December 15, 2005


Yeah...i know it has been very longgggg time ago since last post. Very sorry for my faithful readers. Anyway, I have been collecting so many experience working in Cambodia for the last 6 weeks. It's awesome! So many reflection that God showed me throughout this trip.

I'll try to post some pictures up here...but now I want to share with you about Cambodia. Esp. for those of you who wanted to visit this land and even be a long-termer here.

Cambodia....the war-torn nation, since the communist revolution during the 70's, went under invasion from Thailand, France, Vietnam and in some sense U.S. This country has been trying to seek for the true hope which will come and restore their kingdom back to the glorious days of Angkor (12th Century). In 1973-75 according to the book "Living Field, Killing Field" by Don Cormack He witnessed the great revival among the christian churches...but right after that 1975 as the world knows as the year of Khmer Rouge "reign of terror" led by Pol Pot. "Brother Number One" It most probably the lowest point of Cambodian history that they killing their own people in the name of revolution. Millions of people were hard laboured and tortured...some are died of mulnutrition and most are murdered. Saved by the Vietnamese Liberation Soldiers in 1979 Cambodia coming back under the communist government throughout the 80's with the great persecution among the churches which survived Khmer Rouge. Only til 1993 that Democracy has been established and 1st election occurred. Then the freedom of religion were presented and that's the beginning of new era of sowing seeds and discipling the young believers to become mature Christian who would take up a new challenge of discipling the future generation of Cambodia.

I was told that more than 50% of Cambodia populations are below 25 year old. Which means Young people and little children are very key and hope of this nation. Lots of Christian NGOs had went into the country to do a great job over there...the Cambodian church are growing....but they do need more people who would go in to discipling them with the solid foundation of God's words. The needs for children and youth ministries, Primary health care, Community Development are just great!!! Don't wait anymore...come and bless the Khmers (Cambodians).

I definitely going back to Cambodia again next year if it's the Lord's will.

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