June 24, 2008

Diary on Japan

I have been praying for Japan together with my team....reading lots of info about Japan, even re-visit those thing related to Japan that I was kinda grow up with like comics...(Doraemon!! I'm watching Doraemon off Youtube man!!) It does brings back some good memory though haha... Well, I do have couple thoughts to write here as I'm preparing to go to Japan next month...

I am always wondering how the Japanese picked themselves up so fast after WWII. Come to think about it....within good 30-40 years, It has becomes one of the world leader in economy as well as technology. (If you wonder what I'm talking about....could you take a look at perhaps your car or any electronic stuff you own....is it japanese brand?) I know that Japanese in general are really hard-working people. They're really devoted to what they're suppose to do. They're people of integrity. They make sure they did what people ask of them with the level of excellent. Great people to work with... Not to mention about their creativity....who doesn't know what is Manga or Anime? Only cavemen will surely do not know what's that?? They're just amazing people........but I'm wondering, why is it so few christian mong the Japanese? Why the gospel of Jesus has yet impacted many lives of Japanese? I wonder why....

1. Perhaps, in the heart of post WWII Japanese. There is so much guilt and shame. Consider what they have done during their occupation throughout most part of Asia. there is so much for them to overcome. There is so much for them to prove that, once again they can become a most successful nation in the world. Striving to prove for themselves....how great they're, and that lead them to the whole concept of "I don't need God." You would not be surprised if you ask a Japanese, what is his/her religion...they would say "I have no religion" or "I'm an athiest (people whom doesn't believe in God)"

2. Perhaps, because of unforgiveness of those "invaded by Japan" nations that still try to hold Japanese accountable of what their previous generation has done to them. Maybe that's part of the reason why the blessing of God get struck somehow. If the Japanese never experience the forgiveness in physical realm, how could they understand forgiveness in spiritual realm?

3. Pride of the nation. Because they have achieved so much. For them to humble themselves and say "we're sorry for what we have done" is kinda hard. Especially, many of today generation Japanese, they didn't identified with the sins of their forefathers. WWII??? yeah, it's our history but what does it got anything to do with me? They might asked.

My prayer for Japan is that the true repentance will truly rising up from Japan. That would lead them in a reconciliation initiative to those have been hurt by Japan during WWII. As Japan humble themselves, the forgiveness from the Nations will be released. And Japan will be set free indeed by the power of God. I pray that the message of love and forgiveness that our Lord Jesus speaks of would truly touched the heart of the Japanese. That revival will breakout in this great nation.

That "the land of the RISING SUN" will be called "the land of the RISEN SON" how about that?

I'm truly excited to go to Japan this time round. I do not know what God has for me personally this trip, but I do expect great thing from Him, that I know for sure.... =)


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