December 15, 2006

My update : Dec 2006

Yes, next week I'm going home!!!

I would like to thank all of you friends, who have been faithfully pray for me, support me or even just be friend with me. I'm totally grateful. Year 2006 is really amazing to me. I spent 1st half of the year with Go Fest Asia. I've witnessed the zeal of the Lord who accomplished the purpose of Singapore being gateway for the world to come into Asia. Truly, this is Antioch of Asia. God uses YWAM Singapore in such a miraculous way. We've seen His faithfulness in terms of how He put together this conference, finances, manpower with expertises, delegates from 28 countries of 5 continents and after all, His sweet presence that dwell among us. Truly, God's heart cry for Asia has been made known to many hearts. I'm so thrill to be part of this thing and looking forward for the next conference in year 2008, also I would like to have an opportunity to share with you more on that as well as inviting you to come and join us for GFA 2008!! Yepz....

From August onward, I started serving in church as a Youth worship ministry leader. It's truly privilege to serve this young people of Singapore. It's challenging. But I do have a great bunch of guys and gals that truly love God and passionate about His name. I learnt a lot by serving together with them. =) I'm so proud of you guys....and really looking forward to more of God's excitement among us in the coming year.

Yeah, I did mentioned that I'm going home next week. I'll having a youth mission team from my church with me as well for about a week to spend Christmas with the Thai students. Also Joy, my galfriend will be leading the team with me as well. So do pray for us. More than that, she will also spending time with my family and meeting my friends and supporters for the following 2 weeks after the team is back in Singapore. So I do need your prayer for the Lord's favour upon us indeed.

Next year 2007 is just gonna be great. I can't wait any longer. I will slowly share with you guys more on that. I also decide that I will post my update more often on my blog right here, so do pop by sometimes.

Thanks for your prayer and support all these years. I'm truly been blessed. Really from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU FOR BELIEVING IN ME. I will never do whatever that I do unless God is with me as well as your friendship too. Khop Khun Krab. =)

Christmas just around the corner, let's celebrate the coming of the King and tell the world that Christ loves them. Merry Christmas.

Celebrate the truly meaning of Christmas......JESUS.....the jewel of Christmas.

December 13, 2006

Finally, Myanmar...Here I come

After long await...2 years? may be....finally My dream to finished my Mekong trip gonna be true soon. I have been in every countries in Mekong Region (Indochina) except Myanmar. I've tried to enter into this country ever since year 2005. First time I was preparing to lead team from Singapore to visit there. But unfortunately, the situation there was bad at that time. Got bomb went off in Yangon the capital, so the trip was cancel. Then after that as we caught up with Go Fest preparation and all that, for the last couple month right after the conference, I have about 2 teams from the local church here that would like to make a trip there. But at the end , the plan was fallen apart. I was thinking can this be....It's as if God is totally shut the door for me to enter in...after much prayer and really wanted to go into this country, finally it happen.

Somebody just blessed me with some finance, after that my colleague asked me if I would like to go to Myanmar this January. Look at my finance and my schedule next year. I said YES!!!

Finally, I'm going!! Myanmar here I ya right after my trip home, I would be heading to Myanmar for a week. So I would greatly appreciate all of your prayer and support as I go to Myanmar this time round, it would be an opening eyes trip for me to touch the heart of God for the Burmese and also seek for an opportunity to serve Myanmar. So that Myanmar may be filled with God's glory.


December 11, 2006

The World come to you.....

Hee...1st of sorry for the long await...have not blog anything for quite some times. Actually last month was quite interesting. I've learnt so much about worship. Let me trace back a little bit.... For the last couple of months....I think somehow many of the well-known worship bands from all around the world just decided to come to Singapore. Some I aware of...some I don't anyway it was real blessing indeed.... At first was Parachute band.....from NZ. Yeah, they're rox!! I went to attend their workshop as well. Which I really learnt so much....what it means to worship God. God spoke to me while they were teaching on worship from Gen.22 the story of Abraham sacrificing Isaac his only son. Actually this is the very first place in English Bible that the word "worship" was mentioned. Guess what...??? It wasn't even mention anything regards to music at all....!!! Clearly, true worship is really got nothing to do with guys don't miss the main focus....worship was meant to be all about you and God. What he consider as our worship to Him is our obedience to Him. As God commanded Abraham to sacrifice his only son....He definitely struggle....but at the end....he obeyed....That means everything to God.....that is the kind of worship He longs for... Have we obey God? Though sometime, obeying God means certain sacrifice....I would like to urge you friends....Your sacrifice will never be too much of you.....God will give more than enough grace for you to do so....and most of all....He will never ask more than what you can do....and He himself actually showed us as an example....He gave His only begotten son to died for us....How cool....Thank you for the cross Lord..... =) A week later, Bob Fitts came. I managed to chat with him a bit though it was very briefly, but was real blessing to me, especially when I was there in the worship concert....though I don't really know lot of songs he uses....(not my generation) but it was simply enough to broke me down in tear.... I felt as if God is speaking to me through the song....especially this song....
I will not be afraid 
I will not be afraid

I will not be afraid O Lord

For Your love washes away my fears
For Your love washes away my fears
Your love overwhelmed me, completely surrounds me
You go before me, You make away and
You are my strength
my courage my fortress and
I will not be afraid
Your love melts my fear away
Where can I go that Your love won't be there
Where can I run that You won't find me
For Your love washes away my fear
For Your love washes away my fear
I was just crying and crying....God really touched me....thanks Bob, it really blessed me...

Then after that, David Garratt, old time worship leader and song writer of Scripture In Songs Ministries coming over to speak in School Of Worship. So I was sittting in the class....never regret.. =)

I simply re-learning worship again and again. I start to re-think why we do what we do in worship in the church today...but what draws my attention most would be the whole indigenous worship that he has been working on for many years.. To see all people from different tribes, languages and cultures bring whatever that represent there own group to worship God. It really brought me to the greater understanding of what Rev.7:9 was talking about. I don't think God really want all of us to sing hymns or CCMs in heaven ONLY right? =)

And yeah....just last weekend, Casting Crowns was here!!!! I actually knew about it in the afternoon just couple hours before the 1st show... So I managed to go for the 2nd show on Friday night. It was very interesting that Casting Crowns is really simply a group of ministers of God that ministering to people through music. They write songs to preach to people basically. It's real impacted to many life of the people who hear their song!! So Mark, I just want to say Thanks!!! you have been such a role model to me. I want to do exactly what you do..

"Let my lifesong sing to you Lord!!!"

Time week I will be heading home!!!!yeah!!! Can't really wait...and yes...I will try to send you an update as well as Christmas card to all of you soon. =)

Hope to see ya all soon enough =)

December 07, 2006

some thought about worship leading

It's not about being the one on the stage in the "worship service," but rather being the one leading others in the service of worship.

Worship Leading is all about serving others to worship God. All that we do is to point people towards God. Not ourselves. Whoever trying to share the limelight with God....will not even close to the true idea of worship. And yes, that's robbing the Glory of God!

I worship because I love my Lord,
I lead worship because I love my people,
How good it is for brothers and sisters go ahead and worship the Lord together.

It's all about you Jesus!!! The heart....the Jewel of Worship.

December 06, 2006

Quote of the day :)

"If I really want to last in life, I’ve got to stop and realize there’s a whole journey of life to live. I’ve got to remember it’s not how fast I live that’s important; it’s how well I live" - Rick Warren