August 27, 2012

Find your greatness

Deep inside all of us, we have this sense of longing to proved ourselves significance. I personally do not why we all have this longing. perhaps, it just past of our original design, our master creator has somewhat pre-installed within us.

A several great sport events just graced by us in last couple months. The biggest of all was of course the London Olympic Games. There were so many great stories of great team/individual athletes whom against all odds, striving to the finishing line, the goal one and only....Olympic Gold medal... I'm looking at people like Michael Phelps, the American swimmer whom he has just become the most decorated Olympian of all time. So what's next?

During the London games, Nike launched this series of TV commercial entitled "Find Your Greatness" which I thought it's come at the right time despite all the marketing purposes behind this campaign for Nike. (Which I am personally a big fan of them by the way. Ain't they just cool gears?) I think this message has got something for us to re-think what we defined "GREATNESS" in our society today.

It wasn't the number of medals or trophies you won that define your greatness. Certainly it wasn't all the certificates, degrees and honors you have received in your academic life. Maybe, the wealth and fortune you have got from your business investment could defined your social status but that wasn't to define your greatness as well.

So what is? What defines our so call....GREATNESS?

I obviously not smart enough to come out with some kind of profound answer to this very profound question. But in my humble attempt to understand what am I here on Earth for and what would motivates me to continue on in this journey we called "LIFE". I do seek to have some clue of what GREATNESS would looks like...really.

God's original design for us is what I'm thinking about.

 In Nike's ad, it seems to suggest that greatness is found when we pushed ourselves beyond our idea of who we are or what we can do. Our fear, our disbelief, our inner life, our discipline. Greatness needs no audience. For it needs no approval from anybody. As long as we raise our bar and try to conquer it. That's greatness. It needs no medal.

God has formed us in His very own image to reflect who He is to the world. And when we say God is great, we should also recognized that the Greatness of God is lie within ourselves waiting to be unleashed into the world, manifested in various ways.

I believe that GREATNESS of mankind is the ability to reflect the GREATNESS of GOD in the world in all aspects of life.

When we love our neighbors, when we serve the poor and needy selflessly. That's the GREATNESS of GOD reflect through our actions. When we give our very best in our work or study, when we choose to speak with kind and gentle word instead of something that would hurt others. That's the GREATNESS of God reflect through us. When we choose to love others despite the differences. That's GREATNESS. When we are so fearful but despite all fears, we pushed through in order to safe someone's life. That's GREATNESS.

You see, GREATNESS isn't something we try to reach out to nor something we could earned. It's already reside in us, waiting to be unleashed.

Either you are a professional athlete, a salesman, a CEO, a baker, a housewife, a student, or a girl next door. You can find your GREATNESS by everything that you do to reflect the GREATNESS of GOD in your day-to-day walk with Him. It isn't always easy, but it sure worth it. Be faithful.

#findyourgreatness? let just say #showHisgreatness =)

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