July 26, 2007

Too many things to write about....

It has been a long time to update my blog... So many things has happened. I would say...Life after Bali has been tremendously challenged. Things that I learnt, now it's the time to obey... It's not easy as lots of thing I would have to come out of my nutshell of comfort. The Lord has been encouraged me not to be fear what is ahead but trust Him day after day. As I seek Him, I will find His plan and get an understanding from Him. I have offload some of the responsibility which I felt, I need to let it go, lay it down before the Lord in order to be more effective in all that have left for me to do. 

The common problem that we all have sometimes is to try to do too much....Even God Himself know how to rest. he created the heaven and the earth within 6 days and the 7th day...He chose to rest. Who am I? I'm just merely human. Can I outdone what God has done? Don't even think about it. He has speaking much about the distinction between human being VS human doing. God has created us to be human being...not human doing. It's not we do that defines who we are...or the value in us. He simply loves us has who we are....for He has created us in this way and He said "It's really good!!" So I don't have tot ry so hard to do so many things to please God. So I began learning how to rest in His presence. It's not easy I would say, especially living in such a fast pace, restless city like Singapore. Busyness is norm here. I just try to walk in the opposite spirit...Grace....grace...that's all I need.

One main thing that God has convicted to my heart strongly is the whole thing of Evangelism in Singapore. Most of the time, I have not been intentional in doing such. So I repented. Now the door open wide for me to be involve in prison ministry. I'm really excited about it... I'm sure will have a lot more exciting story to tell you all...keep on reading....

This weekend, i'm so glad to have friends from Chiang Mai coming over. It help me not to get homesick haha....anyway next month I wil be back home for 2 weeks. Looking forward to that. Though I'm going to be quite busy with conferences back there....but it's alright. At least I could be there in the place I call "HOME"

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