July 07, 2007

Celebrate Amazing God with New Song

Thanks to Garageband 3 on my new Macbook that enable me to produce some sort of demo of the song that I have been written all these years. Yes, finally.... this is my 1st release....This song in particular actually very new. I wrote this song some time back in February or March this year (2007). During those time of tension and stress, I do not know exactly what is going to happen in my life, my future. But I know for sure that God is good, He is amazing God who will always amazed me everyday of my life. This song is simply my response to Him...to declare that He is an Amazing God in my life no matter what....nothing else I could do but "Amazed"....

Listen to the song

music & lyrics by Tee Suwit L.

Verse 1:
Here I stand in Your presence
Captivated by your love
Here I am in awesome Glory
Captivated by your mercy

What can I say Lord
What can I do for you
And only thing I do

I can only be amazed
How great you are....
I can only be amazed
Your love for me
I can only be amazed
Your grace and mercy
That rain down on me
I can only be amazed

Verse 2:
Here we are in Your presence
Humbled by your love for us
At the cross with awesome Glory
We declare you are holy

Amazed by you love
Amazed by your grace
Amazed by what you've done for us
Amazed by the cross
Amazed by your mercy
Amazed by what you've done for us

Copyright © 2007. Tee Suwit L.


Warakorn said...

Great!!! i like it. This song will get five stars when i have it on my itune. ha
The Lord bless.

Tee Suwit L. said...

Added new guitar riff....check it out!!

entheosmusic said...

Great song, i love it! love the tune, the guitar works, wish you had added bass too, the song really gives me the sense of amazement of God! it's going up on the entheosmusic blog too - check it out at http://entheosmusic.blogspot.com. Keep writing Tee, the Lord's anointing is on you :)