February 16, 2012

Jesus, at the Centre of it all...

In this world, we will have trouble..but HE has overcome the world....and so we do...

I was just at the cell group Bible study last night, and we were discussed about Spiritual Discipline, what makes authentic Christian. Then we were looking at the passage in Matthew 7 where Jesus talks about entering into Narrow gate.

In the greek word, Narrow gate referring to "a hard or difficult" way. Jesus told us to "Enter by the narrow gate...For the gate is narrow and the way is hard that leads to life, and those who find it are few". He also mentioned that "For the gate is wide and the way is easy that leads to destruction, and those who enter by it are many".

Life with God is never meant to be easy. It's hard work. Sometime, people will look down on you, misunderstood you, abandoned you. Just like what they did to Jesus back in His days. I was reminded once again that in the society where we keep hearing about the goodness and the grace of God so much, we also must remember the cost of following Jesus. It comes with the package. For where there is hardship or suffering, grace abounds. We must not forget that.

While I'm blogging this, there are two American Christian athletes that are currently be the talk of the town right now. They both are great athletes, great personality, love Jesus and not shy to tell the media that. If you follow them, you will know that some people love them, some people hate them. They make sure the world knows it. Tim Tebow and Jeremy Lin are those guys who choose to honor Jesus in their sport.

I fully aware that being a devout Christian sportsman is definitely not easy. People will mock you, from coaches to teammate, fans, media, etc. I have personally seen all these from TV. It's just painful to hear those comments. It's like you don't bring God into the picture. We are happy down here without Him. Once you bring God in, you are weirdo. I would call that modern day persecution. That's hardship those 2 guys probably have to fight their way throughout the entire career.

So back to my point, indeed walking with Christ in this world isn't easy. Well, no surprise...Jesus already said so. Enter the narrow gate. So we must persevere on. Never give up, throw that word out of your dictionary. Praise Him when your life is at the top of the mountain as well as at the deepest and the darkest valley. He is still there with you. After all, Jesus is at the centre of it all.

When I went to Israel Houghton concert tonight. I was just so overwhelmed by the Joy of the Lord as we joined in worship with him and his band. Then he sang this simple song. I cried. Out of the sudden, huge comfort from God just swept into my heart....

"I AM at the centre of it all Tee." "Hang in there....don't give up on me"....

What a comfort. That's why I love Jesus. He is awesome.

So let's fight the good fight and finish this race well. Remember, Jesus is at the centre of it all. If you tend to be forgetful (like me =p) then listening this simple song, memorize it, and sing it whenever you need to hear these word again and again and again...


May the Lord of Hope bless you.

ps. May Tebowmania and LINsanity continue....so that the world may know that God is still care about us and want to be involve in our lives....today...in all that you do, like with those ball. Amen. =p

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