May 26, 2010

Adventure in Uncle Ho City - 1

Xin chao! Tht's the greeting here in Vietnam. 3 days it has been since I came to Vietnam. It's my 2nd visit to Ho Chi Minh City aka Saigon. Well. My 1st was 7 years ago! So yeah, things changed. For the fact that I got a little bit lost on the 1st day that show how has it changed.

It felt kinda slacking a little since I have not really been productive here but yet my God is so good. As my fiancé said. "eventhough it's my vacation. But God bring ministry along with me." My 1st day here I managed to speak about Christ love to my roommate whom I got to know through mutual Vietnamese friend. It was amazing. Evenmore, he has a few friends who are in graphic design, photography scene here in Vietnam. So I'm really excited to meet up with this people and perhaps connecting with them. God is cool. Ok let's share some of my food here. Hee!!

Pho Ga. Chicken noodle soup

Road side vietnamese black coffee. This guy is a real deal here.

Well more post to come! ;)

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