March 17, 2008

Learning to rest

Have been back home for 2 weeks...but it seems like years.... so slow life back here. I come to realize how fast things have been in Singapore. Just to come back here in Thailand, resting at home not have to worry about work so much...(though still have to) I just feel like got sooooo much time to spend...until have no idea how to spend it wisely. I have been meet up with friends and spend sometimes at home with my family. It has been good....but from times to times I felt pretty bored too. With the crazily hot wind of this Summer blow against my face, the sounds of Crickets making noise's pretty lonely haha... In my mind keep thinking of doing something or going somewhere....but too bad I'm kinda broke... so I have to stay put at home. Just like being grounded. lol. I guess it's a really good lesson for me. Learning to rest in Him. I have so much time to worship Him, spending time with the word. It's good. I've been longing for such a time as this for so I have it, I better learn how to spend it wisely...even though it's not easy at all...but I'm learning. Rest in the Lord....Trust in Him....These are God's command to us...restless people. Have we rest on the promise of Him that say "I will never leave you nor forsake you"? I'm learning to put my trust in such a peaceful thought to look to Him and put all my concerns to Him...Let Him take care of it.

2 more weeks Singapore....I will be back =)

ps. Meanwhile, I have written a song for my best friend's wedding. So I will sing for them on the 29th March....'s gonna be fun!! =)

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