November 09, 2008

Less than a month and I'm hitting the road again!

Wow....6 weeks of DTS has passed, I've witnessed lots of amazing thing God has done in our midst. It is always amazed me to see life being transformed so obvious that only God could do...All praise and glory to His name. Now, it's less than a month before we heading out for Outreach. We will be heading to Bangkok, Thailand 1st of all for our last week of Lecture on "Missions" after that, I will be traveling to India. I'll be working with YWAM there for 3 weeks with the team then head back to Thailand and spend another 3 weeks in the southern part of Thailand. More details to come haha....

I would be really appreciate all your prayer and support for me for this trip. It may sound funny to you. But this will be my first time working with YWAM Thailand. (yeah...) So I do hope to connect with people there as well in whatever way as the Lord leads. Also it would be my 1st visit to India. I heard so much story about India. Now I'm about to make my own story.

I have to admit that, this is my 1st school leading....I have learnt a lot....about myself, about God and about His people. But I guess...the greatest thing that God has kept reminding me throughout this school is this....."Remember the Eden" whatever I do, always go back to intimacy with God. Without Him, all that I do is just in vain. We all 1st call to intimacy with Him...truly..."God works in a man, before He gives man His work." it's really true. Ministry is the expression of our Love for Him. It doesnt make God love us more or less....For nothing can change His love for us.... God is love...if He doesn't love...He cannot be God. For God is LOVE. Amen!

Romans 8 clearly show us....that truly NOTHING....ABSOLUTELY NOTHING call separate us from His love. Thank you Jesus!!! I'm so in love with Jesus everyday as I meditate on these words...may you be blessed with His love that never run dry for you each day.....Walk with HIM.

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