July 21, 2010

Thailand, Once in a life time!!

Ok this post has got nothing to do with me trying to promote Thailand tourism or whatsoever, just that, I stumbled upon this video that produced by Thailand Tourism Board. I thought "WOW!" My country is so beautiful. So i would like to share this with you. Indeed Thailand is a beautiful country with a beautiful people. (At least you know one of them =p) So as yo uwatch this video, beside being inspired to come visit Thailand, also would you spend a few minutes just to pray for this Nation. Pray for peace and unity over this great Nation, that once again, Thailand will unite as one and bring Glory to God. That the land of Smile may once again live up to her nickname. =)

Thanks for praying!! Enjoy =)


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Holidays to koh lanta said...

I'll definitely watch this film shot in Thailand. Thanks.