December 13, 2006

Finally, Myanmar...Here I come

After long await...2 years? may be....finally My dream to finished my Mekong trip gonna be true soon. I have been in every countries in Mekong Region (Indochina) except Myanmar. I've tried to enter into this country ever since year 2005. First time I was preparing to lead team from Singapore to visit there. But unfortunately, the situation there was bad at that time. Got bomb went off in Yangon the capital, so the trip was cancel. Then after that as we caught up with Go Fest preparation and all that, for the last couple month right after the conference, I have about 2 teams from the local church here that would like to make a trip there. But at the end , the plan was fallen apart. I was thinking can this be....It's as if God is totally shut the door for me to enter in...after much prayer and really wanted to go into this country, finally it happen.

Somebody just blessed me with some finance, after that my colleague asked me if I would like to go to Myanmar this January. Look at my finance and my schedule next year. I said YES!!!

Finally, I'm going!! Myanmar here I ya right after my trip home, I would be heading to Myanmar for a week. So I would greatly appreciate all of your prayer and support as I go to Myanmar this time round, it would be an opening eyes trip for me to touch the heart of God for the Burmese and also seek for an opportunity to serve Myanmar. So that Myanmar may be filled with God's glory.


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