February 06, 2010

To Haiti with love >>>Part 3

So it's less than 5 hrs now before my long journey starting. It's been indeed amazing journey hearing from God and walk in obedience to His call. We have raised about S$32,000 for Haiti Relief fund. God is indeed amazing! Thanks to the generosity of the body of Christ in Singapore. Let me tell you how beautiful it is...even Myanmar also contribute to the cost of helping Haiti. A group of University students who prayed for Haiti and pull together some finances to give. It's indeed blowing my mind away. Thank you Singapore for blessing Haiti. Ultimately, thank you for allowing us to represent you to be a blessing to Haiti. =)

Also, God indeed perform a miracle over my US visa application. I went to apply for transit visa. I have received a tourist visa multiple entry valid for the next 10 years in return!! What an amazing God we serve....Praise be to God Almighty!!

I'm so excited of what God is going to do in us. As we go to serve the people there.
Do remember us in prayer from now until our return on 20th Feb.

Till next post.
Brother Tee.

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