November 24, 2009

Hit the road once again...!! Nov 2009 Update.

Hi there,

As I officially closed down So from now on, all the newsletter I do will be in the form of post on this blog. So that you guys don't have to go all over the place to read about what's happening with me. So I have made this blog as a central venue for all of you who would like to be in touch as well as pray for me. Thank you for all these years of supporting me in many different ways. THANK YOU. So here come the update of last few months of 2009.

YWAM Singapore website.

After many many years, finally I managed to revamping the entire site. Total makeover it. Hope you guys like it and find it's convenient to find out information about YWAM Singapore training as well as whole lots of opportunity to serve God in Asia. =)

YWAM going 50!

In 2010, YWAM International will turn 50! Yeah....Jubilee year for us as a mission. So Singapore will also be one of 40 venues around the world to celebrate 50th anniversary of YWAM. So that's what kept me pretty busy past month, working on Video presentation for the event. Due to lack of Video editing experience as well as good equipment. It has been real challenging time for me. Thank God for friend namely Brandon!! He has been such a blessing helping me out. Can't wait until the end product finished! Do pray for me for wisdom from to the Lord to be able to do this Video well. Pray for my MacBook to be able to carry the load of all HD footages which I has been out-performed. Hopefully my MacBook would survived then haha.. =)

Hit the road once more..

Year end also means "MISSION TRIP!!" Yoohoo!! Love it, so this time I'll be leading a youth team from Bethesda Bedok-Tampines Church to Cebu, Philippines. It's gonna be exciting as this will be my 1st time visiting Philippines. I'm excited to see what God is doing there. So from 28th November - 6th December 2009 I'll be there. So please pray with us that indeed we will be a blessing to people we meet wherever we are.

After the trip. I'll be back in Singapore for another week. Sending my Joy off for her DTS outreach in which she will be heading to Japan and Myanmar until end of January 2010. And after that, I will embark on another adventure. (I can't seem to have enough of it haha.) For I will be taking a train from Singapore up to Bangkok. (nearly 2,000 Kms. ride!) and eventually heading home to Chiang Mai, visiting my family for 2 weeks over X'mas and New Year. I do ask for your prayer even much more not just in journey mercy but also for my family. My mom has not been well physically. I do hope to be there to help in whatever I can.

So that is it for my 2009. Watch this space as soon enough, there will be X'mas surprised for all of you! =)

Thank you for your partnership. I pray that you have a blessed X'mas and peace from God as you prepare to enter into new year.


PS. God has been faithful in every step that I take. And all these things could only happened because you guys have been obeying the Lord in giving sacrificially for me. For this, I say....THANK YOU. May the Lord bless you abundantly more than you could ever imagine.

If you wish to bless me in whatever way, please do not be hesitate to contact me.

Thank you once again....I guess, I will never say enough how graeful I am to have you as friend. Do keep intouch. Facebook, Twitter,'s all just one touch away. =)

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