January 23, 2005

Second Wave

Though the 1st wave hit several countries on the coast of Indian ocean and cause many innocent lives. But I would like to share with you about the 2nd wave.....The wave of love and help from relief workers! I has a privilege to went down and help those Tsunami victims in Phang Nga last week. It was a really wonderful trip for me to be there and serve the people there. To love them, care them, serve them and brng comfort to them. We build temporary shelter for those villagers who lost their house. Also we talk to them and encourage them to live their lives on. Many were lost their family members...so many children became orphans...it's really sad...As I get to hear the 1st hand story from dfferent people about how they actually run to fled the Tsunami to saved their lives....it's was amazed! Thank God that as I came here myself I indeed see the flooded and overwhelmed of helps of different groups of relief workers mostly they are volunteers who came to just want to help anyhow....I met different volunteers from Sweden, Germany, Finland, England, USA, Australia , Phillippines, Malaysia, Singapore and even the Thai from another parts....It's amazing how God really showing the victims love in this manner.....It's so cool.....Esp..those Christian workers who came and teach English, play with children, build the shelter and of course!!! Share the message of love from the Lord..let them know that God loves them........You know....God loves this people.....Though crisis may came...but the love of God will never ceases....It's always there.....Don't you see it??

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