January 06, 2005

The Most Horrible New Year I ever.....seen.....

As everyone would have known of the terrible news of killer tidal waves that wiped up many lives of people across South East and South Asia to East Africa. More than 100,000 precious lives has been killed...I really felt sorry for those lives that have to leave this world before knowing Jesus. For myself, this is like the warning of the Lord that the end time is coming very soon...What are we doing as a children of God, a Royal priesthood, a chosen generation? Are we suppose to be the light of this world, aren't that right? It's broke my heart....the heart of the Father that weep for many lives who died. Let us be a messenger of God to bring good news to this people who are lost and in desperation. Show them God's love. As this Song written by Bob Fitt really speak a lots of God's heart for the Nations in time of such disaster.....Sleep in peace brothers and sisters.....may the Lord has mercy upon all of you!.....


Verse 1
I hear a young child crying,
and see tears of unending pain,
I've watched as war torn nations
treated life with such disdain.
My heart grieves to know that
these haven't come to understand
that I suffered for their suffering
and died that they might live again.

Take My healing to the nations,
bind their broken hearts with love.
Stretch My hand throughout creation
with this message of My love.
That I came to bring light in their darkness,
and bring joy where there once was pain.
Take My healing to the nations,
bind their broken hearts with love.

Verse 2
For the fields they're ready for harvest,
and the labourers they’re so few,
countless millions still that I want to fill
but the task isn't mine to do.
I gave My commandment:
go and preach good tidings of love,
for I finished the work on Calvary,
their healings already been done.

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