October 31, 2005

Time fly....people fly too!

yeah....I actually at the airport now...abt to leave for Cambodia for an outreach....then i kinda realize..oops!!! I gonna be away for 6 weeks...i better update my blog before i go....so here u go....the post before boarding the jet plane haha!!!

It has been terribly busy month for me...as you could see from my blog entry.....(got no time to blog :P) yep..time do fly as well as people too....haha....i actually got quite exciting story to tell....it almost take my life away though but thx God I'm still alive!!!

Last Thursday....i was hit by a taxi...ya...rainy day....late night....typical situation of most car accident :P I crossed the road and happen to meet up with a reckless taxi driver which had no mercy to stop for the people to cross the road.....so he did hit me right away....

Thx God even though, it quite a hard hit...but somehow God really protect me...I roll-over to the front console of the car then landed down on the road. But no serious injury at all....God is my protector, my shelter and my stronghold indeed!!

Well, I'm doing well now..no worry friends...I still can blog haha....

Have fun...do pray for me though...I'll be in Cambodia for 6 weeks..I'll try to drop by an iCafe to blog abt the trip though so keep in touch!!!


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aor said...

Thank you for your blessing, I'm will pray for you and you ministry everyday, when I'm pray, I'm miss you and your ministry, everywhere you go, God will make you and be with you, you must follow him, miss you in the name of Jesus.