September 01, 2011

My life will never be your life.

This quote stucked in my head for the past week. This quote came from none other than the famous Steve Jobs who had just made a headlines worldwide as he stepped down from CEO post at Apple, Inc. He said somewhere and I quote

"Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life." -Steve Jobs

It's somewhat true, if you really carefully look into lives of many that you have met personally, or read about from autobiographies, books, news, etc.. You would come to realized that not a single one of them have the same life. (At the most maybe just similar but to have exactly same kind of life? I really doubt so.)

You see, God has created us each a very unique creation. Even our features, the way we look are all so different. Even the twins that we are saying they are looking the same, but actually no! Go ask those twins, they will tell you right away what are the differences between both of them! It's amazing how God created each and everyone of us so uniquely authentic. That shows how much He cares about us. All the details matter.

Now, let's get back to our dear Steve's quote. What I take away from this statement is that "My life will never be your life" All of us will live a different kind of life all together depends on our decision in life we make. So why even bother about trying to tell others what to do or try to be like someone else?

I think many at times, with our good intention, we tend to force people around us to be something that they real not. With our expectation, we make people to be someone else that they are not meant to be. That is why the saying "people wearing mask" is pretty normal these days. Because of expectation around them, they can't truly be who they really are for so many reasons. They could lose their jobs, lose their love ones, etc...if they don't live up to those expectations. It's kinda sad life isn't it?

For certain, I do believe that there is nothing wrong for one to aspire to be like someone successful, famous. That is a goal or motivation to develop one's character. But what I am really uncomfortable with is that for some people, it goes to the extreme extend of obsession. (Remember how you crazy about some rockstars or Sports personality when you were back in school?) That's unhealthy. That's dangerous.

Another thing that I'm thinking and I would like to share is that, we should not try to put false expectation onto someone's life as well. I know we have good intention most of the time, but perhaps, our action rather cause more problem than it actually help. I'm not a dad just yet, so I may not know how it's like to expect my child to be something great and help him/her to achieve that in a healthy way. But I have read enough and encounter with Godly parents to know that there is a way to aspire your children to be who they meant to be, and achieve great success in life. You see, it isn't about what they can do. it's about what God can do!

It's come down the each life need to walk in Fear of the Lord, I suppose. For in the Fear of the Lord, there's the beginning of Wisdom (Pro.1:8) When we have wisdom, we will know how to live our lives to fulfill our destiny that God our Creator has for us. As a parents, a teacher, a pastor or someone influential in others lives. We ought to help those people to walk in the Fear of the Lord and discover their true identity in Christ. Out of that, their lives will be transformed. All they care will be the matter of the Lord. Wanting to please Him.

Let's allow each other to walk in the Fear of the Lord, discover their own journey with God, and strengthen one another in prayer and encouragement. I think that's what Church or the Body of Christ is all about.

It's all about LOVE.

Remember, you can never live someone else's life. So start living your life with God, right now!

Just my two cents worth =)

ps. Thanks Steve for that sparks of thought. Pray that God will heal you completely from your illness so that you can return and rock the world with your innovation once again. =)

For the Love of Apple =p