January 08, 2007

Back to Singapore...welcome 2007

Wow....long long time....ya...I've not been updating blog at all since I left home cuz' of the internet connection at home wasn't very convenience to do so...well now I'm back in Singapore!! I'll slowly post some of the fun stuffs we did at home. After all, it was great! real blessing to be back there with my girlfriend. It's good for us... Though it was very tiring trip but thank God, we survived.

So say hi!!! to 2007....the year that is going to be even more exciting with God. Are you ready???
I'll post more pictures on my multiply site but here are the sample of what happened back home =) enjoy....

Mission trip with PLMC Youth.

Visit Royal Flora Festival

Visit Chiang Rai and reach the sky at Phu Shi Fa.

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