October 12, 2005


GOAL! is one of the inspiring movie I ever watch...at first I went to watch just because it's about Football. But when i really watch it...the whole story is so rich of great moral that I could learn from...I will share soem thoughts abt this show with you :)

1. Always believe in what you can do....not what you cannot do. Santiago Munez, the young Mexican who grew up in LA, he's very talented player...but under the way of thinking of his dad, whom do not believe he can make it as a professional player in UK. At the end....he took a risk of flying from LA to Newcastle to be on trial with the Toons. As he took that step of boldness....at the end, he did a very good job in the club as a professional footballer in EPL.

2. The ball can travel faster than you!...that's pretty interesting, when Newcastle manager teach Munez a great lessoon of not being one man show on the pitch...but learn to play as a team....passing ball. Teamwork is very important in all kind of sports..and also our lives....we can't live alone! we have to learn to be a good team player.

3. Never give up! If you dream big....also need to pursue it hard. Of course, there will be obstacles....but what matter is how you are enduring and overcoming it.

4. The most difficult thing in our lives is to start doing something we totally unknown! It took quite some times for Munez to make up his mind to chase his dream in UK. But finally, he did step out and things just happen!!

5. The heart that long to please the Father... Munez's dad appeared to be against his idea of being a professional footballer. But one day, he did watch the game that his son play for the Newcastle in EPL. He's so proud of his son. When Munez dad passaway, Munez know later on that his dad was watching the game he played...he is so glad that his dad seen him play in EPL. I'm sure there is nothing would please his heart at that moment of knowing and feel acceptance by his dad, though his dad may passaway...but he know that his dad is watching him running on the pitch and score some goal still.....how cool!

Just like us...as a christian, we need to know who we really are and pursue the goal that God the Father has already given to us....it won't be easy...but endure! catching the dream....and pleasing the Father! Never give up...!!! :)

What's your GOAL!

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