May 05, 2008

It has been quite a year...

May.....almost half of the year.... i would say my 2008 has been quite a year up till now...Start of from January I had quite an amazing new year experience in Inner Mongolia, China....(had for the 1st time white x'mas and yeah....falling sick on the new year itself) then traveled back to S'pore and next day catch another flight to Hanoi, Vietnam. It still freezing up there....but it was a great trip for me. Then come back to S'pore once again, finished up the school and its time to leave....due to my visa application was rejected. So I did went home for the entire month of March. It's really hot.....the hottest summer I ever experienced back home. Then again, fly back to S'pore without having any visa and a return ticket! (They almost not letting me in!) Finally I did got back by grace of the Father. And next thing I know now....end of April, I got my employment visa!! which will allow me to stay for another year at least...isn't that awesome? I really thank God for his faithfulness thus far...

Well last week i have been quite sick....flu and stuff. I'm still recovering though. But I would say God is remain good no matter what....I had to lead worship in my church as well as one of our seminar. So totally burnt out my weekend with that....on top of that...I'm still sick. But guess what....??? I would say it has been the most amazing week so far this year. Sunday morning in church, as I led worship...I felt the holy presence of the Lord was really with us...I was totally overwhelmed by His holiness as if I'm gonna die! for i know I'm not worthy of Him at all....out of sudden, Isaiah experience in Isa. 6 kinda catching up with me. In my heart I'm glad though that He did show up.. For I have been praying for a revival of hearts in our congregation. I would say He started to do just that. I'm so excited for the days and weeks to come. Guys....God is doing something new among us whether you realize or not....

and to be side track a bit...God did an amazing "answer to prayer" for me as well.

Saturday morning, after i have led worship at the seminar....I gotta rushed off to collect my visa. After I have collected it....while I was waiting for the bus to go back....then I met him. A Japanese young man who happened to do a 10 days backpacking trip along the Malayan railways....and yeah...he end up here in S'pore for his last day of the trip and he found me! He started asking me how to get to places, so I talked to him, hopped on the bus together and simply get to know him. Next thing I know, I end up being his tour guide bring him to see merlion and etc....(that was his greatest purpose of this trip though! funny eh?) then i found out he is working in Tokyo. So I told him that there is a possiblity for me to visit Tokyo in July. So he was so excited that he might be able to bring me around Tokyo in we took down our contacts.
What's so amazing about this encounter is this.....

I have been praying about joining my dear friend Brandon to visit Japan to do some media project. But being Thai....I have got so much to do like visa etc.....and of to get i wasn't sure if I supposed to go....nevertheless...I'm praying about it..

I would say since then Japan never invaded my life as much as this period of various, tv shows, movies, t-shirts....and even its people!

You see when I met this Jap guy....I know its from the Father. I have been praying that He would give me some non-believer Jap friend that I could be friend and hopefully be a man of peace for this trip, then I will He did just that. My goodness....should I be happy?? Sure do.

So now that i got my visa for Singapore. I'm able to apply my Japanese visa from a Japanese embassy in Singapore. But I really would appreciate your prayer. As I would need quite a number of paper work to get this done. Your prayer and your support in this whole thing would be greatly appreciated. More details about this trip i will only be able to send you via email later so keep in touch!

Lastly, I do really appreciated all your prayer for my singapore visa. It has been a great struggle for me BUT GOD did come through...the prayers of the righteous has been answered. THANK YOU!

Love ya'll... =)

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