is crazy alright, don't get me wrong :P) so it's so great to really meditate on the greatness of God. It really help me when I worship Him. What a great and wonderful God that I! How about you? have u ever experience this great God for yourself yet? I invite you to come and know this great friend of mine...His name is Jesus :)

August 06, 2005

Quote of the day :)

"Worship changes the worshiper into the image of the One worshiped." - Richard Foster

Quote of the day :)

"It is in the process of being worshipped that God communicates His presence to men." - C.S. Lewis

Head to Christ

Recently I came across another news...Good news!! about a guitarist of the well known metal band "Korn" Brian "Head" Welch had left the band and pursuing Jesus Christ! cool... Well here is his new website that just launch not so long ago...

This is the power of Christ....the power that changes life. Hallelujah!