February 24, 2009

The Shack.....must read for this generation.

It has been awhile since I read such a good fiction story....(well for the fact that I'm not a big fan of fiction book anyway haha... =p) but I must tell people about this book because it's such a revolutionary book I ever read...it brought such a great impact in my understanding of who God really is...

I first heard about "The Shack" from some other YWAMers in the US. I didn't really pay attention until it hits the store in Singapore. But Still I only managed to pick it's copy up in India during my outreach...(for the fact that it's sooooo cheap!). I never regret it at all buying this book and read it.

William P. Young is really an amazing writer. He managed to translate a lot of highly complicated truth about God, theology and stuff like that, break it down into a very simple form that anyone would be able to understand. The way most people identified. Especially, the key issue that the book is targeting....the BIG question of "Where is God in the midst of tragedy...??" I think as I read this book, it gave an acceptable and reasonable answer to this question. I've got to salute him for his spirit-filled wisdom in how he wrote this book.

Even though the whole story of this man, Mackenzie is totally fictional, but yet it's indeed full of truth about the character of God, the struggle that many people are facing try to figured out how to relate with God in the midst of tragedy, bad time, etc.... I think this book did a fantastic job in revealing the heart of God the Father, his compassion for the broken-hearted. As I read this book, I wept..for God so loved me....so bad until I felt at time, what did I do to deserved this great love....?? well, I did nothing.... I come to understand far better, what the grace of God mean... Thank you Jesus for your love for me....

Pick this book up whenever you could find one....You will surely enjoy it....I guaranteed... haha
Have fun reading and remember to get on your knees and thank Him for His love just for all of us.... =)

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