April 29, 2005

The cry of their hearts

There is a place that people keep secret. But u know, secret never be a secret, cuz' God knows. Every human's secret always want to express itself...just that don't let anyone could identify it to the owner of the secret...I found one blog that very reflecting the cry of people's heart...the place they could express their secret anonymously.. I browse through once and my heart is broken...This is the cry of their heart.....The heart that seek the love of the Heavenly Father...Do you feel it? What are you waiting for....?? Go and share the love of my Lord...to ALL of them.

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April 25, 2005

As long as you love me!! (dj mix edition :P)

Chk this out new MTV of "As long as You love me"

lol!!! :)

One click can change the world!

The aquaplastics website has successfully reached 1.5 million clicks before its deadline of 22 June 2005! This means that a total of 150,000 euro will be donated to WaterAid by the European plastics industry to help deliver clean, safe water and sanitation to people in Ethiopia. Since the target has been reached 60 days early, the European plastics industry has agreed to donate an additional 50,000 euro if another half a million clicks are reached by 22 June 2005. Please help us to reach our new target by clicking here once a day - it only takes seconds and it doesn't cost you anything! Thank you.

Just one click can change the lives of people in Ethiopia..Would u?

Click this link to help Water Aid project in Ethiopia

April 23, 2005

Impossible Is Nothing

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Hehe...I'm not really an Adidas big fan....(but Nike i do) but the latest Ad campaign of the 3 stripes very interesting... Impossible Is Nothing.....in another way of saying....All Things Are Possible with God!!

Tonight I went to church service....then we talking about prayer. So I end up praying fervently for those surrounded me who has yet to know Christ. Especially my family back in Thailand. It has been quite sometime that I didn't pray for their Salvations...The Lord stired in my heart once again tonight to pray and intercede for my family members with wholeheartedly and with fully confidence that it is possible with God. He can do it...!!! Amen!! Then after church I walked to the bus stop. I saw my bus No. 100 already left from the terminal. it will take me to run across the MRT underground station to the other side of the road, where the next bus stop is locate. Whild I still praying as i walk to catch the bus...as I see the my bus pass by, my 1st thaught was oh gosh....!! I gonna wait for another bus quite a big while.....suddenly another voice came in....Impossible Is Nothing!! So I immediately start running down to MRT station across to the other side of the road to the next bus stop before the bus is leaving....YES!!!! I did it....I got the bus home on time....Phew...!! Impossible is Nothing, I thought as I panting on the bus...yes....If I continue to pray for Salvation of my family...it will be done!! AMEN!!! :)

April 22, 2005

No longer just a shoes

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New innovation from the 3 stripes brand. Put a brain in the shoes....cool...(expensive sure :P)

The lesson from an orange

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Last night, in my CG we were discussed about an orange. We looked, we smell, we touched, we slowly peeled it and finally ate it. It's really interesting that out of this simple practice, I learn something about our lives.

Every single orange is very unique...in shape, in texture, in color and in those dark spot on the skin. I have to take quite a while to get to know my orange so that when I close my eyes, I would be able to recognize my orange. I actually did recognize it. Then by only looking at it, I won't know how it taste...either it sweet or sour...I can't tell until I peel the skin out and taste it. Of course when I peel an orange it will dirty my fingers, make me uncomfortable with my hand. I'm sure an orange will be very happy that I eat it. Because that's the way it created to be eaten...so it can say that it had accomplished it's purpose.

Every single human is created by God in a very unique.....in shape, in texture, in color and in those personality that they have. I have to take quite a while to getting to know one person so that I will be able to recognize his voice and even his face. I won't know how he actually is deep inside unitl I getting to open my heart and spend time with him with openness...It may be a time that's hurt but that's to help me getting to know the person better. I'm sure the person will be very happy to be open and have a intimate friendship with me...cuz' that's the way God made us to be....to have a fellowship with one another. And the highest purpose for all human is to have an intimate relationship with God...until we all have that kind of intimate relationship with Him..We can say that....We have accomplished our purpose. :)

Who's JESUS?

Some interesting interactive website about Who Jesus is...

Chk it out when u need it...folks...


:) Love ya all...

April 19, 2005

The Battle of Mind

This morning I have to get up early for prayer meeting, the meeting was at 8.15AM guess what? I awake since 7AM but by the time I got up form my bed was actualy 8AM!! Let me explain what happen during that period of 1 hour. In my mind got a tiny battle going on between whether should I got up or not...it was like so many pictures kind of vision/dream that passing my mind convince me not to get up....and then the still small voice said...you better get up..it's the time!....Can u imagine if that happen to you every morning..?? Yes...that's what happen to me. (sigh) Well....I'm by nature a very night person. But yet I need lots of time to sleep. (Weird right?) Well...haha just want to share this with you. If u r those who struggle this kind of thing...may be we should talk hehe...try to find the way out to resolve this stupid struggle... :P

Free VideoBlog Workshop Online

oopsss.....I totally forgot to post this....the conference i went to, in the States they actually recorded every single Workshops and make it available online for livestreaming VDO....but it cost 20USD for the entire conference VDO access.....well....let's talk abt free stuff at the Conference website


Actually offer u a sneak-peak of one of the workshop for free..which is quite cool....it's VideoBlogging!! (Vlog as wht we call) Those of u who are interesting in visual...chk it out....it's totally cool..and it keep u in trend for sure...(at least for now) :P this's another way of Evangelism in 21st Century....Relevent enough people?

Emerging Church

When I was in States, that actually the very 1st time that I heard such a term called "Emerging Church" I kinda "WHAT?" at first...then i got an idea a little bit of what is all about..then I got hooked into it. I did serch in Google and realize that it's tons of information about Emerging church out there....oh Gosh....well...u may curious as i am what is this all about...My recommended link for u to learn more about this church shift movement would be

Emerging Church.Org

it's really interesting...they already got start in the States....basically it's a new way of being church that relevent to this generation. message is still the same but the method to deliver is different. So do chk it out guys....it's really important for us as a Gen Xers to know wht's going on in our generation and i believe God gonna do somethin' mightily in our generation...and indeed this Emerging Church movement exciting me.

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Which Country have I visited?

Well....good question....this is like a declaration of God's goodness...He indeed brought me into different lands to be a blessing to nations! Well, this is my answer...The map that indicated where have I been to...Praise God..and i hope to continue to be a blessing to more people in the nations to come...

create your own visited country map
For the States to make it more detail...

create your own personalized map of the USA

Thanks for World66.com for a map application.

April 17, 2005

iPod Billy Graham Edition!!

Great news...for Apple iPod fans....They just came out with special edition of iPod Billy Graham Edition!! own it today (for real) :P

iPod Billy Graham Special Edition

ps. this is originally fake by my friend and it just for fun without intention to violate any copyright laws.... hehe...
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April 14, 2005

Walk with GOD

Past 4 nights has been a great time of recovering my spiritual walk with the Lord. As Tamara Winslow, one of my best speaker ever came to speak in S'pore once again. God use her to minister to me again. Most of the thing that capture my heart is what it mean to Walk with God. Not many people in the Bible that was told that they walk with God. Abraham, Enoch, Noah, Moses. These guys are awesome as you all know. I just thinking, am I able to say that I have walk with God. When I leave this world, do other people will say about me that " Tee has walked with God and now he's with Him in Heaven" I wondering if my relationship with God in past year has fell short. But again...it's a Journey...Walking with God is an on-going process. it requires...

- Dedicated Discipline
- Rest in Him
- Stuck with Jesus like glue! (I like this one)
- Walk in humility

Hmmm..... I realize I got a lot of things to work on to really resurrecting my reationship with God...Oh O....don't be discourage....it's not about what you do but it's about God's mercy indeed. Even though I felt that I have fell short from my relationship with Him in some sense..but the truth is that He never fall short to have a relationship with me and have mercy on me. Thanks Jesus that He indeed Faitrhful no matter what I am....Let this song be my prayer today oh God...

You Are Faithful

You are Faithful
I believe Your word is true
You have never left Your children begging
You are Faithful
And my heart ascends to You
As we lift our voice to praise Your name

And I love You
No matter what I see
No matter what I hear
No matter what may seem to be
Lord I love You
No matter what I know
No matter how the winds of life may blow
This one thing I know
This one thing I know
That You are Faithful


April 11, 2005

Success or Significant?

Today one guy from Australia (He's actually English but married American and now reside in Australia!) He share with us in our Staff mtg. Which is very interesting. He asked us what we want to see in our ministry? Do you want to see the success in your ministry? or do you want to see the significant of your ministry? I think and think and think again...Why I never realize that these two are different..You may have a successful ministry but doesn't make any significant at all. Instead I considered Jesus, His ministry on Earth 3 years for many people it could be consider FAILED MISSION! He worked so hard, travel around to proclaimed the Kingdom of God. But the result that came out, he only have 12 disciples. (In fact one of them betrayed Him then later on when He was arrested, none of them actually stand up and protected Him) anf finally, He died on the cross which considered the worse way to died in that period. It seem like His ministry was totally failure. Not successful at all...BUT BUT!!! He left the significant in His ministry...an evidence still remain til today...Who is the most famous person in the world today if it's not Jesus Christ. What book is the best seller at all time if it's not the Bible. His death on the cross significant enough that people use it as the mark of history (BC. & AD.) Now....if I ask myself, what I want to se in my own ministry...I would say...I want to see my ministry play a significant role to establish the Kingdom of God here on Earth...I believe in can be done....Thank you Jesus for such revelation! :)

April 08, 2005

@ Madison Square Garden!  Posted by Hello

Vlog NBA game Knicks vs Bulls Posted by Hello

The most excited moment in my life....NBA game!

Finally another childhood dream of mine came through once again...give all the Glory to papa God for that....last night, me and Josh went to watch Knicks play with Bulls @ Madison Square Garden. it's totally awesome environment as we sat in the arena and cheer the team. It's different story from watching the game at home on TV. You'll see different kind of supporters that shout so loud (really loud i mean) to cheer up their team and how they distracting the opponent team when they shoot free throw...hehe so fun! ya....basically it's totally amazed!!! experience....Thank God really that He allow me to have such an experience....My God is good indeed!!! Praise you JESUS! :)

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The biggest hamburger ever!!!

chk this out..the biggest hamburger I evr had before.....7 Oz... Burger by Jackson Hole.
http://www.jacksonholeburgers.com/ :)

YWAM Axiom Office Posted by Hello

On the Ferry from Port Jefferson to Connecticut Posted by Hello

YWAM Metro NY base Posted by Hello

April 07, 2005

YWAM Axiom...New Haven, CT

Hi...I'm right here in New Haven Connecticut..at Josh's home...It's great to have an opportunity to catch up with friend, also this is another stop and last stop actually for my YWAM Base tour here in States..YWAM Axiom New Haven is pretty cool....though right now not many people are around but it's good to be here anyway.. :P well...today I'll heading back to NYC again for Knicks game @ the Garden. So see ya later!

April 06, 2005

YWAM Metro New York, Smithtown

Hey!....I'm in YWAM Metro NY base in Smithtown, Long Island right now...well actually it was really unplanned to come and stay overnight here and hang out with the staffs & students from current Performing art DTS. It's great to have a chance to visit YWAM Base here...It' s totally cool! Well....cuz' of the unplanned that my dear brother Josh brought me here til so late...I didn't bring my dear IBM Thinkpad along....well...at least I brought my Nikon coolpix along...so will capture a nice pics and post it on later alright! Well...for nw the plan is going to Port Jefferson to take a ferry across to New Haven, Connecticut to stay at Josh's house and hopefully will have a chance to visit another YWAM base there....AXIOM! hehe...ok will keep in touch! :)

April 05, 2005

Central Park....the big rectangular green area in the heart of Manhattan!! Posted by Hello

MTV Studio....@ Time Square Posted by Hello

At the foot of Empire State Building Posted by Hello

on the left hand....the highest building..of course, Empire State Building..(took from Brooklyn Bridge) Posted by Hello

That's Brooklyn Bridge behind me. Posted by Hello

George Washington....the 1st President of USA. A man of God whom established the Godly foundation of this country! Posted by Hello

An actual Statue of Liberty.... Posted by Hello

Statue of Liberty came alive!!! @ Battery park. Posted by Hello

Wall St. Posted by Hello

St.Paul Chapel....this is the oldest public building of Manhattan that still in use til today...also this is George Washington's church as well! It's just opposite WTC site. Posted by Hello

WTC Site.... Posted by Hello

Manhattan Tour!

Hello!!!Good day from Manhattan New York City..!!

Finally come back to NYC safely...and don't waste time anymore...I took the whole day roam around Manhattan today kicked off from St'Paul Chapel & Trinity Church (George Washington's church) then Ground Zero of Ex-World Trade Center, Battery park, Statue of Liberty, Wall St., Brooklyn bridge, Empire State Building, Madison Square Garden, Time Square and Central Park..yeah it was quite a day for me....really tired though..but enjoy!! Well...i probably can say that I kinda falling in love with this big apple already hehe...I love NY!

To be continue...