July 20, 2005

The future in His hand

Have you ever felt like this...You heard about your childhood friends about what they are doing right now...Some of your friend might doing great in business, become a successful businessman/woman. Some might just got bankrupted. Some might just happily married and at the same time some might just broke up from their relationship or even divorced from marriage..Hmm.....I think about it and felt quite scary...to be honest.

Why is it so scary?? Becuz' when you think about this people...then the question come back to you right in your face..."How about you?" Yeah, so what about me? You mean what am i doing right now? Is is successful? Is that what you mean? Hmm....well let me answer you from own point of view..

Since I know the Lord. and ever since I serve Him in Full-time ministry. I already gave up my life to Him. My future is in His hand. It may sound silly for those of you who have yet to know My Lord...but I tell you, my Lord is Trustworthy. He's absolutely know what's best for me. Yeah...many times people asking me, what am I doing now? I hardly explain to them right away and then they got it.. They have no idea what I am doing? You mean you become a christian monk?? oh..so you cannnot get marry do you? yeah...all this misunderstanding of being a missionary...suddenly just flooded me...

Yeah of course the answer to those critics is NO!!! My God is good..Yeah I'm a missionary doing God's work to sharing the Gospel to the people whom considered lost in His sight. Saving people's souls and bring them up to the better life in Christ alone...what's wrong with that? Yeah I can get marry for sure...(where in the Bible say I can't??) Yeah I may not have salary to secure each month. But I have my God who promised me to provide all my needs for the rest of my life...What else I could have ask for more? I guess this is the most privilege CAREER ever....Serving an Almighty GOD.. Be an eye-witness of lives changed... cool.. Yeah that's my poing of view...i hope u understand me more...

I know I couldn't go back to take care of my home business (Goldsmith)...it's too boring for me. I heard recently from my sister about one of my good childhood friend...He will done with Master degree from oversea and come home soon...and u know what?? His dad already planned new Gold Shop for him!! (Wow...Master Degree ya...what a waste...) Yeah...I can't stand that kind of situation really....I'm too dare to take up an excitement...something more adventurous...and I know my God has plenty for me! Yeah He is...Praise God.!!

Yep...I do my best for today...and My God will do the rest for tomorrow..Do u want this God to be yours??? Come and know my God...He's a great and loving God which you can't find from anywhere else... :)

"But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you."
Matthew 6:33 (NKJV)

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