January 28, 2010

To Haiti with love >>>Part 2

Wow....amazing, everyday there is an exciting thing happening. I have just sent out our newsletter yesterday. (in which can be found here) Even that, plan changes everyday. Now we just figured out that there will be no commercial flights flying into PaP from now until the 19th. So we have to change our flight and fly into Santa Domingo, Dominican Republic instead. Then from there YWAM DR will make some arrangement to transport us to Haiti border. From there we will be picked up by YWAM Haiti staff. So it seems there would be quite a bit of traveling. I really do need all your prayer. Also we have possibility of putting together one more team to follow us. Pray for those guys as well. One good news though, even before I sent out a newsletter. We received a few envelope that said "for Haiti Relief Funds" once we opened them up, it was simply stack of cheques. Altogether S$8,350!!! Just like that. The generosity of Singaporean always surprise me. (So keep on surprised me guys!) We do need more cash donation for the relief work YWAM Haiti is doing down there. Thank God also that we managed to work out in such a way that we could wire all the finances to them directly electronically. So we don't have to carry all the money with us!! (What a relief...)

I will have an appointment with US embassy on Tuesday February 2nd, morning. (8:30am Singapore time) Please continue to pray for favour. That I would get the transit visa that is needed for me right away. I'm excited to see things coming together. And indeed only God alone can take credit. He is amazing God. Haitians are pretty much in the heart of our Father God....so close in such a time as this.

Keep on praying...They sure need that. =)

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